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(2251) 6.0 85 min 2018

Never Goin' Back is a movie starring Maia Mitchell, Camila Morrone, and Liz Cardenas. Jessie and Angela, high school dropouts, are taking a week off to chill at the beach. Too bad their house got robbed, rent's due, they're about to...

Maia Mitchell, Liz Cardenas, Michelle Sherrill, Camila Morrone
Crime, Drama, Comedy
Augustine Frizzell

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Crime, Drama, Comedy
Director Augustine Frizzell
Writer Augustine Frizzell
Stars Maia Mitchell, Liz Cardenas, Michelle Sherrill, Camila Morrone
Country USA
Runtime 1H 25M
Description Jessie and Angela, high school dropouts in love, are taking a week off to chill at the beach. Too bad their house got robbed, rent's due, they're about to get fired, and they're broke. Now they've gotta avoid eviction, stay out of jail and get to the beach, no matter what.

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Tuesday, 09 Feb 2021 23:52

This film is another "federal" (federal reserve) controlled banker. The bank is in trouble and needs another round of funding. The business manager (played by Jeffrey Jones) wants to keep the bank operating by offering new bank products to grow profits. He gives new job prospects to ex-employees who will keep the bank afloat. The bank is not lending out the new bank products to customers, however, so they must take new employees. The new employees are mostly minorities and have to learn how to operate the bank. The bank manager makes moves to fire these new employees so they will not have jobs. The new manager (played by Daniel Vaus) decides to hire white guys. He also has to find new employees to replace the ones he had. He hires white people who are drug addicted, and he hires the racist to help run the bank. The racism was a sign of the times. The bank managers approach the new employees as they are in the process of training. They ask them to read a set of work-related books. The training is done in the corporate facilities where the work and talks are done. The training ends with the new employees doing some mock interviews with the bank managers. The managers ask the new employees to agree with their beliefs on "black banker." The interviews are taped, and then they are displayed on the wall of the main office. It is the bank managers own actions that keep the employees in line. Once the interviews are completed, they are given some cash to take home. This is the first time they have been given any cash for any reason, and the manager knows the cash is coming. This is a movie that makes you think of the relationship between the minority group and the white banker. If they were black, or a minority, and the white banker did not care about their needs, then what happens to the employees? I thought the way the movie ends was interesting and thought provoking. It is a subtle and subtle change. One of the two bankers who made the changes, the man who was the black banker's assistant, makes the change and then he goes to the white bank manager and asks for a change. He says that he was put in the position by the black banker. The white manager is shocked and then agrees to the changes. It was a small change but there is a larger change in the end. This is not a perfect movie. It is one that would have to be watched again and again to become well versed in the story. Some of the characters are wrong, but it is not what I would expect from a bank. However, it is an interesting story about the bond between the two groups and it makes you think.
Friday, 08 Jan 2021 19:10

My guess is that many "The Heat" fans were disappointed in this one, but I was actually very pleased with it. This film, as other Heat fans have stated, is different than the previous film, but that's not what the fans are complaining about. Heat fans simply want an explanation, and to be let out of the comfort zone of their comfort zone. We were supposed to be comforted with the Heat because it was a bond, but that's not the case anymore. The film is now at the point of explaining why Mike, Efrain and the other guys are in this boat, but if they had an explanation why the guy was on the boat, it would have been a whole lot better. Why did Tommy lose his hearing? Why did the gang shoot him when he could have been right there with them? If the Heat was this close to winning the title, why did they do what they did? These are questions that the Heat fans have. The film doesn't really answer those questions, but it does set up another question. What is the point of this film? Is it the bonding of the characters, or is it the explanation of why they are in this boat? I liked the second part of the film, but I didn't like the first part. For me, the first part of the film was a little too slow for me. I would've liked the whole film to have been over quickly, but I understand why they chose to make it over so quickly. There were only about 15 minutes of the film that had no characters in it. All the characters were back together in the end. So, as I said, the film isn't really a Heat film, but it is a good film to watch.
Monday, 07 Dec 2020 14:28

