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(319) 8.6 2018

Small Group is a movie starring Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, and Matt Chastain. Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper, on a mission to expose the dark side of Christian culture, infiltrates a small group.

Sterling Hurst, Emily Dunlop, Matt Chastain, Derrick Gilliam
Matt Chastain

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Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 08:21

As a very young teenager, I remember playing soccer with a bunch of kids who called themselves the "Cantonese Heroes" (a team that everyone of us still refers to as the "Golden State Warriors") at a local high school. I remember the crew from the Cantonese Heroes (although the name changed several times) would beat the Warriors 3-1, and the whole time, I was so proud. My brother and I were really good at soccer and were really proud of our Cantonese Hero team. But then one day, my mom showed up with a "Help Wanted" sign on her door and said she had heard that the Cantonese Heroes were closing down. We thought she was being a little dramatic, but she said they were leaving for another school, and they were not going to stay in the neighborhood. We had to leave. I had never experienced such a feeling of isolation and sadness, but at the same time, I realized that I was really grateful for that moment when my parents showed up. That was all that was important to me, and that moment was the turning point for my life. It was not a very happy moment, but it was an important one. It taught me to always think for myself, to never take anything for granted, and to always remember that everyone in the world has a right to live the way they want. That's the message of this movie, and it's one that I carry with me. The message that this movie makes is that sometimes, it's not who you are, but how you treat others that counts. And that is the lesson that I think everyone should take away from this movie. That's why I'm so thankful that it was made.
Saturday, 30 Jan 2021 11:42

The first part of this film is a fairly typical and straight-forward tale about two young college students, Sarah (Catherine Bell) and Miles (Richard Jenkins), who are both entering their second year at college and they meet and form a connection that results in a sexual relationship. Unfortunately, as the years pass, their relationships begin to deteriorate. The result is that Sarah, who is dating a guy named Leo (Justin Theroux) is being left behind in the bedroom and is given the impression that she has been left behind in the same way by her friends. When Miles decides to tell Sarah that he is a virgin, Sarah is left with a massive, "I-can't-get-over-it" feeling. In the end, she gives in and asks Miles to marry her. Sarah feels betrayed by Miles for giving her this feeling and decides to leave him. However, Miles has had enough of this and leaves her. She continues to live with Leo and then the two begin to have a sexual relationship. Sarah, who has been living a lonely and awkward life in college for the past year, is now forced to live with a complete stranger who is not happy with her. It is at this point in the film that the whole film takes a turn for the bizarre and really started to take the movie to a completely different level. The entire film revolves around a man named Alex (Jared Leto) and his entire life revolves around having sex with women. He sleeps with almost every woman in his life and after he finds his soulmate, Alex and Sarah begin to live in the confines of a man's body. He has been told that he has a "beautiful" body but in reality, Alex's body is a man's body, and he has been told that he has a "beautiful" soul. He is told that he has no sexual attraction for any woman and that his sexual attraction is solely towards Alex. The woman he meets at his job and moves in with is the only person who actually sees his soulmate and that she likes him. He realizes that his whole life is about sex and he needs to get laid to "get" himself. Alex also realizes that he has been set up by his boss and that he has been lied to about what his job is. He realizes that he has been set up by Alex and is now forced to live a completely fake life. It is at this point in the film that the movie begins to become a whole lot darker and it is really quite disturbing. In the end, it becomes quite clear that Alex has been a sex addict all of his life and that he has been exploited by his boss and also by the people he had been living with. He is actually a person who has been living a fake life for so long that he is willing to continue living it for the rest of his life. It is also at this
Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 22:06

I watched this film with my wife a few days ago. The main character, a boy of 14, is a regular teenager. He is not much of a gangster, but his companionship with his buddy, a male prostitute, is something. The only thing missing is a single gangster figure, like a big boss, and an apprentice gangster to a bigger boss. I was not very much impressed with the movie at all, I have no great expectations, but there are some moments I liked very much. Firstly, the editing. The film has a nice pace, the gangster action is in a single scene, and it is executed perfectly. I have never seen such a good and smooth editing in a movie. The violence is just the right amount and the character development is very good. Secondly, the dialogues between the characters are very interesting and you really learn about them. It is the same with the story. You feel as if you know them. It's the same with the acting. The characters are very real, you really feel like they are you and you are their friend. The acting is really good and the performances of the two actors are very convincing. The music is also very good and that is really what you need to put your ears on. You can really feel the mood of the film and the atmosphere of the movie. The best part of the movie, besides the acting and the directing, is the directing. It is really fantastic. The director uses an interesting and stylish style, and the camera angles are really good. You really feel like you are in the film. He has great skill. He is really unique. All in all, the acting is the best part of the movie. But the directing is really good and I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. It is a really good movie. 7/10

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