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Watch Online À tous ceux qui ne me lisent pas

(209) 7.2 107 min 2018

À tous ceux qui ne me lisent pas is a movie starring Martin Dubreuil, Céline Bonnier, and Henri Richer-Picard. All his life, Yves dedicated himself to poetry, carrying his suitcase to any couch that would welcome him. When he storms...

Henri Richer-Picard, Céline Bonnier, Jacques L'Heureux, Martin Dubreuil
Yan Giroux

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Yan Giroux
Writer Yan Giroux, Guillaume Corbeil
Stars Henri Richer-Picard, Céline Bonnier, Jacques L'Heureux, Martin Dubreuil
Country Canada
Also Known As For Those Who Don't Read Me
Runtime 1H 47M
Description All his life, Yves dedicated himself to poetry, carrying his suitcase to any couch that would welcome him. When he storms into Dyane's life, a graphic designer who falls for his charms, her son Marc immediately disapproves of this eccentric stranger in his mother's bed. But the studious teenager soon finds Yves' rebel ways contagious and begins to explore his own artistic side. Meanwhile, the poet feels increasingly trapped in his new life and decides to sabotage everything in a great outburst. Now alone at the end of the world, he realizes his words no longer mean anything. Freely inspired by the life and work of Quebec poet Yves Boisvert (1950-2012), For Those Who Don't Read Me tells the story of a man's quest for the absolute, fighting not to end up forgotten between two cookbooks.

Top reviews

Sunday, 20 Sep 2020 14:00

Although this movie would have been a good movie in its own right, it has two serious problems. The first is the complete lack of a message. We are shown no message. There is no moral lesson to be learned, no revelation of the human spirit, and no answer to the question of why men murder each other. I'm not a hippie, but I know a lot of people who are. Why are they killing? I have never understood this question and could only suggest that a culture of violence is important and that some people may need to go down that path. There is nothing here that would make you say, "I am glad to see this movie because it brought me to some kind of ethics." It's just another movie in which men kill each other. Just as you would watch a movie like "Singin' in the Rain" and say, "I like it, it has all that is good about the movie, and there is no point in watching it, because the movie is about little people being killed." As for the second problem, I'm not sure why it was ever picked up by American distributors. Maybe a foreign audience with a different sensibility would have found it interesting. But there is no opportunity for that. The movie is so dead, with no answer, and so empty that it leaves you feeling like the universe is saying "Please, stop this." In a similar way, if you want to see a movie, rent "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," but don't go there expecting to have a deep or meaningful message. If you think, for example, that the deep meaning of this movie is that men can be good and still be killed, it is not going to turn you on.
Tuesday, 18 Aug 2020 23:48

Though of the four or five movies I've seen that have been labeled a film noir, this one is not one of them. "Frogs" is a slow moving film that involves very little in terms of plot development or the viewer's interest. But what "Frogs" does is make you wonder what will happen next. With the title character having been abandoned by his captor and the filmmaker thus having no knowledge of who he is or what he is doing, it becomes difficult to tell whether the film's protagonist is a character in his own right or if he is in fact the "Frog" the filmmakers are trying to show. How will the filmmakers handle this? Their previous attempt, "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye", did very little with the title character and focused on the protagonist being a helpless fool. This time they do the opposite and have the protagonist become a crucial part of the story. There are many subtleties to this film, but one of them is the gradual development of an unexpected relationship between the protagonist and his girlfriend. As you see the film unfolds, you are not sure whether to feel sympathy for the heroine or pity for her. But at the end of the film you are happy that the director decided to avoid this natural route of emotion. This is quite the feat because "Frogs" is not your average noir. The picture of the original french title has been edited to avoid any sound of the French language (which had originally been in the original title) and this is an ironic turn of events for a picture that was supposed to have the subtitle French. "Frogs" has an effective cast that make the film memorable. One of my favorite scenes involves the interview of the "Frog" with a doctor as he rants about what the film is about. Then, of course, he just gets interrupted by his captor. You can sense the tension building up as the interview is getting to be too lengthy for the captor to resist. In the end, though, the interview is pointless and the film has a longer running time of roughly two hours. Overall, "Frogs" is an effective slow paced film about a man in a difficult situation trying to survive. This is a film that should be viewed in the correct context because it is not meant to be taken to mean what it is made out to mean.
Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020 17:00

Famine, Affluence, and the Artist's Legacy in One Night. This film explores the theme of choice in an era when people struggled to make choices about their own lives. The characters in the film struggle to make choices about their lives and the choices they make are not always in the best of interest of their friends and the rest of society. The movie is primarily about the struggles of two families that struggle for survival in a different time in their lives. Their choices and results of their choices are both tragic and beautiful. I think this film works well because it is able to present two sides of the same coin, but simultaneously expose the extremes. It is both a tragedy and a love story in the same film. The two actors are able to use their acting skills to create a film that is both sad and beautiful. Their performances carry the film and show that they are actors and are capable of more. The direction is good, but a bit uneven. I was disappointed that there were moments where the film felt choppy and uneven. In the film, the characters begin in different times, but are only at different points in their lives. There is a distinct lack of continuity and many questions are never answered. The director creates a movie that is both a tragedy and a love story in the same movie. I think this film is good because it is able to take the aspects of tragedy and romance and combine them together into a film that is both sad and beautiful. I give this film an 8/10. See it if you can!

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