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(739965) 8.4 117 min 1979

Alien is a movie starring Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, and John Hurt. After a space merchant vessel receives an unknown transmission as a distress call, one of the crew is attacked by a mysterious life form and they soon realize...

Tom Skerritt, John Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright
Horror, Sci-Fi
Ridley Scott

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Horror, Sci-Fi
Director Ridley Scott
Writer Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett, Dan O'Bannon
Stars Tom Skerritt, John Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Cartwright
Country UK, USA
Also Known As Votrelec, Alien, le huitième passager, Alien: Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt, Alien, el octavo pasajero, Osmi putnik, Alien - kahdeksas matkustaja, Alien, el 8° pasajero, Alien - den åttonde passageraren, Άλιεν: Ο επιβάτης του διαστήματος, Alien - Le 8ème passager, Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt, Alien, o 8º Passageiro, Tulnukas, Osmi potnik, Alien - Kahdeksas matkustaja, Alien: The Director's Cut, 異形, Alien: Den 8. passasjer, Alien - El octavo pasajero, Biganeh, Star Beast, Yaratık, Туђин, Alien, el octavo pasajero: El montaje del director, Ha-Nose'a HaShmini, Fazaei, Alien, de achtste passagier, Obcy - 8. pasażer Nostromo, Alien - O 8.º Passageiro, Alien - Director's Cut, Svetimas, Alien - den 8. passageraren, A nyolcadik utas: a Halál, Alien: Osmi putnik, Alien - Den 8. passager, Осми путник, L'étranger: le huitième passager, Alien, o Oitavo Passageiro, Vetřelec, エイリアン
Runtime 1H 57M
Description In the far reaches of space, a crew on-board the ship Nostromo are returning to Earth until they receive a distress call, an alien one. Unknown to them, they will soon take back with them the most terrifying creature in the universe: The Xenomorph, a killing machine that bleeds corrosive acid whenever anyone tries to hurt it. All alone in space, no one can hear them scream: trying to warn the rest of the galaxy of the terror that is the Xenomorph.

Top reviews

Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 11:53

I watched this film with my friend in the cinema in Sydney, Australia. We were both totally hooked. A fan of the genre, we'd heard about the cult status of the film, and were interested in seeing it. It starts with a young man named Simon (Jonny Lee Miller) waking up from a coma. He wakes up to find his girlfriend (Sharon Stone) dead in his bed, and the room is pitch black. He panics, so he goes to a bathroom and finds an old fart-looking watch and traces it to a government base, where he finds a man who's a scientist who's been working on creating a plague, which will kill millions. Simon, as we all know, decides to go in there to help him out. He meets a couple of mercenaries who help him get there, and find the base to be very, very dark. They run into a couple of people, one of whom has been trained by the aliens. They meet up with a scientist, who's been turned into one of the aliens. The only thing that they need is a patient, so they take a man named "Jason" (Sam Worthington) and a young woman named "Kiera" (Jessica Chastain). After Jason is able to use his new powers, they begin their mission to kill everyone at the base. If they don't get there in time, the world will be taken over by the aliens. The action scenes are pretty well done, there are some cool explosions, and the whole movie is filmed in a way that's similar to Alien. The story is pretty good, and you'll understand where the characters are coming from. I was impressed with the acting, it was great, especially for a low budget film. The special effects are awesome, it looks like a mix of Alien and Jurassic Park. I would recommend this to anyone who's a fan of the genre, I recommend seeing it if you haven't, otherwise, don't bother.
Wednesday, 04 Nov 2020 18:31

I have always had a soft spot for Alien, but I don't think I ever expected to be pleasantly surprised by it. Sure, it's a big-budget science-fiction film, but I was expecting it to be just a little bit of a class act. I guess that's what kept me going for this one. The acting, production design, and cinematography are good, though. The acting, for one, was outstanding. There were no actors who I disliked; the performances were great. The acting of Ellen Ripley was great, and it shows. It's very hard to make an actress act believable, but Ellen Ripley was believable. I've never seen another actress act as she did in Aliens. She was always calm and in control, and it made her character very interesting. Even though she was the main character, it was played perfectly that she was the victim of the Alien. The cinematography was great, though. It has a very atmospheric feel to it, and it shows off the special effects. The special effects, while not the most impressive in the world, are very good. The scene where the Alien is in the airlock is truly scary. It's scary because it's so frightening to think that the monster is in the airlock, and you know that the monster is right there, ready to attack. There's no reason that the special effects couldn't be as good as the rest of the film. Even though the special effects are great, the script has a lot of problems. I found the script to be confusing and difficult to understand, and I think the script didn't make a lot of sense. There were a lot of characters in the movie, and they weren't very well developed, and the characters were not that important. I think the screenplay was written in a way that it was hard to understand, and the characters were more important than the dialogue. This was a big problem with the film, because I found it hard to understand. I think the biggest problem with the screenplay was that it was too complicated. I think a lot of scenes were unnecessary, like the scene in the ship, and the scene where the Alien attacked the crew. The script was really difficult to understand, and I found it very difficult to understand. The plot of the film is simple, and it's not really that complex. It's more about a guy who tries to survive when the monster is in the airlock, and the creature that they are trying to stop from killing the crew. The monster is quite simple, and it's more of a test than a

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