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(164) 6.2 90 min 2018

The Second Sun is a movie starring Eden Epstein, John Buffalo Mailer, and Ciaran Byrne. Two lost souls meet one cold night in Post-war Manhattan. Before dawn deep rooted secrets will be revealed. And this man and woman, will believe...

Ciaran Byrne, Claudia Maree Mailer, Eden Epstein, John Buffalo Mailer
Jennifer Gelfer

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Jennifer Gelfer
Writer James Patrick Nelson
Stars Ciaran Byrne, Claudia Maree Mailer, Eden Epstein, John Buffalo Mailer
Country USA
Runtime 1H 30M
Description Two lost souls meet one cold night in Post-war Manhattan. Before dawn deep rooted secrets will be revealed. And this man and woman, will believe in life, love, and most importantly miracles again. The human spirit can survive anything.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 04 Nov 2020 15:39

It's difficult to believe that a film has been made this year that won the Oscar for Best Picture. I really can't think of a more deserving film to win for Best Picture. "The Second Sun" is a film that has been making waves since it was released. It was a huge critical and financial success, a Cannes film festival favorite, and a New York Film Festival favorite. Many critics have praised it as a masterpiece, and a great film for the entire family. The movie was a long time coming. It was originally released in 1990 and it was shot over two years. This is not a film for the faint of heart. It is very hard to watch, but I am glad I have seen it. The story follows a small town in New Mexico in the 1950s, when a young girl named Mary runs away from her abusive father and lands in a strange town. The girl is picked up by the town's sheriff and taken into the town's bar, where she meets a very odd, and eccentric man named Jerry, played by C. Thomas Howell. Soon the two are drawn together by a bond between the town and the young girl. It is when they have some trouble with the sheriff that they begin to discover the hidden secrets of the town and its people. "The Second Sun" is an incredible story. The film takes place over two decades, and the characters are slowly being revealed. The film also has a fantastic soundtrack, some of which is heard at the end of the film. The film is also very interesting, and while it is sometimes difficult to watch, the film is a wonderful drama. My only complaint about this film is that I was really excited for it to be released on DVD, but the film was not released until 2006. I would recommend this film to anyone, but it is very difficult to see it in the theaters, as it is hard to find.
Sunday, 02 Aug 2020 13:37

This is a film that's hard to describe, because the characters are not easily defined. But they are important to the story, and you understand their motivations when you see them. The film is about a mother who cannot get a child out of the hospital and the other mother and father who are very different people. The two are very different people and it is interesting to see how the two differ. One of the parents is very good natured, loving and nurturing, and the other is selfish, brutal and violent. This film is very fascinating. It's not a story about "good versus evil" as the title of the film suggests, but it is about the importance of family and society, and how important it is to have a family. In this film the father is so much more involved in the family than the mother, and his behavior towards the mother, the children and other family members is so disturbing that you feel so sorry for him. The mother has such an obsession with her child that it is very difficult to get her to trust and respect him again. The mother is such an emotional wreck that she can't get any enjoyment out of life. It is impossible to imagine that this mother could have a child, and she is so disappointed when she finds out that she can't have a child. The father is so repulsive that it is difficult to love him, and he is so harsh and unkind to the other family members, including the mother, that it is hard to understand how the father can have a child. This film is also very beautiful, as the actress who played the mother is so wonderful, and the child actor playing the father was also very good. The child actor was very convincing, and the scenes in the hospital are very moving. The child actor and actress are wonderful. The mother and father in this film are opposites. The mother is very loving and caring, and the father is cruel, violent and destructive. The father is very abusive towards the mother, and the mother is very destructive towards her children. The father and mother are opposites, and this is very interesting to watch. The film is very hard to watch because the father is so horrible and he's so nasty to the other family members. This film is so very powerful because it shows the importance of family, and how important it is to have a family. It is very interesting to watch the family's struggle to get out of the hospital, and how the father and mother attempt to get out of the hospital together. The father and mother's different behaviors towards the other family members is interesting to watch because it is so difficult to understand the other family members' behavior towards

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