Seen as a romantic thriller, The Goin' Back's synopsis reads as follows: Two lovers, Ryan and Lisa are newlyweds and having a baby when Ryan unexpectedly and as of a few days prior to the baby's birth, committed suicide, while he was in the hospital in the woods. While searching for him, and Ryan's son, the couple find themselves in a position where the police has the baby and Lisa is arrested. However, they are offered a chance to help a young boy out of a financial straits and Lisa promises to get back the baby with them. Later on, Lisa tries to explain to the new mother that Ryan had his own reasons for committing suicide and that he felt responsible for the mother and the child. Lisa also expresses that she loved Ryan and she loved him back, but as time goes on she will feel more and more that she is wrong. The actors involved in this film does a good job to deliver great performances. Robin Williams is fantastic in his role as a father of the new baby. His performance is really great and it makes the audience feel as if he is the father of the baby. He gives such a wonderful performance as well as the rest of the actors involved in the film. Sharon Stone is good in her role as the new mother and is good at displaying her emotions. I have to say that she does a good job showing her emotions. Michelle Pfeiffer was also good in her role as the mother. Pfeiffer does a great job showing her emotions and the audience can feel her anger. With all the emotions she has, she does a good job showing them. Robert Duvall is really good in his role as the police. He is so real as he has the demeanor and reactions that we see on screen. What makes Duvall so good as the police officer is his performance. Duvall is a very good actor and his role is really good. Overall, I believe that The Goin' Back is a great film with a great story. It is a very good film and you should see it. This film is a good film that deserves a higher rating.
Wednesday, 21 Oct 2020 08:41

So many movie reviews I read have been glowing about this movie, praising it as the best film ever made. I honestly did not expect much from this movie because it was being released on the same day as Sin City, so it is pretty much a given that Sin City fans will not appreciate this movie that much. However, I must admit that it is a different kind of movie compared to what I usually watch. Some parts of it I enjoyed, but I can't say I really enjoyed it that much. The story, although entertaining, was kind of boring. There was no real reason for these people to stick together and save the world. The acting was good, but the writing was bad. There were so many cliches I had to keep reminding myself that it was not that much. Some of the jokes in the movie were a bit cheesy, but I did not find it to be a huge deal because they had plenty of room to make it funny. The characters did not stand out much, and the script was just a tad too predictable. There were no really memorable characters to look for. The concept was intriguing, but it could have been more entertaining. The concept of the movie is that it is about three people who were best friends growing up in England. But all of a sudden one of them decides to join the army and that changes their friendship. In the end, the three friends reunite to save the world. There are some pretty intense scenes in this movie. And I was kind of hoping the story would come together and make it a better movie. Instead, it was a very typical movie. I just don't think it was that good of a movie to be honest. The acting was good, but it could have been better. It is a different kind of movie than I expected it to be.
Thursday, 17 Sep 2020 20:45

I saw this movie at a "Community" screening. And I was so very happy I did. This is a very moving, very funny, and very dark film. It's the type of movie that is never really easy to watch. There are things that just won't be easy to watch. I couldn't stop laughing. This movie has a great cast, and I'm sure the acting is amazing. And it is very realistic. I've been a fan of Mr. Phillips since I first saw his movie "Get Carter". I've always loved his character and it is very hard to imagine anyone else as the lead in this movie. And to think that he is so versatile. It is very hard to imagine someone else doing the part. I thought he did a great job. And I loved the musical score. I really loved it. It really helped set the mood of the movie. The dialogue in this movie is great. The characters are very well developed. And I have to say that the cinematography is very well done. I really liked the fact that this movie was shot on the same location as the movie "Ghost", another very dark and disturbing movie. I think this movie really was able to capture the mood and the feel of that movie. There were a few "poking" references in this movie. It was very graphic, but it was very well done. It was almost as if it was meant to be this way. I really enjoyed this movie. It is a must see for anyone who has ever had an abusive or abusive parent. Or anyone who has a history of abuse. Or anyone who has ever experienced any sort of abuse. And I really hope that this movie gets distributed and seen by as many people as possible. Because this movie is not for everyone. And I really think it should be.

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