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(163) 7.0 105 min 2019

The Divine Plan is a movie starring Peter Reznikoff. THE DIVINE PLAN: The Divine Plan: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Dramatic End of the Cold War/ A film by Robert Orlando It remains the least-known story of the twentieth...

Peter Reznikoff
Robert Orlando

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Robert Orlando
Writer Robert Orlando
Stars Peter Reznikoff
Country USA
Runtime 1H 45M
Description THE DIVINE PLAN: The Divine Plan: John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, and the Dramatic End of the Cold War/ A film by Robert Orlando It remains the least-known story of the twentieth century - A president and a pope; an unlikely pair who combine deep faith with political acumen and high-octane star power. A plot that involves two assassination attempts, KGB scheming, CIA intrigue and the final act to topple the Soviet Empire.

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Saturday, 23 Jan 2021 07:48

I'll admit it, I don't like to talk about religion very much. I'm an atheist and that's probably why I was so excited to see this documentary. I'm very much a fan of Kevin Smith. I enjoy the humor, the awkwardness, and most of all the stories. I wanted to see this documentary, I really did. The thing is that I was expecting to see a lot more of Kevin's humor and stories, and this documentary really proved that. In fact, I actually found myself laughing more than I did when I saw him in the documentary. The plot was also a little out of place, but then again I don't think he's a religious guy. He's definitely made some very funny movies. I think he's a really talented guy. The characters were interesting. They weren't just characters, they had real stories behind them. I liked how they tried to make some things seem plausible, but they never really did that. There were some really interesting stories, but I also liked the fact that he didn't have to use religious words to tell us what they were. There were some great ideas that he tried to get across. For example, there was one particular part of the movie where he said "God" and then he pointed to the sky and said "You see the stars." I liked that a lot. It was great. Kevin also had a lot of great stories about people who he's had in the past. I think that's the most important part of the documentary. It was amazing how he would explain the story of people, and then show us their story. It was really cool. I think this is a really great documentary, and I'm looking forward to his next movie. 7/10
Thursday, 26 Nov 2020 05:22

The documentary on the 'mystery' of Jesus' resurrection is actually a fairly good summary of the argument and it is quite an easy to understand overview. The only part I found slightly problematic was the section on the resurrection of the 'mummy' and the obvious comments made about the magical nature of the tomb. I don't believe this was an accurate representation of the arguments of the time. I think that the documentary went a little too far with the critics of the Resurrection. It was clear that the critics wanted the whole thing to be explained with great detail. I think they went a little too far with the introduction of magic. They felt that it was appropriate and didn't really need any explanation. It was also too simplistic to say that magic is the explanation for the Resurrection. The film did give the viewer the impression that they were to take it for granted that magic was involved and that there were magic experts at the time. I think it is an important film but it is too simplistic in its treatment of the issue. I also think that the documentary should have mentioned the implications of the Resurrection on the current political situation in the Middle East and the potential of the resurrection of Jesus to revive the pagan religious beliefs of the region. I think this was a good film. I think it is a good summary of the arguments and I think it is not a bad documentary. It is worth watching and I recommend it. However, it is not a great documentary.
Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020 20:15

The highlight of this documentary was the interviews with Russian Orthodox priests, who are often denied their rights by the Orthodox Church. The reason given by the priests was that their religious life had been reduced to teaching other Orthodox in their own parishes. Also, they were denied access to the Bible, or to use the Church's "devil's language" which is used in the private talks of Orthodox priests, while the members of the Church are required to use the Holy Scriptures as a means of communication. The priests also noted that they had been reduced to simply teaching. Although, some of the priests talked openly about their love of God and how they were helped by their faith, and the Love of Christ in their lives, the priests had not been able to freely speak of their faith to the public. The documentary also talked about the lack of dialogue between the Orthodox Church and the West. It was explained that the Orthodox Church is not allowed to be independent of the Russian Church in terms of the priesthood. That means that the Russian Church controls the Orthodox clergy. If the Orthodox clergy speaks openly, the Orthodox Church can not speak publicly, and the Orthodox Church can not speak about its beliefs. In terms of the religious life of the Russian clergy, the priests mentioned that it is very difficult to express their faith publicly. That is because the Russian Orthodox Church forbids clergy to publicly state their faith. The priests also spoke about the new Orthodox parishes that were being built, where the priests are allowed to speak publicly about their faith. However, many of the priests spoke of their desire to leave the Russian Church, as it was becoming too focused on its own identity and on the value of religion. Finally, the priests also spoke about the Orthodox Church's belief that all people should make a public statement about their faith. That is because Orthodox theology teaches that there are many forms of religion, and that all forms of religion should be publicly proclaimed. The priests talked about how the Orthodox Church was developing its own self-definition, and that is why it was becoming more active in the world, and it is becoming more involved in the world. Finally, the priests spoke of the importance of the Orthodox Church's mission, that is, to evangelize the world.

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