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(1073) 7.4 112 min 2019

Code Geass: Fukkatsu No Lelouch is a movie starring Jun Fukuyama, Yukana Nogami, and Takahiro Sakurai. The story takes place several years after Lelouch's "Zero Requiem" plan.

Takahiro Sakurai, Yukana Nogami, Ayumu Murase, Jun Fukuyama
Adventure, Thriller, Animation, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Action
Gorô Taniguchi

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Adventure, Thriller, Animation, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Action
Director Gorô Taniguchi
Writer Ichirô Ôkouchi, J. Michael Tatum
Stars Takahiro Sakurai, Yukana Nogami, Ayumu Murase, Jun Fukuyama
Country Japan
Also Known As Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;surrection, Code Geass R3: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Revival, Code geass: La resurección de Lelouch, Code Geass: La resurrección de Lelouch, Code Geass: Re;Surrection, コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ, Code Geass: la resurrección de Lelouch, Code Geass R3, Code Geass - Lelouch of the Re;surrection, コードギアス 復活のルルーシュ, CODE GEASS: La resurrección de Lelouch, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Re;Surrection, Code Geass R3: Lelouch of the Revival
Runtime 1H 52M
Description It is the second year of the Kowa Period. The world has unified around the reorganize United Federation of Nations, and has enjoyed days of continuing peace, but now, that peace suddenly comes to an end. Suzaku, while travelling as the masked man "Zero" accompanying Nunnally on her visit to the refugee camp, is defeated by a mysterious Knightmare Frame, and the two of them are taken away. Following secret orders from Schneizel, Kallen, Lloyd and Sayoko infiltrate Zilkistan, the Land of Warriors, where they are attacked by a mysterious Geass user. There in Zilkhstan is a person named C.C., known to the assailants as the "former master". In the indomitable kingdom which once conquered even the great army of the Holy Britannian Empire, what do the people desire? Hope, or despair? The people of Zilkhstan Palace certainly know of Geass. What are they, and C.C., planning?

Top reviews

Thursday, 10 Sep 2020 06:06

Spoilers herein. We all love them but we forget to write them down! This is the latest film in the 'Geass' series and it's new writer, Akira Kurosawa, not only updated the 'Lelouch' title from the TV series but created an entirely new fictional character from the very beginning of the film! Instead of 'Lelouch', we have 'Ile-sama' (Joker/Thomas Wayne) from 'Sakura Assassination', 'Lelouch' from the TV series and 'Ile-sama' from 'Genius Girl'. In case you are not familiar with the TV series, the central character was a 'transitional' character for the show which became 'Genius Girl' and thus the 'Lelouch' name has been replaced by the 'Lelouch' name! The rest of the film tells of the current Lelouch as a 'loner' in a futuristic 'Future Tokyo' who is part of an 'Alliance' to exterminate all mutants from Earth (except for a few) and the leader of the 'Alliance' is 'Lelouch' who is the 'beneficiary' of his efforts! The film opens with Lelouch and Lelouch's group going to visit Gen. L. Delacroix at the future city of 'Singapore' (his successor in the game 'Kuroko no Basket', at the time of the film, is alive and with his mother in 'Singapore'!) and setting up an alliance of mutants and humans (much to the surprise of Lelouch who is now portrayed as a loner in the city, presumably because Lelouch's of all people really hates Mutants and wants to eradicate them from the world!). If that sounds like Lelouch as a main character in the TV series you probably have the current Lelouch in mind, but in fact 'Lelouch' is not the main character in the movie and he is merely the 'beneficiary' of Lelouch's work. He is portrayed as a youth but we have only seen him for a short time and his character is purely cosmetic. This is not to say that Lelouch is not important. However, in the series he is quite interesting to watch and is in fact a very distinctive character to the point that you can sometimes feel that he is a 'co-lead' character. He is played by a young actor named Yamada, who I have no particular objections to. As a side note, I like Yamada's acting style and have really admired the character and his movie. In fact, I personally would have preferred him in the movie as the character that is responsible for much of the change and development of the 'Lelouch' character. The other people in the alliance who are going to be featured in the movie are a few people who we have seen in the TV series and were originally part of Lelouch's 'Alliance'. They are part of the
Sunday, 30 Aug 2020 18:57

The first, and definitely the best part, of "The Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion", is the character of Lelouch. A fanatical monarchist in a country undergoing a purging. Not a parody of the autocratic and dictatorial regime of Louis XVI. It is, rather, an end-of-the-kitsch, end-of-the-century satire of the French revolution and the monarchy, and an inversion of the pre-revolutionary century of dictatorships (which is still being played with today). It is the story of Lelouch, the third son of the famous Lelouch family, who is raised in the frontlines of the revolution. Though he is unable to become an assassin (but who doesn't need to become an assassin to be a duke? Or a king? ), he does manage to pass the classes and also to set himself up as a celebrity. This is his ostensible role in the story, but there is a good deal of action and with it, one sees all that he is capable of in the hands of his hero, Lelouch. As Lelouch is more of a character and less of a king, he is more than a counterpoint, because it is he who is able to play the role of the hero and of the anti-hero. He is often used as a counterpoint to the violent, macho and charismatic Lelouch. The first reason for his success in this role is that he is almost three times his age, and this makes him almost the opposite of a king. Not only does he not enjoy power and authority, he is not willing to play the role of a king in the face of opposition, whether from within the monarchy or from the rebel masses. Also, the fact that he is much more capable of fighting the rebels than the monarchy, makes him a sort of anti-monarch, especially in the last part of the movie. The second reason, probably not as big, is that he is now a dead man, while the monarchy of Louis XVI is the biggest and most dangerous menace the French nation ever faced. And the third reason is the fact that in the movie he is mostly in the background, no longer the main character of the story. While all the other characters are also involved in the story, he is mostly underused. But he is still very much present and interesting, which makes him stand out among the other characters, and makes him much more than a simple counter-point. In this role, he demonstrates his superb acting skills, which he had not done before. In fact, in this part of the movie, he is actually quite effective, quite unlike the role of Lelouch in the earlier part of the movie. In fact, the character of Lelouch is the best in the movie, although there are a lot of good parts in the movie, and even the high points in the movie are not perfect. I highly recommend the movie to anyone, especially to anyone who
Sunday, 14 Jun 2020 12:20

The movie begins in 1946 as a schoolgirl with her teacher Dr. Braun/Lelouch running away from the advancing Third Reich. Little does she know that the Nazi's have captured the high school and have attached a camera to her, an act that will cause her to watch as her teacher and his protégé, the young Nazi spy Suzaku, take on the Second World War and uncover the secrets of a Nazi spy who has been in hiding. A large portion of the plot is centred around the growing friendship between the teacher and the spy, the main story line being how they each develop their skills in the field of espionage. Lelouch uses these skills to great effect, the camera focusing on his pupils, and then close-ups of him, in a thrilling climax that is very memorable. As well as being a highly original plot, the fact that the acting is flawless, the actors getting into character very well, and the pacing is perfect, it is great that a film with a huge budget was able to produce a film that is perfectly good. At one point in the film, I was left feeling like I was watching a perfect adaptation of the anime series of the same name, and the other feature that I found to be very good was the animation of the films, its smooth, and very convincing, I thought that the animation of the film was excellent, whilst at the same time realistic, making the film extremely beautiful. The film is now getting a DVD release, and I would highly recommend that you buy it if you get the chance, I believe that this film is great, and I would highly recommend that you watch it.

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