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(6490) 6.7 123 min 2020

The Outpost is a movie starring Caleb Landry Jones, Orlando Bloom, and Scott Eastwood. A small team of U.S. soldiers battle against hundreds of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Caleb Landry Jones, Milo Gibson, Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood
History, War, Drama
Rod Lurie

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres History, War, Drama
Director Rod Lurie
Writer Jake Tapper, Eric Johnson, Paul Tamasy
Stars Caleb Landry Jones, Milo Gibson, Orlando Bloom, Scott Eastwood
Country USA, Bulgaria
Also Known As Základňa, Assiégés, Forpostas, 72小時前哨救援
Runtime 2H 3M
Description A small team of U.S. soldiers battle against hundreds of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Top reviews

Thursday, 17 Dec 2020 23:15

The most anticipated film of the year, it's not long now before we're getting reviews and footage. The great things about the film are, firstly, the fantastic production values, and secondly the realistic depiction of the Balkan War, which the Balkan War is rarely portrayed accurately on screen. The plot is focused on an Austrian family in an Austrian town called Granville and an Austrian officer who is left behind after the war, who is later killed by a shell from the war, whilst serving in Bosnia. One day, he finds out about the war, and his frustration is so great that he decides to leave his wife and children and embark on a journey to find the boy that was left behind. He is joined by two Bosnian Serbs who are fighting the war, and the story slowly begins to unravel. The real life story of the Austrian family is told very realistically. The children are brave, and the young family's determination is not just to survive but to help out their brothers and sisters who are not there. The film is great because of the way it is filmed, with only minimal CGI used to give the characters realistic feelings. The other amazing aspect of the film is the language, which is spoken in the film in Austro-Serbian and Bosnian dialects, and it is amazing how it is translated, and even in the different dialects. The portrayal of the war, and how it was portrayed on screen, is truly amazing, but the greatest part of the film is the way the characters react, and how they react to the atrocities committed by the Serbs. It is all very realistic, and how the character react to the atrocities is a treat to watch. If you are interested in World War 2 history and just want to see a real film on the topic, this is a film to see.
Friday, 23 Oct 2020 08:26

It is only my second movie, but it has been sitting on my shelf for over 2 years. For me, this is one of the most powerful and important movies I've seen. It is a portrait of a people at war in a time of great trauma and tragedy. The actors and director do a fantastic job of portraying the dignity and courage of these men who are caught between two unforgiving forces. It is the film of a generation. The majority of my life, I've been drawn to the movies. I grew up in the Hollywood theater and loved movies. I knew all the actors and actresses, and it is their films that have influenced me as an adult. It is with the passion and respect I have for this film that I felt I could review it. The cinematography, the style, the way it was shot, the acting, the soundtrack, it is all very impressive. It is a time capsule of the Vietnam War, and a very personal film for me. If I were to use a different word to describe it, it would be the movie's place in American history. It is a representation of one man's loss of innocence and his own choices, and of the way it affects his children. I am not sure if I could make a movie about Vietnam without addressing it first. I am a Vietnam veteran, and my opinion is that this movie portrays the cost of war for all Americans. No other film has been able to do this before. Every time I see it, I see something new and exciting. When I was 10, I was astounded by the violence of this film. I realized the beauty of the way the camera moved and the way the story was told. I now know that I am an avid watcher of the film. When I saw it, I realized the power of this movie. I could watch it several times and never tire of it. When I was 14, I began to play World of Warcraft. I spent all of my time in the game, and by the time I was 18, I was playing the game again. I have played it for three years now. It is an incredible game and one of my favorite games. I always find something new to learn, and the game has taken me from a young boy to an adult who has no ambition to play the game. I have no intention of making it stop. I also started reading a book, and I am still in it. My favorite book is Lord of the Rings. I have read it about a thousand times, and I still love it. It is the best book I have ever read. I am currently reading the book "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King", and it is the best book I have ever read. I believe that this film is an allegory of the Vietnam War, and how the way the United States treats its allies is so wrong and barbaric. I believe it is a powerful and appropriate representation of the War in Vietnam. It is also a powerful movie about loss, courage, and honor. I believe this film is a testament to the strength of our country and its people. It is a representation of a brave and honorable American and a unique and inspiring American. The war is a very important part of American history, and it is important to make a film about it. This is a great movie, and a great movie that should be seen by all.

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