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(1623) 6.2 91 min 2018

The Party's Just Beginning is a movie starring Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, and Matthew Beard. When her best friend takes his own life, Liusaidh has to deal with stresses of such a situation.

Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Matthew Beard, Paul Higgins
Drama, Comedy
Karen Gillan

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Genres Drama, Comedy
Director Karen Gillan
Writer Karen Gillan
Stars Karen Gillan, Lee Pace, Matthew Beard, Paul Higgins
Country UK
Also Known As La fiesta acaba de empezar, Tupperware Party
Runtime 1H 31M
Description In a bleak Inverness midwinter, Luisaidh is careering off the rails after the suicide of her best friend. She medicates her misery with joyless sex, chips and a belief in the power of positive drinking. Surrounded by bittersweet memories, she struggles to find someone to talk to or some reason to make life worthwhile at the most stressful time of the year.

Top reviews

Thursday, 28 Jan 2021 12:28

I'd heard of this movie before, but had no idea how much of a flop it was. So when I saw it came on late at night and I'd been thinking about it all day, I decided to give it a try. I loved it. The movie centers around the characters from my teenage years. For me, John Pritchard was the father figure, who was the boss and a real master of the kitchen. These were the years when I was the one to look out for, and see what I could do to impress the boys, but mostly for his sake. He was a real boss and a true man. Jon Voight is a rebel, who we see as a shy, but full of charisma person. His character is deeper than just a social awkward teenager, and is the more grown up member of the group. Matthew Lillard, who is still one of my favorite actors, is a little confused as to how to fit in, but overall is a character with a lot of meaning. The kids all seem very innocent and innocent, but they all have their roles and they all have a lot of goals and we see how they accomplish them. While the movies main focus is on the youngest children, we also see the older members of the group in the movie. From Joe Don Baker and Christopher Walken, we see each of them interact with the other group members, such as Alan Arkin, as he was a former friend of the three children. The movie was well acted and directed, and really shows how the kids have changed and are still growing up, but still have many friends, even though they are growing up. It's not easy to grow up and leave home and become a woman, and for some it is never easy, but they find it and they go on. I enjoyed this movie and I really recommend it to anyone who loves a good comedy. It's not a perfect movie, but it is a great movie, and it was a great addition to the Stephen King classic. I really liked this movie, and I hope it becomes more popular and it makes a lot more money!
Sunday, 03 Jan 2021 09:32

I have a rule that I only watch movies with good reviews on IMDb. I don't believe any movie is good until it gets an average of 7 or above. That means, at least, that you can't use the term 'good' to describe any movie. The only exception was 'Adaptation', and that's because the critics used the term 'Good' to describe the movie, rather than 'Good'. Here's what I liked about 'Party's Just Beginning'. It's a comedy with an edge. A very interesting edge. It's never boring. It's never boring because it has an edge. It has a very sharp edge and that's the way I would describe 'Party's Just Beginning'. I won't give away any of the plot. The plot is actually what makes the movie work. It's basically a four-hour interview. The four guests have to take an "experiment" that will change them, and once the experiment is completed, they will never change. Once the movie is over, you'll know what happens. It's very interesting and, to be honest, a little weird. Not so weird that it gets confusing, but you'll find yourself asking questions. I enjoyed the interview, and the movie itself, but it's not an original movie. It's not a good movie. It's a good movie that is worth watching. However, you should be able to keep up with the story and character development without too much effort. It's about how some people try to find their identity through the interview process. There's no specific plot, but it's an interesting movie with great acting. See it if you like great movies. See it if you like a bit of comedy. I highly recommend 'Party's Just Beginning'.
Wednesday, 23 Dec 2020 12:52

There are some things you can't deny about this movie. The use of graphic nudity, violence, and the kind of depravity of the average drunk, in a setting that is as much about the how the "good" guys (including the character of "Ricky") get up to no good as it is about the drunken denizens of various cities. I feel like I'm just over-sensationalizing, but I know what I'm talking about. The theme of "the Party" is that one doesn't belong in this world. "The Party" itself is set up as an intellectual exercise for a young, twenty-something student, but I have a feeling that for many of the characters it is an intellectual experience that they need to go through, and it is just as much about accepting the consequences of their actions as it is about what they want to do with them. The first person character played by Ben Stiller in this movie is a masterful actor, a one-man show for sure, but he's just a master in his field. John Cusack as the "bad guy" Ricky, is amazing as a student that just needs to lose a little of his arrogance to realize that he's just some guy that got lucky and got involved in a drinking game. He knows that he's going to have to start growing up and deal with the consequences of his actions, and in the process, maybe he'll learn something that might help him in his future. Rumer Willis as the "good guy" Marie is terrific as the wisecracking, optimistic co-worker, with a decent future ahead of her. Just imagine that the best friend of your best friend, you know, the friend who is always around and knows everything about you, is someone that has it all and doesn't want to give you any of it. Marie might think that it's her fault that she didn't get a college education, or that she wasn't a real athlete, but it's not. She just needs to grow up a little bit, learn how to be a part of something bigger than herself. It's no different than what we see when a young kid gets involved with alcohol and drugs. One just has to grow up, get some discipline and make sure that the consequences don't get worse than they already are. And I feel like that is what Stiller is doing with his character. We're getting to know what's going on with him, and I think that it's really great how he's trying to raise his character to a mature level. You can tell that he's going through some changes in his life. I think he's doing an excellent job of this. One of the other things that really works well is the dialogue. There is a lot of character development in this movie. I feel that a lot of the dialogue in this movie is very meaningful. You can see a lot of it coming. For example, when Ricky is out having a drink, the dialogue he's having is really interesting and it's really funny. The same can be said for when the girl who he was looking for meets him in a bar. She has an interesting conversation with him, and he has a totally different reaction to it. The dialogue in this movie is really good. You're going to hear a lot of that when you're in a movie theater. "Party's just begun" is a really great movie that you should see. In the end, I think this movie really goes to show how much of a skillful filmmaker, Christopher Nolan is. In addition to the fact that he is the man behind the camera, he also has a great imagination and an amazing ability to take a story and give it a meaning that you didn't even think of, and that makes this movie really special. All in all, "The Party's just begun."

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