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(225885) 7.2 110 min 1978

Grease is a movie starring John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, and Stockard Channing. Good girl Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) and greaser Danny Zuko (John Travolta) fell in love over the summer. When they unexpectedly discover...

Stockard Channing, Jeff Conaway, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
Musical, Romance
Randal Kleiser

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Musical, Romance
Director Randal Kleiser
Writer Bronte Woodard, Allan Carr, Jim Jacobs, Warren Casey
Stars Stockard Channing, Jeff Conaway, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
Country USA
Also Known As Grease Sing-A-Long, Pomáda, Vaselina, Grease: Nos Tempos da Brilhantina, Brillantine, Grease - Brilhantina, グリース, 火爆浪子, Бриљантин, Brillantina, Brilhantina, Grease - Brillantina, Briljantin, Briljantina, Grease - Schmiere, Pomádé, Grease (Brillantina), Briliantinas
Runtime 1H 50M
Description A musical about teens in love in the 1950s. It's California 1958 and greaser Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Australian Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) are in love. They spend time at the beach, and when they go back to school, what neither of them knows is that they both now attend Rydell High. Danny's the leader of the T-Birds, a group of black leather jacket-wearing greasers while Sandy hangs with the Pink Ladies, a group of pink-wearing girls led by Rizzo (Stockard Channing). When they clash at Rydell's first pep rally, Danny isn't the same Danny from the beach. They try to be like each other so they can be together.

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Friday, 06 Nov 2020 13:53

At the time this film was released, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" was the #1 movie of its time. "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" may have been more popular at the time, but "The Harder They Fall" has always been the most popular, by far. I think this is because it's not only one of the most memorable movies of all time, but one of the most charming. The films begins with Eddie Murphy and a few friends heading to the small town of New Rochelle. It's there where Eddie and his friends meet up with an old friend named Red. Eddie is then taken to a bar and was told to drink a cup of koolaid and get his head off of his ass. Red's dream is to get a car so he can travel the country in his own private jet. Eddie soon gets wind of this and after a night of drinking, he heads to the bar. He then meets his friends and some new friends. As he is getting into the bar, he is introduced to a girl named Roxy, who he falls for. After a few drinks and with a few drinks later, Eddie goes to the bar and starts drinking. The bar is a trap, as Red is waiting for Eddie to get himself ready for his trip. He then calls Eddie up to give him his directions to Red. Eddie and his friends arrive to find Red waiting for them. They leave and are told that Red is already there, but Eddie doesn't care. He goes to Red's house and meets his wife at the door. Eddie then invites Red into his house and he gets a bit drunk. Eddie then gets into the back of the car, and they head off to a town called Pepperland. There Eddie and Red decide to try to find a girl that lives there. As they drive through the countryside, they bump into a woman that seems to be missing. When they arrive at the Pepperland, Eddie and Red find her. As Eddie and Red go to Pepperland, Eddie finds a pretty girl named Tilly, who Eddie is attracted to. He doesn't know who she is, but he knows she is a friend of his and he is going to fall in love with her. The two end up in a lot of trouble, and Eddie must try and get the girl back, or the bad guys will find her and she will go to prison. Eddie then finds out that Tilly is pregnant and wants to leave Pepperland. They are in Pepperland, and Red is getting ready to leave. Eddie and Tilly have a little fun, and they find out that they have a connection. Eddie and Tilly go off on their adventure and find out that they have a lot in common. The end of the film has Eddie, Tilly, and Red fighting for Tilly's freedom. It's a great movie that's very enjoyable and also has a great soundtrack. I don't think this is a film that everyone will like, but it's a movie that you'll enjoy watching.

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