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68 min 2019

Dropout rates skyrocketing. Crime-ridden hallways. Drugs and teenage pregnancy rates rising. A revolving door of faculty and staff. An all-too-familiar American story, especially in Alabama's "Black Belt" where failing schools, systemic poverty, and a deficit of hope are as common as summer humidity. A decade ago, however, an unlikely, under-resourced, unprepared principal was asked to rescue a high school from chaos and closure. Principal Brelinda Sullen relied upon the two things she knew best: her own story and her deep faith. Filmed by an award-winning Cinematographer, Oscar-winning producer, and an executive producer with 40 years working alongside students, volunteers, and communities, LOVE GOES PUBLIC is an inspiring American story of what happens when a person's passionate faith meets a community's desperate need.


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Saturday, 11 Jul 2020 11:50

Saw this film in Toronto at a screening with the Canadian Film Fund. It was well-done and, though not very informative, I found it fascinating. It is clear that the film was produced in a hurry, as it could have been made in a week. The filmmakers focused on the incidents that led to the creation of the Wiesenthal Center, the leading Jewish human rights group in the United States. The problem is, these incidents are too few to make a definitive study of the organization. However, the film does show that the group has been "self-absorbed" as it tries to avoid public criticism of its activities. In fact, it seems that the filmmaker, as director, was concerned more about the organization's image than about its accomplishments. That might be a good thing if the organization was actually doing anything useful or effective. But, since it is not, the film suggests that the group is, in fact, a failure and that it has been responsible for the deaths of several hundred Jews. That is probably not an accurate portrayal of the group. In fact, the film presents the Jewish community in a favorable light. I found the Israeli Prime Minister and the head of the Israeli Ministry of Justice as particularly "evil". The director did not seem to be concerned about whether the events that led to the creation of the Wiesenthal Center were morally justified. I also found it difficult to accept the "moral justification" for the Holocaust, as the director suggested. On the other hand, I liked the film for its approach to the Holocaust and its comments on the morality of the Nazi regime.
Thursday, 30 Apr 2020 17:52

This documentary is the story of the "Chase" episode, a 1982 investigation that made waves in the news and resulted in the deaths of 12 people. It was one of the most sensational and high profile cases of police misconduct in recent years. Although the cases were investigated by the LAPD, and the department was cleared, this documentary presents the findings of the investigation and how it was handled by the LAPD. This film is both entertaining and informative. It is also very entertaining because the filmmakers do not give much of a background to the case, and you never really know what to think of the cases themselves. This is a story of an investigation that got covered in the news, and then made national news. It is a story of a conspiracy, and how a bunch of cops were conspiring to cover it up. This film is an interesting one, and one that will leave you thinking about it for a while. It is not a "top secret" story, and the filmmakers make a point of not giving too much away, but the whole thing is still fascinating. It also does a good job of explaining the details of the cases, and the police department's involvement in the investigations. The main character, Chief Dan White, is a good guy, but he does not always do the right thing, and he does not always tell the truth. The officers involved in the case are portrayed very well, and there is no doubt that there is a cover-up. However, you are left wondering who the real bad guys are, and what went wrong in the department. Overall, this is a very good documentary. It is entertaining, informative, and at the same time, it does not give you a full picture of the cases, or the department's involvement in them. However, the filmmakers do a great job of telling the story, and the viewers are left with a better understanding of the cases. Recommended.

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