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(2067) 6.1 105 min 2018

Little Woods is a movie starring Tessa Thompson, Lily James, and Luke Kirby. A modern Western about two sisters who work outside the law to better their lives.

Tessa Thompson, Luke Kirby, James Badge Dale, Lily James
Crime, Drama, Western
Nia DaCosta

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Crime, Drama, Western
Director Nia DaCosta
Writer Nia DaCosta
Stars Tessa Thompson, Luke Kirby, James Badge Dale, Lily James
Country USA
Also Known As Küçük Orman, Crossing the Line
Runtime 1H 45M
Description A modern Western that tells the story of two sisters, Ollie and Deb, who are driven to work outside the law to better their lives. For years, Ollie has illicitly helped the struggling residents of her North Dakota oil boomtown access Canadian health care and medication. When the authorities catch on, she plans to abandon her crusade, only to be dragged in even deeper after a desperate plea for help from her sister.

Top reviews

Monday, 01 Jun 2020 03:44

Watching and reviewing this movie should require you to do a bit of history, a bit of folklore and even a bit of introspection. Take in mind that the movie was made to have its audience think and re-think and, perhaps, to not simply accept and take in any message, but rather find it, question it and challenge its legitimacy. Remember that this movie is in part fiction. The movie was originally set to have the main characters meet in the Alamo. The original was supposedly set in 1823, but never got made, instead it was re-written to have John Wayne and his buddy die at the Alamo and thus would have started the 20th century. The director changed the date for historical accuracy and it was probably changed for the remakes in the mid 90's. In this movie, the two main characters are high-profile Texas veterans of the Mexican-American War, John Wayne and William Holden, who are privy to a conspiracy which involves the head of a Mexican outlaw gang, Leon L. Griswold, who himself was a Texas Ranger and a former Ranger in the Civil War. The story is told in a series of flashbacks, first at the Alamo and then at the Texas State Prison. The characters are on the run from Griswold, whom they both hate, and who has other reasons to want to kill them, including a scheme to have his former wife, the much younger Neve Campbell, living out of their Texas mansion. The movie then becomes the last stand of the two main characters, who eventually have to make their way back to the Alamo. For many, the movie will be a little hard to watch because the time-line is a bit disjointed. I think this is the point of the movie, which is why it's best when viewed in sequence. A lot of the same issues that occur in real life are present, and the movie also does a good job at painting an accurate picture of what happened. Some of the effects are great. The Mexican flags in the Alamo are so bright and colorful, they almost make the movie look more surreal than it really is. The way Griswold causes trouble with the local lawmen and other residents is also very well-done. The movie is at it's best when it is re-wound to show what the events were really like. The final battle sequence is very good. The final shootout is also very good. Overall, a great movie that I highly recommend.
Saturday, 25 Apr 2020 11:11

This is a big, loud, high-pitched comedy. It has a few interesting stories and sequences, but for the most part the narrative structure is pretty disjointed, and one doesn't always understand the motivations of characters. I don't think I even understood the plot until about ten minutes in, and that's a shame because I could have enjoyed the film more. As a huge fan of Japanese cinema, I was also disappointed in the fact that it was not a great film. It was clearly made for a Japanese audience, but the characters aren't drawn particularly well. The central relationship between Japanese and American soldiers was well done, but it didn't really make sense for all the characters involved. The dialogue between characters was also pretty bad, with some of the accents sounding as if they're speaking some weird dialect. It was a few years ago and I didn't even know what a dialect was. For a long time, I was not a big fan of Anthony Perkins, but he does a good job with the lead role. The other characters do a good job as well. Unfortunately, the story was never really developed as much as I would have liked it to be. The whole structure seemed to change every other minute, and I didn't really know what was going on the whole time. The film also has a few slow parts in the middle, and I don't know if it was to slow the film down or if it was just some of the scenes that didn't make sense, but it was still jarring. I also didn't like the soundtrack. It was so loud and bright it was annoying, and it often felt like I was watching a movie that was deliberately designed to be a tonally uneven film. I felt like this film did not have the ambition to be great. There are some cool scenes and shots, but for the most part, it's not that good.

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