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(1209) 6.7 95 min 2018

Diane is a movie starring Mary Kay Place, Jake Lacy, and Estelle Parsons. Diane fills her days helping others and desperately attempting to bond with her drug-addicted son. As these pieces of her existence begin to fade, she finds...

Estelle Parsons, Jake Lacy, Mary Kay Place, Andrea Martin
Kent Jones

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Kent Jones
Writer Kent Jones
Stars Estelle Parsons, Jake Lacy, Mary Kay Place, Andrea Martin
Country USA
Also Known As A Vida de Diane
Runtime 1H 35M
Description Diane fills her days helping others and desperately attempting to bond with her drug-addicted son. As these pieces of her existence begin to fade, she finds herself confronting memories she'd sooner forget than face.

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Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020 03:04

As the title states, the film is the story of a woman who was taken to a mental institution by her father because of the mental disorder she has. She has never seen her father again, and has grown up in an abusive home. Her mother died in an accident and the father moved out of the house when she was young. She has a brother, who is a poor man, and she is forced to stay with him. She then meets a man, but she refuses to see him, and the man is not only violent, but drunk. She finally does see him, but she does not feel comfortable with his behaviour and looks at the man with disdain, and that's when she's taken to a mental institution. She is told that if she has the chance to have a new family, she has to leave. She has to stay with the father of the man, who turns out to be her brother, and she wants to have the chance to go back to her home, but she does not know that the man is her brother. The mother tells her to meet him in a few days, and she refuses to do so, and she is taken to the hospital. She meets a man who becomes her lover, but she hates him because he is drunk. She eventually has to be put into a psychiatric ward, and she discovers that she has a new family. But the man she had to be put in the hospital with is her father, and he has become more and more violent towards her. She stays with her father, who has become more and more violent towards her. She leaves her new family, and she sees her brother, and she finally sees her father, and she meets him in a few days, and she finally leaves him. She leaves him, and she is no longer with him. It's an emotional story, it's really sad, but it's a really good story, and it's one of the most beautiful films I've seen. It's really nice to see the relationship between a man and a woman and between a woman and a man. It's a beautiful, beautiful film, it's very beautiful. It's a really good film.
Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020 20:04

In the 1970s, the British filmmaking community was at a zenith, thanks to films like Hitchcock's 'Rope' and 'Rabbit-Proof Fence', and the work of directors like Sidney Lumet and Peter Yates. A handful of films from the same era were commercially successful, but generally regarded as failures: 'Moonraker', 'The Killing of a Chinese Bookie', 'Munich', 'The French Connection', 'Talladega Nights'. 'The Beach', directed by Billy Wilder, was a work of art that would become an instant cult classic, and in the same decade, Ang Lee's 'Mongol' was widely regarded as a masterpiece. The great influence of these films was only topped by George Lucas' 'A New Hope' in the mid-1990s. Despite being a long way from the genre of the '70s, 'The Beach' has the right mix of exciting action and laughs, to make it an enjoyable movie. Written and directed by Billy Wilder, the movie is set in the 70s in South Beach, a beach community in Miami, Florida. Jackie (Oscar and Golden Globe-winner Robert Shaw) is a skinny-dipping teen with a strange obsession for the beach. While there are many secrets surrounding Jackie's life, his obsession for the beach makes him the center of attention, attracting the attention of a jealous swim team captain. His girlfriend, Angela (Faye Dunaway), is also an aspiring swimmer, but is on the verge of leaving the city. Their relationship starts to disintegrate, and Jackie has to cope with the fact that he wants to pursue his dream of becoming a competitive swimmer, and that he is becoming a social outcast. As he lives in the middle of the ocean, he has to deal with the hurricane of his life. The combination of action, comedy, and tragedy in 'The Beach' makes for a thrilling ride. The best part about the film is the writing and direction, which are outstanding. Although the movie is not as good as the best of the 70s, it is still an enjoyable film. The acting is great, especially Robert Shaw and Robert Duvall. Robert Shaw's performance is one of his best, as he is an incredible actor, and he is able to pull off this role as well as the rest of the cast. His character is a perfection of acting, and he makes the audience care about his character. Duvall is also great, and he does a great job in the lead role. In addition, the supporting cast does a great job. Even though it is not as good as the best of the 70s, 'The Beach' is still an entertaining film. The ending is one of the best in the film, and it is certainly a film that anyone can watch, whether or not they are a fan of the 70s. It is a movie that anyone can enjoy, whether you are a fan of the 70s or not. Rating: 8.5/10 (A-)
Thursday, 18 Jun 2020 19:00

I have just come back from a free screening of The Confession of Anne Frank in Los Angeles. Anne Frank's Diary is a film that I have been following for years, and finally got to see it. It is an extremely important film for many reasons, including the fact that Anne Frank wrote the book about her experiences. It also makes a very strong argument against war and the Holocaust. The film is based on a diary that Anne Frank kept from her family. It is an honest and passionate diary, filled with humor, tears, sadness, and compassion. Anne Frank, a Polish Jew, was the daughter of an alcoholic father who died in a concentration camp, and the mother of a Jewish husband. She grew up in hiding, and spent her childhood in hiding. Anne was forced to grow up in an environment where she was not allowed to see her parents or talk with them. She was forced to live in a harsh environment, where she was abused by her mother, by her brothers, and by the neighbors. Her childhood was filled with hatred, sadness, and loneliness. When Anne first heard that her mother was dying, she felt that her life was ending. This film explores the moments when Anne would look out the window, or her mother would walk past her, and she would feel empty inside. Anne's depression caused her to start writing her diary. The Diary of Anne Frank is a film that I believe that all people should see, not only Anne Frank's family, but everyone. This is a great film, and a must see. It has the power to change people's lives, and make them think about things. I hope that everyone will see this film, and not only Anne Frank's family, but the whole world.

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