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(182) 7.5 88 min 2018

Inside the fascinating but little-known world of same-sex competitive ballroom dance, HOT TO TROT follows a small international cast of four magnetic men and women, on and off the dance floor, over a four-year period. An immersive character study - and an idiosyncratic attack on bigotry - this rousing, powerful story unfurls with the rhythms and energy of dramatic cinema.

Gail Freedman

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Friday, 26 Jun 2020 13:43

Just watched the DVD, and I'm glad I did. This documentary is about the conflict between the two main trade unions, the International Confederation of Motor-Drivers (ICM), and the Society of Motorists (SGM), which is composed of the workers in the various motor-cars industries, especially in France. The SGM was the main union for the motor-car industry in France in the 1970s, but the ICM has a strong presence in other industries, particularly in construction. The main argument of this documentary is the amount of wages that the workers receive. As a matter of fact, many workers in France have seen their wages decrease during the last years. According to this documentary, these workers don't have much to eat. The documentary presents the views of the workers from the different industries, but also the views of the union leaders. It is interesting to see the workers of the motor-car industry express their feelings, especially about the crisis in the industry, but also about the unions. There are some documentaries that deal with the working conditions in other industries, such as the ones dealing with the coal industry. But these are documentaries that are more about the issues that the workers have with the unions, rather than with the unions. And this documentary is not so much about the unions, but about the working conditions. The most important thing of the documentary is the fact that the workers in France are suffering, and that the unions are to blame for this. This documentary is not only a documentary about the working conditions, but also about the effects of the strikes on the workers' lives. If you are a worker in France, I recommend you to watch this documentary.

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