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(10588) 5.5 108 min 2018

King of Thieves is a movie starring Michael Caine, Michael Gambon, and Charlie Cox. A true crime movie about a crew of retired crooks who pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district. What starts off as their last criminal...

Michael Gambon, Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Charlie Cox
Drama, Crime
James Marsh

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama, Crime
Director James Marsh
Writer Joe Penhall, Mark Seal
Stars Michael Gambon, Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Charlie Cox
Country UK
Also Known As Ha'Oketz Ha'Gadol, 盜王之王, A tolvajok királya, Rei dos Ladrões, Król złodziei, Zagļu karalis, Kralj lopova, Rey de los ladrones, Εντιμότατοι κλέφτες, The Over the Hill Mob, Ein letzter Job, The King of Thieves, Hırsızlar Kralı, Gentlemen cambrioleurs, Rey de ladrones, Varaste kuningas, El rey de los ladrones
Runtime 1H 48M
Description A true crime movie about a crew of retired crooks who pull off a major heist in London's jewelry district. What starts off as their last criminal hurrah, quickly turns into a brutal nightmare due to greed. Based on infamous true events.

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Thursday, 05 Nov 2020 20:35

It's the story of a young man, who wants to become a major gangster. A life on the lam, both real and imaginary, as he travels the globe on a law enforcement patrol. James McAvoy portrays the role of Tyler Durden, a young man who wants to become a member of a criminal gang and was not accepted into the gang, even though he did beat up people on the streets and earned his stripes, something that most don't want to do. Tyler is on a mission, to kill every member of a criminal gang, and any member of a police force, as well. This is the story of Tyler, who finds himself not only one of the worst men in the world, but also on the brink of death, having murdered the main gang leader, and all the other gang leaders. Tyler is clearly a hero, and the film takes you on a journey through Tyler's life, trying to make him one of the best, and one of the worst men in the world, to get to his goal. The film also gives a real glimpse of how Tyler views the world, and even how he views himself, and how he views others, especially his fellow gang members. James McAvoy's performance is one of the best performances of any actor this year, and he really outshines himself in this movie. However, this movie does a lot with what it has, and it does so, to good effect. It also does a good job in showing us how one man can change a whole gang, and all the people around him. You really can't take your eyes off the screen, as you just can't look away from the world that Tyler lives in. However, the story is not the best, it's not really a good movie. The best part of the movie is the acting, and the one thing that makes this movie so good, is the acting. James McAvoy is phenomenal as Tyler Durden, and he proves that he is more than just another bad-ass gangster. Robert Downey Jr. also gives a really good performance as Tony Stark, and makes Tony Stark into a real hero, one who wants to protect the world. There is one particular scene in the movie where he is told about the fate of his father, and that is an unforgettable moment in the movie. The directing is good, and it is filmed in a great way, with some great camera work. The film has some really great action scenes, especially the scene when Tony Stark goes to help his father, but it also has some really great action scenes, such as the one with the other gang members, where Tony Stark and a bunch of other guys make a getaway, and other action scenes, such as the fight in the restaurant, and the fight in the warehouse, with the gang. The special effects are great, and the action is great, and the story is excellent, with some good characters and some good story. This movie is a great one. It has some really good acting, and some great action scenes. There is some really good directing. It's a really good film. However, it is not as good as some of the other good gangster movies this year. However, it is very
Monday, 19 Oct 2020 17:12

The Caine brothers are two of the greatest British actors. This film, as mentioned, is fantastic. Absolutely great. This film may be very brutal and some may even feel it's distasteful and unnecessary to discuss the detail of it's plot in detail. However, if you're willing to just watch the film, and not talk about it too much. The film itself is fantastic. Each character is memorable, the plot is complex, and the execution is brilliant. The performances are all great. The editing is absolutely brilliant. It may be very graphic, but I still feel that it's necessary. It's almost a different film than any of the other films that have come before it, but I feel that is done in a way that you understand. You don't have to know the plot, but you can still see and understand the major things that are going on. I feel that it's the same with the film 'the fast and the furious'. The camera work and the editing in this film is the same as 'the fast and the furious' except that it's much more intense and violent. The fact that it's darker and the plot is much more complex and you have to pay attention to what is going on in order to understand what the characters are saying and doing. This film is a masterpiece and would make a great re-watch of any night, and would make an excellent second viewing for a while. The film is very powerful and definitely should be watched by people who are able to understand the subject matter of the film. I gave it a 9 out of 10. I rate it 8/10
Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020 20:25

