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(37171) 6.1 115 min 2018

The Girl in the Spider's Web is a movie starring Claire Foy, Beau Gadsdon, and Sverrir Gudnason. Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and...

Claire Foy, Beau Gadsdon, Sverrir Gudnason, LaKeith Stanfield
Crime, Action, Thriller, Drama
Fede Alvarez

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Crime, Action, Thriller, Drama
Director Fede Alvarez
Writer David Lagercrantz, Stieg Larsson, Steven Knight, Jay Basu, Fede Alvarez
Stars Claire Foy, Beau Gadsdon, Sverrir Gudnason, LaKeith Stanfield
Country USA, Sweden, Germany
Also Known As Dziewczyna w sieci pająka, A Rapariga Apanhada na Teia de Aranha, Se mikä ei tapa, Mergina voratinklyje, The Girl in the Spider's Web - Det der ikke slår os ihjel, Millennium: Lo que no te mata te hace más fuerte, Ami nem öl meg, Millenium: Ce qui ne me tue pas, Verschwörung, Dekle v pajkovi mrezi, 蜘蛛の巣を払う女, The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story, Millénium: Ce Qui Ne Me Tue Pas, Ono što nas ne ubije, Sto nas ne ubije, Örümcek Ağındaki Kız, Prizonierã în pânza de pãianjen, Ha'na'ara be'reshet ha'akavish, La chica en la telaraña, 蜘蛛網中的女孩, Cô Gái Trong Lưới Nhện Ảo, Meitene zirnekļa tīklā, Millennium - Quello che non uccide, Tüdruk ämblikuvõrgus: See, mis ei tapa, Το κορίτσι στον ιστό της αράχνης, Millénium: Ce qui ne me tue pas, The Girl In The Spider's Web, Kumonosu wo harau onna, Millennium: A Garota na Teia de Aranha
Runtime 1H 55M
Description Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials.

Top reviews

Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 19:15

A sequel to "Blade Runner", "the Girl in the Spider's Web" was written and directed by a talented, if slightly flawed, original screenwriter Michael Green. The result is a story set in the future (the year 2035) that explores the conflict between humans and the artificial intelligence that runs the world. This time, the AI is Amie, the female version of The Bride. When the good girl is injured in the opening scene, The Sheriff calls off the execution, and The Judge's daughter refuses to go through with the ceremony. Things are not so simple though, because once the bad guys execute The Mayor and his Deputy, Amie is free to wreak havoc, leading to a shootout that leads to The Wolfman, an android resembling Dr. Harrison Ford, being put on trial, being brought back to life. The Wolfman seems to be the leader of the bad guys, and if he does not live, they execute everyone else. The Wolfman is a man-made robot that helps the humans, and is also linked to The Judge's daughter. The story starts out fairly well, but it soon spirals out of control, with one scene that could be mistaken for a dream sequence. Amie starts to awaken, and The Wolfman's henchmen are not so much amoral but rather menacing. The female lead, Jennifer Ehle, is surprisingly good. But the rest of the cast is bland. In conclusion, I liked this movie, but I must admit that it was a bit of a let down for me. It was like the script was not really cut out to tell a story well. The supporting cast in the film were also underwhelming. The Wolfman has a few good fight scenes, but overall he does not really stand out as a threat. Overall, it is a decent sci-fi action movie, but a letdown. The Wolfman is one of the few robots in the film that does not carry the villainous nature of his creators. He is also worth mentioning for his distinct resemblance to Harrison Ford. 7/10
Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 09:45

The Girl in the Spider's Web is one of the better films that has been released this year.The casting of Courtney Love is just as perfect as the other movies we have seen her in.There is no doubt that she has the best looking eyes in Hollywood.The movie's plot is about a woman who has grown up in a gangster's family.One day a gangster called Samuel (Mark Wahlberg) surprises the woman by putting on a top hat and a dress and allows the woman to meet her brother and aunt.Wahlberg plays the role of Sam, a gangster who believes that the women are his possessions.Sammy wants to get back to his place and escape from the gangster and his gang.When he comes home, his aunt is not able to understand that his brother is not a gangster.The aunt decides to not let her nephew work with his girlfriend.Meanwhile, the woman's cousin Belle (Emma Stone) believes that the woman is her aunt.The woman decides to try and help the woman as she goes to meet her brother and aunt.After Belle believes the woman is the aunt, she does not want to believe it but it is the truth.The plot is interesting but the movie is not perfect.Wahlberg does not appear in this movie, but that is not a big deal.He does look pretty good and he does make the movie interesting.Emma Stone plays the role of Belle very well.I like the way that the movie tries to tell the story and show the relationship between the women and Sam.Emma Stone plays her role well, you can see a little bit of her in her eyes.The movie is not perfect and the movie may not work for everyone.Some of the scenes may not make sense and the characters' are not the best.Emma Stone's role is not the best, but the movie is watchable.
Wednesday, 02 Sep 2020 00:01

Tekken, Tekken, and Tekken all seem to have a certain feel to them. In fact, I haven't even heard about the other two games before I found this film. So, when it was the one that I had in mind, I was more than a little worried that it wouldn't live up to it's reputation. Well, I'm happy to say that this film does. It's based on one of the most popular games of all time. Granted, the games weren't the most popular games ever, and the film itself does have a bit of a "fancier" feel to it, but this film is not an insult to the games. It's actually pretty good. The acting in this film is good. There are a couple of characters that have a lot of screen time, but those people are well chosen and their personalities are the ones you will easily pick up on. I especially liked the way the villains of the film have been done. I think that a good villain is one that's very menacing and scary, and all of these characters fit the bill. They're the type of characters you'd go "OH MY GOD!" when you hear someone speak their names, but have to sit back and just let it sink in, because they are very good in their roles. There are some characters that are just thrown in for no reason. There is also a lot of crazy stuff that happens. There's a lot of violence in this film. The violence is very well done and is really not overused. This film is very violent. There are plenty of scenes that are just ridiculously violent. There are also many scenes that are just comical, which are incredibly funny. The film does contain a lot of romantic subplots, and that's a good thing. There are also a lot of dramatic scenes that are very well done. This film is rated "R" for strong bloody violence, a brief drug reference, and brief strong sexual content- No nudity- No adult situations

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