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(244) 3.9 135 min 2018

Union is a movie starring Virginia Newcomb, Jay Galloway, and Marcelle LeBlanc. A woman disguises herself as her dead brother, Henry, in order to survive in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. He marries a widow to rescue...

Marcelle LeBlanc, Virginia Newcomb, Jay Galloway, Tucker Meek
Drama, War, History
Whitney Hamilton

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Genres Drama, War, History
Director Whitney Hamilton
Writer Whitney Hamilton
Stars Marcelle LeBlanc, Virginia Newcomb, Jay Galloway, Tucker Meek
Country USA
Runtime 2H 15M
Description During a cavalry skirmish at the battle of Cold Harbor, 'Henry' is shot. His near death experience catalyzes his determination to live and to love fully promising to find Virginia Klaising, the widow that saved his life during Antietam. The Indians hiding high up in the Blue Ridge tell Henry that Virginia is destined to marry an old man she does not love so she can hang onto her farm. When the Indians realize that Henry is a 'two-spirit' they hide him from the Union forces and prepare him to be reunited with his soul mate, Virginia. Eloping on a summer night with fireflies as luminaries, they begin their new life. The secret becomes harder to keep as Henry suffers from PTSD and must confess his battle sins. He recounts a mercy killing of a childhood friend, her child still missing. Going in search of the child, he/she ultimately brings the boy, home.

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Saturday, 06 Feb 2021 02:32

It is an interesting commentary on a central theme of the 20th century. On one hand we have one of the most peaceful societies in history being concerned with a war over a dying planet. On the other hand the US Empire was breaking apart into smaller and smaller regional enclaves. One cannot help but feel a sense of dread at the developments. I suspect that the film also is a commentary on the current post-Cold War situation in Europe. It reminds me of the movie The Battle of Britain. However, the comparison between The Battle of Britain and The Revolution is imperfect. On one hand we have the equally endearing anti-heroics of the English. On the other hand we have a bloody European civil war between the 'technocrats' and the 'oldies'. The same could be said about the American Revolution. However, the Revolutionary War was a very different world. It involved military forces of the British Empire against an American army which was fighting for the independence of its country. The UK is the strongest political influence in Europe. The US is a loose collection of states. It is often referred to as a 'federation' and this confederation is a very important part of the American fabric. Thus, a 'revolution' of sorts was underway in Europe and, if not on the American continent then certainly in Europe. As a movie, then, The Revolution is very good. This could be taken as a critique of the British, as the British Empire and especially of the American Empire. The people of Europe cannot seem to understand how the United States of America is able to grow from a small handful of states into a great Empire which was able to wage war against two great powers, Great Britain and Germany. This in part explains why the US government is able to maintain a high level of secrecy about its actions in Iraq. Perhaps the people of Europe will be able to understand this important element of the American Empire in the years ahead. The Revolution is a great film. It is not 'so good' but it is an excellent movie. It will probably win many awards. It is well worth seeing.
Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021 05:52

It's hard to believe there are two movies about the First World War I made and it's not about the Bolshevik revolution or the Third Reich. There's no mention of Hitler and Stalin or the Ottoman Empire. The only mention of the German party is done in a brief scene in which a man laments how they have been defeated and asks if they are still on the game. To me this is too benign an introduction to a struggle that many would say was humanity's most unforgiving conflict. One such film is "The War" by French director Marc Carol, who shot a movie in 1939 that shows the horrors of the massacre at Dachau, but this film takes a lot more time to show the horrors of what happened at Stalingrad. The story is told from the point of view of the people who lived through these horrific events, not from the point of view of their friends or relatives. For example, the boy who falls in love with the soldier that works at the factory that manufactures the armaments his father built. But we don't see the happy reunion of the boy and the soldier, and the boy does not return to him. The soldiers in the story are human beings and this adds to the movie's authenticity. A few points are skipped over. The town that has been destroyed is of the Polish stock. We don't see it destroyed, but just some houses burned down or some small town. A soldier mentions that his father was not at the front line because of his age, but there are no images of his father. We do see a photo of the son and the father, but they are not together. There are pictures of a soldier being killed. Again, no pictures of the fathers. There are shots of soldiers running to the front line, but we do not see any of them. We hear the sound of shells falling and we see the destruction of a village, but not the surrounding area. There are hundreds of action sequences and we are never in any danger, but the viewer is so used to seeing war everywhere he doesn't know when the next phase of the battle is going to happen. The soldiers are too cool and civilized and not very many men have any facial expression. There are just too many of them. So the film gets very frustrating after a while. We realize the most horrifying scenes are in the first and last five minutes and we do not get them again until the last fifteen minutes. I think that would have made the film better. The film contains a number of scenes that are not in the original film, but were added for entertainment value, like the scenes of a church being bombed and the film of a student giving a lecture on the Holocaust. A couple of those scenes are suspenseful. I think it's great, and if you don't have a problem with war or images of war, it's good, but if you do, you'll find the film won't be very memorable. Not the best film of this type, but a good film.
Saturday, 12 Sep 2020 13:06

This is an amazing film and a masterpiece of human dignity and tragedy. I am amazed to see how this film is received in the world, even more so in our own culture, where it is considered to be anti-Semitic. I have seen the film many times over the years and it still keeps me at the edge of my seat, which is almost impossible to do. There is just so much to cover in the film. I cannot possibly go into detail. What has been covered, and what will be covered, will be covered. It is a story that needs to be told and that people need to be heard and cared for. The Holocaust in the media has been done to death, over and over again. The black and white image of Auschwitz is used over and over again. This film, directed by Guy Maddin, who is a major world force, is one of the most important films ever made. I recommend this film to everyone, especially anyone in a position of authority and power, especially in your own life. Not only are the horrors of the Holocaust seen but are the human failings and vices that the Nazis had for their own benefit. This film is also an incredible story of betrayal and greed. I could not believe how people would give anything to these two so different people. To see just how these two could have become friends, even before they met was just too depressing. But this film tells a different story and shows people the humanity of people who live in a society of hate and ignorance. I give it a 9 out of 10. The moral of the story, which is presented in the film, is what the film is based on.

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