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(4513) 6.5 141 min 2019

Romeo Akbar Walter is a movie starring John Abraham, Raghuvir Yadav, and Jackie Shroff. Prior to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by the Research and Analysis Wing for a covert operation deep inside...

Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Raghuvir Yadav, John Abraham
Thriller, Action, Drama
Robbie Grewal

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Thriller, Action, Drama
Director Robbie Grewal
Writer Ishraq Shah, Robbie Grewal, Shreyansh Pandey
Stars Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Raghuvir Yadav, John Abraham
Country India
Also Known As RAW, Romeo. Akbar. Walter.
Runtime 2H 21M
Description Prior to the India-Pakistan war of 1971, an Indian banker is recruited by the Research and Analysis Wing for a covert operation deep inside Pakistan.

Top reviews

Saturday, 31 Oct 2020 01:13

In his first film, director Abbas Kiarostami took on an interesting story, with an excellent cast and a compelling story to tell. His film has a plot that is both familiar and novel. The film tells the story of a widowed British man, who returns to his home town in Turkey. He finds that his wife has died, and is looking to have a child. He decides to adopt a baby boy. At first, he is not happy about this, but he decides that it is his duty to help his wife and child. The son grows up to be a gifted student, who learns how to write poetry and become a professional poet. He also becomes a lover of literature, and decides to go to the University of Oxford to study there. He meets a young woman, who is the daughter of the famous novelist, Sir Thomas More. This is the first time that the two meet, and the two become friends. The son also becomes a poet, and writes a poem about a young woman, and is accepted by the university. The film then shows the father and son returning to the old man's home town, and their new friends. This is the second time that the two meet. The first time, they become friends, but now, the two are friends. The son also becomes a professional poet, and works for the British army. The film then shows the return home to England, and the mother and son's relationship. The film ends with the son going to his first job interview, and the mother getting a divorce. The film is very touching, and very interesting. The son is a very talented young man, who is very gifted, and who will make a big impact on the world of literature, and will be remembered as one of the greatest poets of our time. He has written his first novel, and is preparing to go to Oxford. The father is now a father, and is looking for a new job. He is very disappointed with his son's career, and is sad to see that his son has chosen to be a professional poet instead of a professional teacher. This is a very emotional film. It is very moving, and very real. It is also very exciting. It shows how a man, who is not at all professional, can still be a great poet. It is also very dramatic, and very interesting. It is very well made, and very good. Abbas Kiarostami has made a very great film. He has taken on an interesting story, and it is very interesting, and it is also very touching. I recommend this film to anyone who is interested in literature, and the film will bring you into a world of literature.
Saturday, 02 May 2020 06:12

In a time when the majority of movies are devoid of any drama, romance or even a hint of humor, Romeo and Juliet is a refreshing take on the original tale. Although it is based on Shakespeare's original story, the film also manages to incorporate elements from the classic movie that still resonate. The movie begins with a bang as we meet the beautiful Juliet, and her passionate love for Romeo. But, as we know, Juliet is not a virgin. She's been sleeping around with men. When she has an opportunity to marry Romeo, she is able to break free from her shackles. She walks out of the palace, but it doesn't take long for the jealous husbands to track her down. And when they do, it's not pretty. The film then moves on to the King of Spain. He is still madly in love with Juliet, and he sends a messenger to beg her forgiveness. But, when Juliet gets a call from a friend telling her that she is the one to propose to the King, she is unsure of what to do. She doesn't want to commit to a marriage that would be a life without joy. So, Juliet agrees to the proposal, but with one condition: that she not marry the King. She is told that it's her father's will, and it is a set up. The King then sets his sights on her. She meets a beautiful young man named Prince Charming. He is also in love with Juliet, and he wants to marry her. But, before he can get her, she is shot and falls into a coma. But, she is revived, and begins her life anew. She is soon reunited with Romeo, and the film starts to move towards a very different ending. But, it's not a happy one. In fact, it's one of the most violent endings in film history. This film is a great example of how a movie can be made in a world where there are no rules. You can make a movie based on Romeo and Juliet, and have it work, or you can make a movie based on the King of Spain, and have it fail miserably. If you make it for the wrong reason, it will fail. Romeo and Juliet is one of those movies that I would recommend for everyone. It's a film that is extremely entertaining and is a must-see for anyone who is a fan of Shakespeare. And, it's also one of those movies that will make you think, and it's a film that you will never forget. A+

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