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(175) 7.1 134 min 2019

Set in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountain range, REDOUBT composites elements from classical mythology and cosmological mysteries while tracking Manifest Destiny's continued influence on the American landscape. REDOUBT loosely adapts the myth of the Roman goddess Diana - also known as Greek goddess Artemis, patroness of the moon, wild animals, and wilderness - tracking her orchestrated punishment of legendary hunter Actaeon. In Barney's microcosmic staging of the myth, characters wordlessly communicate and attempt to define their place in the natural world through the art of choreographed processes while attendant bands of nymphs interpret their environs, encircling their stealthy huntress while Barney electroplates the cosmos.

Matthew Barney

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Sunday, 16 Aug 2020 13:23

Toni Collette gives a powerful performance as Carrie Gaunt, an American woman who becomes a woman in a way that is out of her control. She has to contend with all the issues that arise when she returns to her hometown, France. One such issue is her ex-husband's upcoming wedding, and the little he wants to do is make a big, public announcement about it. This happens when Carrie begins taking hormone therapy. Her new, hormone-driven body is not working. A woman must adjust to a new body, but her mind and personality don't adjust to the new body. She doesn't want to do anything, and it becomes a struggle for her to do anything. Toni Collette is a tremendous actress. Her performance as Carrie is very powerful. There are scenes where she is totally off-key, which is unusual for an actress. But Collette does it with grace. She is also strong, but also vulnerable and insecure. She is real, and she is strong. There are many layers to this performance. The message in the movie is that any woman who is not strong will be vulnerable. There are many beautiful performances in this movie. Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays Carrie's sister, is very good. She is very convincing in the part. It is also nice to see a woman who is not always so beautiful. Chiwetel Ejiofor is terrific as the priest who is the one that is struggling with Carrie. He is like an extra in this movie, but he is also very effective. The music is great. It is also very moving. The movie is not so much about the transgender issue. It is a story about a woman, and her problems. The movie deals with many issues, but also has a message that all women have to deal with. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes a good drama.
Thursday, 30 Jul 2020 09:59

What can I say, it is not one of those movies you have to have a certain knowledge of or even an interest in history to understand the reasons behind this situation. The film starts off with a little description of the life of this family. It doesn't explain the period the father was born and it is mostly given to the mother. It is when the father and the mother met that the story takes place and we get to see a little more of the father's life. It is during this time that the family finds itself in an all out war between the Russians and the Germans. It is during this time that the father and the mother are separated and the father gets into an insane fight with the father of his child, who in my opinion had a lot of emotional ties to the mother. The film then shows the boy and the mother together and how they relate to each other and the emotional turmoil that they are going through and the lengths that they go to for the sake of their son. What this film does really well is to show how the entire family has to go through a lot of difficulty in order to keep the son alive and they do it by living in fear and silence. There are many scenes in this movie that are really great. The scenes in the house, the battles, the family and the soldiers. The movie is quite amazing and you really get into the whole situation. This is a great film to see and you will find yourself thinking about it for a long time. The movie is really well done and I give it an 8/10.

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