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(253) 6.0 84 min 2017

ACORN and the Firestorm is a movie starring John Atlas, Glenn Beck, and Bon Bon. A hidden-camera video involving a fake prostitute threatens to destroy ACORN, America's largest grassroots anti-poverty organization. World Premiere...

Andrew Breitbart, Bon Bon, Glenn Beck, John Atlas
Reuben Atlas, Samuel D. Pollard

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Reuben Atlas, Samuel D. Pollard
Stars Andrew Breitbart, Bon Bon, Glenn Beck, John Atlas
Country India, USA
Runtime 1H 24M
Description A hidden-camera video involving a fake prostitute threatens to destroy ACORN, America's largest grassroots anti-poverty organization. World Premiere Tribeca Film Festival.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 02 Sep 2020 09:27

In the movie, Mr. Spielberg focuses on two worlds: how we view the world from our consumerist perspective, and how we perceive the world from an anarchist perspective. The movie shows what this anarchist perspective is about, and that it's possible to look at the world and our place in it, and the possibilities for breaking free from the capitalist chains that bind us, from an anarchist perspective, without resorting to violence and political action. Mr. Spielberg shows how the relationship between our time-scale and the world of the future is a matter of time, and how in the second half of the film, the relationships of the two worlds are reversed. That is to say that the time-scale in which the movie takes place changes, and instead of being the other way around, it becomes the other way around, the other way around, which in turn is the other way around. The two parallel lines of time, and the two opposite possibilities for the future that it can lead to, are the most significant themes of this film, and they are the basis for the movie itself. It is this theme that is at the core of the movie, which can be a bit confusing at first, and if you're not clear on the meaning of the themes, then you may miss a lot of what is being said. I've read a lot of reviews that give the movie very high ratings, because it seems that they're not understanding the movie at all. However, if you think about it a bit, the movie has very little to do with real life, and much more to do with the politics of the capitalist system. If you want to learn about capitalism, you will probably like the movie. If you want to learn about anarchism, you will probably not. I would suggest this movie to anyone, because it's an excellent movie about capitalism, and anarchism, and it's a great movie. It's a good movie, I've watched it once, and I highly recommend it. It's my first comment on IMDb.
Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020 16:08

The Firestorm is the second documentary about the meteoric rise of Robin Williams. The first is MELODY IN NEW YORK, which came out the same year as this one and was also released on DVD (although not a masterpiece like this one is). Williams' stint as a writer for the Broadway show MELODY IN NEW YORK (and also a musical on Broadway) has, perhaps ironically, had a lasting effect on him. The humor in his new film, BURNING 'N' SWORDFISH, is in places quite satirical (the plot of the movie is based on an actual play) and in other places more brutal (both the way Williams relates his experience as a young gay man to his own life and the way he addresses his demons). At the very least, this is a pretty well made film, with Williams doing a great job of playing himself with a straight face (this time in a film rather than a documentary). There are moments in this film that are hilarious, including his battle with alcoholism, but other moments that are equally as funny and effective are the ones he says with a straight face (i.e. "That's so cute!"). The actors who appear in this film range from the familiar (Nicholas Cage) to the unknown (Wendy Astin) to the supposedly unknown (Hugh Grant). The story is told from Williams' point of view, but I would have liked to have seen some analysis of the reasons behind his success. I guess I don't want to watch this film expecting a dissertation about Williams' greatness. I think the two aspects of this film that are most important are the acting (Williams is just fantastic) and the direction (this is the kind of film that only a director who is completely comfortable with his subject can make).
Friday, 17 Jul 2020 03:41

This is the third "supernatural" documentary to be released this year (the other two being "The Devil's Advocate" and "Haunting"). This one, directed by Bob Geldof, is about witchcraft. It is narrated by Tommy Taylor, a self proclaimed black magician (along with his wife, Lisa Eilbacher), who is also a 'supernatural' preacher. The documentary follows Tommy Taylor, his wife Lisa and a few other people who are part of the occult community. They share what they know about what they believe, and share with us their opinions and opinions about other people who believe differently. There is one person who this group discusses, who is a former practitioner of witchcraft who now is a Christian. Tommy believes that people who practice witchcraft (and in general, are not 'pure') should be burned. Lisa is a Christian who believes that people should not be 'witchcursed', and she is even more against this topic of burning. I believe that most of the people who were interviewed in this film were either members of the occult or self proclaimed practitioners. That is, they were practicing their religion, or at least were very committed to their religion. Most of the people were either practicing their religion or they were more committed to their religion than they were to their faith in the occult. Many of the people interviewed were practicing Christians or they were practicing Christian organizations. One person in the group (not a member of the Christian organization) was practicing a non-Christian religion. The first person interviewed in this film, who is a self proclaimed "Black Magician", was interviewed by his wife and said that they were practicing Black Magic and that he was a practitioner of Black Magic. I think that this is the first documentary of this kind that I have seen that was more comprehensive and honest in showing the beliefs of the people involved. This is not an academic documentary. This is not an attempt to put a modern view on the occult, but rather to provide a concise and honest story about what the occult is and what people believe in. I think that this documentary is worth watching and I encourage anyone who is interested in the occult to watch this documentary.
Friday, 10 Jul 2020 11:26