It was always so funny to me that there were two movies made in the same year. The first was Ben-Hur, a film based on the Bible, and the second was something else, with the name of the movie it's based on being one of those "Thomas The Tank Engine" remakes. And I always remember that I loved "The Big Red One", the story of the Roman Empire that made its way into the English language, and especially the time period of its setting. To make an even bigger comparison, the second movie in this genre, The Big Night, is based on the tale of a Viking attack on the Romans, who ended up being brutally destroyed. (Or as "The Big Red One" would say, "or as the Roman Empire would say, a Viking attack.") Anyways, in this film, (if you don't believe me), which was the first remake to be made for my generation, the story of a boy and his Viking heroes is told. The story is definitely interesting, but for me, it was more of a hard take on it's own, rather than a remake of something that's been done in many other movies. The story, as told in "Thomas the Tank Engine" was that a Viking tribe, led by a prince, were slaughtered by the Romans, and one of the brothers escaped. In this story, there's a lot of similarities to the book of Thomas (the story of Thomas, the most famous of all the Roman Emperors) and there's a lot of similarities between the story in "The Big Red One" and "Thomas the Tank Engine" and I think it was really the reason why it was easier to relate to the movie, as compared to the other two. As for the story, it's really a tale about Viking warriors, revenge, and the rise and fall of one particular prince, at the time of the Roman Empire. The Prince is a good guy, and although he kills and rapes, he's not a bad guy. When he is abandoned by his tribe, he later learns that his brother, who was a good guy, was a traitor, and, after he killed his brother and became a full-fledged Viking warrior, he had to leave and join a tribe that's close to him, until he got killed in the first battle. During the battle, his mother decided to kill him. This is the beginning of a tale of Viking warriors, as the prince finds a hidden weapon, that could let him unleash his powers to get revenge on the mother. On his journey, he meets a lot of people who help him, but he must bring back his brother to save his tribe. He finds a solution to his problems by making a wager with his clan, and also a way to save his tribe from being destroyed. It's a very nice story, and the only reason I liked it more than the other two
Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 08:05

The 1995 mob movie, "The French Connection", is also a classic example of a dirty film. The CIA informant is an obvious creation, from the scene where he plays the role of "French Connection", and has the opening in which he talks about how he fell in love with a beautiful, blonde, beautiful woman named Lola (Joan Allen). It's also worth noting that the opening scene is set in Louisiana, not in Montreal. And one day after the CIA informant escapes from prison, the CIA agent asks for Lola's help, and she agrees to help, along with some other CIA agents. She leads them to a hotel where there is a concert where the boss of the French Connection is meeting. The CIA agent, who is quite an amiable character, asks Lola if he could see her again, and she agrees. The CIA is now very interested in Lola, and they decide to trap her. So the CIA agent begins the trap. He hires a hit-man, who kills the hotel manager in front of the hotel manager, the CIA agent then locks the front door, and he's ready to go, so Lola quickly leaves, and the CIA agent shoots and kills the hit-man. They then get to know that Lola is also an undercover CIA agent. They then put her in the back of a car and they drive to her next assignment, "The Red Queen". At the end of the movie, they kill her and put her in a morgue. I am not a big fan of the French Connection movies, and I think that "The French Connection" is a typical example of what I dislike about the movies. All in all, I like the French Connection movies, but I think that the 1995 French Connection is not so good. It's a well-made movie, but it lacks some of the charm of the French Connection, and it is a typical example of a movie where the CIA agent is a clearly modeled character, not a person who you are supposed to sympathize with, but the CIA agent in the movie is not a person who you are supposed to root for either. All in all, I give this movie a 9 out of 10. If you have seen "The French Connection" and you like it, I would recommend watching "The French Connection" again.
Monday, 24 Aug 2020 18:03

This is not your typical mafia film. It's not a playboy story, it's not a rich guy's story. It's a character study. It's not about people to escape the mob or the cops. It's about the inner demons that the people have. You need to watch this film. I have not seen it so long. But I want to. And I am going to watch it again today. The story is fantastic. It is about two brothers (Magnus and Wilhelm) who are incredibly different from each other. They don't like each other, and one day, Wilhelm calls his older brother to inform him that he is the one who is going to take his place as the new king of thieves. I didn't get the meaning of the title. I thought that the title was German for "Wolf". But it is not. It's a French word. They are called "Wolfs" because they are very ferocious. They have had a lot of fights. The title is what separates the two brothers. It's the sound of "Wolfs". They are vicious. They fight on their own. They are very unselfish. And when they fight, they don't need their people, they want to kill everybody who is less than them. And the villains they do not want are the people they have trouble with. The movie is about two brothers. In fact, it's about two brothers and the story that develops from the end of the movie to the end. It's about a story of revenge and redemption, but also about the fact that there is a lot of envy between them. In the end, the older brother wants to get back at the younger brother for hurting his wife and his son. But he doesn't want to hurt them too much, because that would hurt him too. It's a great movie. I highly recommend it to everyone. 9/10
Thursday, 25 Jun 2020 22:48

