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(26669) 8.2 153 min 2019

Gully Boy is a movie starring Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, and Siddhant Chaturvedi. A coming-of-age story based on the lives of street rappers in Mumbai.

Vijay Raaz, Ranveer Singh, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Alia Bhatt
Musical, Drama
Zoya Akhtar

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Musical, Drama
Director Zoya Akhtar
Writer Reema Kagti, Vijay Maurya, Zoya Akhtar
Stars Vijay Raaz, Ranveer Singh, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Alia Bhatt
Country India
Also Known As 街頭有嘻哈, Gully Boy. Glos ulicy, ガリーボーイ
Runtime 2H 33M
Description A coming-of-age story based on the lives of street rappers in Mumbai.

Top reviews

Sunday, 26 Jul 2020 05:10

I was pleasantly surprised with "Gully Boy" and "The Kidnapped Kid" (both written by Neal Adams). I found both films to be absolutely stunning in their own right. These two films are about American government's inability to deal with the problem of terrorism and refugees coming from Middle East countries. The story of Gully Boy is centered around a little boy named Gully, who is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and is held for ransom. There are numerous issues with the film's story. The film is quite vague and has a lack of character development. There are numerous subplots that don't feel complete. For example, Gully Boy is forced to perform several dance routines in order to get his release. The filmmakers never explain what these dance routines are. The filmmakers also fail to tie up many loose ends. For example, what is the relationship between Gully Boy and his sister? Why is his sister being kept captive? Why is Gully Boy's sister the only person who knew about his kidnappers? These are just a few of the loose ends that are left unaddressed. The film's technical side is pretty good, and it is just a shame that the film is so poorly executed. The cinematography is okay, but the editing is shaky and amateurish. This is typical for the style of the director. I am also not convinced that the film was shot in a documentary style, and that it is trying to be a documentary in some of the scenes. The cinematography is really the only thing that makes this film's shortcomings seem more than superficial. There are two excellent performances that are worth noting. The first is William Shatner, who gives an amazing performance. His performance is convincing, and it is amazing to see his performance take on such a character. The second performance that I felt was great was that of Ashley Judd. Judd gives a very convincing performance and delivers one of her best performances. This performance alone is worth mentioning. "Gully Boy" is a powerful and affecting film. It is one of the few films that I recommend to people. I would recommend it to people who are looking for something that is a bit different and is not the usual Hollywood fare. This film is not perfect, but it is a compelling and emotional film. I give it a B+.
Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 04:49

When I first heard of this movie, I was dubious about seeing it. Not because I am a big fan of the actor but because the movie is about the president and he is only a child, so it would make a horrible movie. I decided to watch it anyway, and to my surprise, I was thoroughly entertained. The movie is about how the president of the United States had a baby in the White House while he was in office. The film is set in the summer of 1978, when the baby is born and the baby's parents decide to get a divorce and move into the White House. After that, they decide to leave the baby with the president. The baby is named after the first black president of the United States, and the president's first name is also named after a black boy. The baby grows up to be a teenager named Barack Obama. While Barack Obama was a teenager, he met his future wife Michelle, who is also a teenage. During his college years, Obama was a journalist, who was later assigned by his newspaper to write about the birth of the black boy, who is known as "Gully Boy." This is because the newspaper was publishing a profile on the first black president, and the newspaper, which is owned by the president's father, wanted to be as prominent as the first black president. This is a very interesting story and is told in a very interesting way. The movie is set in the summer of 1978. There is a lot of drama and humor. The movie is also about the first black president. One of the important things is that the movie is not political. It is about a story about a person who is getting a baby, and there is not any political statement, so it is very different than other movies that are dealing with politics. The movie is an amazing movie. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the actor who played the president. The movie is based on a book and is very interesting. I am interested in seeing how much the movie is going to grow up and change over the years.
Sunday, 19 Jul 2020 22:26

I am a teen going through my first year of college. It's about the creation of Sesame Street. During one of our movie breaks, I heard a boy shout "And now for something completely different, Sesame Street!" This set off my curiosity as to what exactly this was about. After seeing the credits, I was able to ask some questions. My question was "So the new Sesame Street is what is the best part of Sesame Street?" This is what the movie answered. It was about a couple that created Sesame Street. Now the movie starts with a new character, Jimbo. He is a shy boy who is afraid of people. That is all he is told by his parents. However, he starts to learn more about Sesame Street. He learns the history of Sesame Street. It was created by Emmy Award winner, Daisy. They use this knowledge to create a new character. From that point on, it's about a shy boy named Ricky. Ricky is shy and doesn't talk much. He has trouble with expressing himself and when he does talk, he is awkward and unsure. This causes Ricky to be rejected by his parents. Eventually, his parents change their minds about his ability to talk. He is very willing to learn and use Sesame Street to express himself. While Ricky is learning Sesame Street, Jimbo and Ray are very busy trying to fix the bus that Ricky has been assigned to be a part of. To do that, Jimbo buys a bus to take him and Ray to a more exciting part of Sesame Street. This is where the movie becomes somewhat of a love story. There is a scene in the beginning of the movie when the two go to the bus stop. The last scene of the movie is in the school bus where Ricky meets some kids who are talking about how they hate Sesame Street. After they are out of the bus, Ricky says that they are the next great part of Sesame Street. The next scene of the movie is at the annual Sesame Street celebration. Ricky and Ray are in the middle of the celebration and it is decided that the next great part of Sesame Street is Ray's birthday. He has just turned 15. Jimbo and Ray meet up with the kids and Ray's friends are excited. Ray thinks that they should have a birthday party and invite a bunch of his friends and family. Jimbo and Ray agree to do that. This turns out to be a bad idea as Ray turns out to be a dork. Ray then gets upset because Jimbo doesn't want him to do the party. Jimbo thinks that he will have to do the party as well. Ray then has a great idea. He brings all of the kids to a party in his car. The kids enjoy the party, but they soon realize that it is starting to get boring. The kids then realize that Ray is going to have to do the party with the kids from the beginning. The kids don't like that idea but Ray is determined to do it. They decide to go to Ray's parents house. Ray's parents are very supportive and they decide to let Ray do the party as well. Ray finally goes to Ray's parents house and gets his friends. However, Ray soon realizes that his parents are not as supportive as he

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