In 1852, the American businessman Louis B. Mayer (played by Edward Norton) is building a railway between the Southern and Northern colonies of the United States. Unfortunately for him, he has to cut the line because of firestorms that burn through the entire area, destroying the railway. Mayer is persuaded by a few local men and an American, William Casey (played by Vinnie Jones), to take his train out to the smoldering wastelands of the west, hoping to create a new railway line. However, the businessmen are met with hostility from the local Indians and a brutal murder. As a result, the railway is cut, with Casey trying to continue on with the new line. When he discovers that the new line is being built by the Spanish, Casey is immediately suspicious of the line's motives, and soon decides to lead a small band of desperados on the line to meet the most mysterious man on the mountain, Carlos Daza (played by Liam Neeson). Following Daza's lead, they discover the truth behind the destruction of the railway and how the British government has lied about it. Before this, they discover a shocking secret about the original railway company, the company that was to create the new line. This is an important part of the story because it takes place almost 200 years after the destruction of the railway and the rise of the American frontier, but it also introduces the character of Carlos Daza, who is played by some of the most famous names in Hollywood (among them, Vincent Perez, Tom Cruise, and Laurence Fishburne). There's a lot of information in this film, and it's well worth seeing. The acting in this film is a lot of fun. Edward Norton is magnificent as the semi-mad Englishman, and it's great to see him on screen again. There are some great moments in this film as well. The time-lapse photography is also a pleasure, and the really beautiful score by the late, great Ramin Djawadi is really good. I think that this is an underrated film, because it is a lot better than other films that have a similar subject matter. It's a great time-waster, and should be seen by anyone who appreciates good movies. I give it an eight out of ten.
Sunday, 03 May 2020 10:26

The North American Air Force had a huge effort to build their first space plane, the X-15, in 1962. It was the first commercial manned space plane and a key part of military's secret weapons program. The X-15 project had to stop because of many technical problems, among them it required huge space between the engine and the orbiter and the load of "cockpits" needed for the crew members. In the end the X-15 project was cancelled and the NASA became the Air Force and the Air Force became NASA. As we all know, the space program went into the 1960's. However, in the 1970's the USAF decided to produce a new fighter. The Space F/A-18 Hornet was planned and Lockheed Martin decided to make it. Lockheed Martin made the first prototype of the F/A-18 in 1979, and the first F-22 prototype in 1980. They were made in 2001 and 2007 respectively. In 2009 the US Air Force finally decided to continue the production of the F-22. The F-22 was designed with different attributes and capabilities for the combat. The F-22 was intended to be an answer to the F-16. The F-22 is manufactured using a new digital electronics system and new F-22 jets are manufactured by Harrier's factory in the UK. The first test of the F-22 took place in 2011, and the first production F-22 was assembled in 2011 and deployed in 2012. As I said earlier, the F-22 is a two-seat stealth fighter jet with advanced technologies for the stealth combat. It is made of high-tech material, featuring innovative reinforced fuselage and stealthy outer skin. The cockpit is very advanced, making use of advanced avionics, infrared sensors, and new computers. In the center of the cockpit are the F-22's jet engines. They are the most advanced jet engine ever made. Its maximum compression ratio is 9,000psi, which is around 15-20% greater than that of a conventional engine. The latest F-22 is equipped with four turbofan engines. They are equipped with advanced advanced thermo-mechanical systems, which make them more efficient. They also use new propellers, which are much smaller in size than a conventional propeller. The new propellers allow the propeller to be more compact and therefore easier to manufacture. The F-22 can maneuver at supersonic speeds while the rest of the fighters have to make it to Mach 3. This supersonic maneuvering speed is a maximum and it is only used when the airframe is not being able to maintain the speed of Mach 3. However, the F-22 has a low-bores-in-the-throat efficiency, meaning it can achieve a speed of Mach 0.91 without taking off. This is a good way to get the speed without the need for taking off. The F-22 is also equipped with new sophisticated electronic warfare system, which are a "kill-list" system that will allow the pilot to directly order an attack on an enemy's plane. This system is part of the F-22's advanced avionics. The fighter can detect an enemy's aircraft, identify them and then launch a missile at them. The plane also has other advanced sensors to analyze the situation. The F-22 is the only fighter jet to have a combat recon and a radar. The F-22 is the most advanced fighter jet ever made. The F-22 was designed with a modern electronics and new sensors. The cockpit features an advanced avionics, infrared sensors, and new computers. It can do a long-range combat detection with its data link with a second aircraft, as well as a wide-area recon in the area where it will be launched to defeat the enemy. The new radar

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