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(1241) 4.4 91 min 2018

Blue Night is a movie starring Renée Zellweger, Simon Baker, and Sarah Jessica Parker. A singer in New York City gets a grim diagnosis that puts her life and dreams into perspective.

Renée Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jacqueline Bisset, Simon Baker
Music, Drama, Romance
Fabien Constant

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Music, Drama, Romance
Director Fabien Constant
Writer Laura Eason
Stars Renée Zellweger, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jacqueline Bisset, Simon Baker
Country USA
Also Known As Itt és most, Burada ve Şimdi, Segredos e Despedidas, Aqui e Agora, Plava noć, Εδώ και τώρα, Best Day of My Life, Qui e ora, Tu i teraz, Here and Now, Im Hier und Jetzt: Der beste Tag meines Lebens, Aquí y ahora
Runtime 1H 31M
Description A singer in New York City gets a grim diagnosis that puts her life and dreams into perspective.

Top reviews

Monday, 17 Aug 2020 05:19

I've never been a big fan of musicals. There are too many over-the-top numbers and the writers usually haven't a clue as to how to end a film. And I can't stand musicals that are so obvious that you can see every movement in their eyes. But I did enjoy 'Night' which was a musical with comedy mixed in. I wasn't expecting the ending to be so well thought-out or so well done as the main characters' lives changed as a result. I don't know if it was the lyrics or the acting of the main cast, but the screenwriters did such a great job of keeping the actors' and characters' personalities intact that it was hard to notice. I was also pleasantly surprised at how many of the actors showed that they were actually living these characters in their own lives. I don't know if they were writing their own lines or the scenes in front of them were improvised but the actors really worked to keep the story moving. And in terms of music, I had only heard of 'Coco' and 'Mambo,' so I was excited to hear them do a song. Not only did they get it perfect (they're not singers; they're just kids who had to learn how to sing), but their singing was just as good, if not better than any of the other singers in the film. I'm not a fan of Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence, but they both did a fantastic job in portraying the characters. They were not just perfect but much better than I would have expected. But that's not to say that the rest of the cast was bad. Russell Brand was terrific. I never thought he was the perfect actor, but he was so entertaining as the bumbling writer. And his funny lines and his unbelievable facial expressions made the movie more entertaining than I had expected it to be. Other actors were also great. I wasn't as impressed with Keira Knightley, but she did a good job in her role. The supporting cast was also great. The villain was just as good as the rest of them. The story was intriguing and the ending was well-thought-out and surprising. I think this film was so well-written and so much better than I had expected that I would recommend it to everyone.
Friday, 24 Jul 2020 09:41

A few years ago, a friend of mine was invited to watch "A Very Old Picture". I didn't think it was a film that I would want to watch, so I went anyway. I was greatly surprised, and left the theatre really pleased with the film. It is one of the most touching films I have ever watched. I am quite different from most people, and I'm not completely against films that are happy to show the reality of childhood, but this film doesn't shy away from showing the unsightly, the ugly, and the undesirable aspects of childhood. It's a film that reminds us to be happy, and to remember that we are made in the image of God. I have a soft spot for films that show the cruelty of life. This film shows us what the most vulnerable part of our childhoods were like. The viewer gets to see the beginning of a man's life and his childhood. When he sees the harshness of childhood, you feel your skin crawl. "All Over the Night" is a beautiful film, and is a film that will linger in your mind. My only reservation with this film is that it is more a love story than a drama, and the love story isn't as believable as I would like. That aside, this is a wonderful film, and one of the best films I have ever seen. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get a good look at what a parent's view of a child's childhood would be like. I also highly recommend this film to anyone who is interested in film, and who is looking for a positive film. I believe that this is the most touching film I have ever seen.
Thursday, 30 Apr 2020 20:05

This movie was about a girl who was a non-believer. She was the only one who didn't believe in God and her mother died giving her no faith. Her mother left her when she was a child. Her mother felt that she didn't fit in with the church and her mother saw this as a rejection. So she changed her name to Sara, which she never had before. She married a Christian but he was very strict and did not want any children of her. She got involved in sports and she would play basketball for her mother and her pastor. She then met an African-American woman and this woman was like her mother. She told her that she was God's child and told her that she must obey her and put her in heaven. She told her that they were both going to heaven. And she kept going and went to heaven. This movie was about someone who didn't believe in God. She was very aggressive and said that she would kill her mother and her pastor. She was against all religion. She didn't believe in God and she didn't believe in religion. Her life was not good at all. Her mother wasn't there for her and her father didn't want her to be like this. She said that she was going to tell her pastor that she didn't believe in God but she never did. So she went to the hospital for her mother and when she came she didn't see her mother but she saw her pastor and he said that he was going to send her to heaven but he never did. He was gone for a while and then he returned. She saw her pastor again and told her that she couldn't see her pastor and that it was because she was going to hell because she believed in religion and not God. Then she saw her mother. And then she went back to her father and told him that she was going to go to heaven. The other people she met in the movie were all Christians, they were going to heaven with her. This movie is very good. It was entertaining and very interesting. If you love to watch movies about belief in God, this movie is for you. I give it a 9/10.

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