Gillian Anderson is simply mesmerising in her portrayal of Remy, a woman who is both naïve and wise beyond her years. On the surface, the film is about a woman named Remy, played by Anderson, who is "just looking for a husband" when a new suitor turns up. The reason she is looking for a husband is because her older sister was so impossibly ugly and disgusting. It is only after her sister dies, that Remy becomes wise and realizes what she has lost. By now, she knows that a man named Craig has brought her a husband, a man who isn't like her brother. For Remy, he is a man with many problems. Even before he meets Craig, Remy has to deal with the fact that her sister's beauty has been replaced by his. By now, Remy knows that her father likes Craig, although he has never shown any signs of liking her, and no one else has. She also finds out that her father has been taking care of Craig in order to make the girls younger and prettier. These elements are the main reasons Remy loves Craig. When Craig doesn't show any love, she finds out that her father has been going out with his friend, a man who has a passion for torture and brutality. These three elements are the main reason why Remy loves Craig. Craig doesn't like her father, and he knows that she wouldn't like him either. Nevertheless, she decides that Craig is the man for her, since he loves her family and everything she has. Furthermore, she finds out that Craig's father loves her father. She is slightly shocked, because she didn't expect anything like this from her father. She then realizes that she loves Craig, and that her family loves her. Unfortunately, it doesn't last. It is when Craig's father gives Remy her body, that Remy discovers that her father had planned to kill her for being ugly. That is when she realizes that Craig had betrayed her. When she goes into the house of Craig, she sees his father and it is revealed that he has been torturing him. From here, it becomes clear that Craig was the one who had planned to kill Remy. Remy then helps Craig escape from the house of his father, and back to her family. Although the film is a very slow drama, it is exciting to watch and to think about the story's final moments. The cast does a great job, especially Anthony Hopkins. He plays a decent enough role, and has many funny moments throughout the film. I'm surprised that Gillian Anderson was able to play Remy's character without having a mouthful of makeup. The performances of Hopkins, Robert Downey Jr and Judi Dench were all great, even if they weren't always the most important character. The use of light and dark settings throughout the film was used well, particularly in the scenes that show Remy's inner beauty. The cinematography was very good,
Friday, 01 May 2020 19:07

THE FRENCH BLOOD BLUES is a stunning and witty gangster film. The story is very true to life, involving the exploits of a crooked cop and his crew of misfits, who essentially turn a blind eye to the crimes they commit. The film portrays the life of a criminal family, as a result of the various drugs they're forced to swallow by the police, and their attempts to beat it on the outside. Much of the film deals with the characters of Will Smith, Milla Jovovich and Bruce Willis, who are the leading characters in this film. While I was watching this film, I was constantly thinking about the characters and their actions. This film has very funny scenes that really bring the audience into the film, especially when they were dealing with the drugs they were dealing. The character of Vicente Flas, and his gang of misfits. They're a real riot to watch on the screen. The whole gang lives in a very controlled manner, and its quite hilarious to watch. They are a violent lot, and have a different lifestyle. They are a gang who enjoys to commit a murder and use the drugs. They are extremely ruthless, who don't care about the consequences. They're quite ruthless and abusive, and their attitude to women is that they don't like women who are "emotional", and are not sexually attractive. There's a whole section about the bad guys at the beginning of the film, who do things like gang rape women, and what they do when they come home. When the gang finds out about the thieves, they gang rape and rape a woman, who they kill. But, the gang never really discusses about the reason behind their actions. The director did a wonderful job at making the audience empathize with the characters, and who is really the bad guy. I thought that Will Smith did a very good job at portraying a character, who is very unique in his own way, and who has a different attitude than most of his character's in other films. I really enjoyed this film. It was different from all other gangster movies I've seen. It really had something to say about life in America. This is a great film, and I recommend it to anyone who likes gangster movies.

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