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(6516) 7.5 125 min 2018

Ballon is a movie starring Friedrich Mücke, Karoline Schuch, and David Kross. Balloon is a German thriller that deals with the crossing of the inner German border of the families Strelzyk and Wetzel from the GDR to West Germany with...

Karoline Schuch, Alicia von Rittberg, Friedrich Mücke, David Kross
Thriller, History, Drama
Michael Herbig

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Thriller, History, Drama
Director Michael Herbig
Writer Thilo Röscheisen, Kit Hopkins, Michael Herbig
Stars Karoline Schuch, Alicia von Rittberg, Friedrich Mücke, David Kross
Country Germany
Also Known As Flugten fra Østtyskland, Flukten fra Øst-Tyskland, バルーン 奇蹟の脱出飛行, The Balloon, Ventos da liberdade, Pako muurin takaa, A hőlégballon, Flykten från DDR, Le vent de la liberté, Le Vent de la liberté, Der Ballon, Balloon, Balloon - Il vento della libertà, Viento de libertad
Runtime 2H 5M
Description In the summer of 1979, in Thüringen, in East Germany, two families put together a crazy plan. They are desperate to leave the DDR for the 'West' and plan to flee in a homemade hot air balloon. After sewing and tinkering for weeks, the amateurs make their first attempt. Meters from the West German border, their balloon suffers from the rain and crash lands. Luckily, they manage to avoid being caught by the police. However, the wreckage from their escape attempt is found and that triggers a desperate manhunt. The tension rises as the families determine to try again, and a race against time ensues. On the one hand, the authorities, desperate to track down the traitors, become aware that a second attempt is being planned. On the other, the would-be escapees, conscious of the search drawing ever nearer, need to build a more robust, weatherproof balloon - and avoid leaving too many clues.

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Saturday, 02 May 2020 12:14

Great movies that won't go down in history like THE BEST MAN or THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. but the history books will give the film a bad rap, I think. It will go down in history as a great movie, a very well made movie. This movie tells the story of the history of the world in its infancy, and it shows how the most powerful men in the world were affected by the bad guys. The movie doesn't show a lot of graphic violence, but it is still graphic. I was surprised at how violent it was. It was at least as violent as the SHERIFF OF BOSTON. It shows the importance of the loyalty of the military to the government and the power that the military can have over the government. This movie is really an eye opener on the importance of the military, and how powerful they are. The military and the government can be very powerful, and the military will decide who can become the President of the United States. There is a very big difference between being loyal to the government, and being loyal to the military. The movie shows the relationship between the main character, Colonel Dyer, and his military superior, Colonel Brock. Dyer is the man who controls the military and decides who can be a President, and he is the man who controls who can become a Marine. Brock has been with the military since he was young and understands what it takes to be a Marine. Brock does not really understand the military, and he is more interested in politics than in fighting for the country. This is a movie that shows how important the military is in America, and the importance of loyalty. It shows the effects of a political change on a military that is used to thinking for itself. It shows how important loyalty is to the military, and how important it is to the country. The movie is very well done, and it is an eye opener on the importance of loyalty. It shows how important the military is to the country. This movie is well worth watching.

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