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(309) 6.5 82 min 2017

Wonders of the Sea 3D is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Celine Cousteau, and Fabien Cousteau. Armed with cutting-edge 3D technology, French ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau and his adult children explore the ocean and...

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Celine Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau
Jean-Jacques Mantello, Jean-Michel Cousteau

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Jean-Jacques Mantello, Jean-Michel Cousteau
Writer Francois Mantello, David Chocron, Jean-Jacques Mantello
Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Celine Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau
Country France, UK
Also Known As Le meraviglie del mare, Las maravillas del mar, Merveilles des mers, Odyssea 3D, Wonders of the Sea
Runtime 1H 22M
Description Armed with cutting-edge 3D technology, French ocean explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau and his adult children explore the ocean and learn about what puts it at risk.

Top reviews

Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021 06:09

I am not a scientist. I know what a 3D projector does. I know what kind of 3D effects people use. I understand that people get dizzy while viewing a 3D movie. I know that people get nauseous while viewing a 3D movie. I know that I will never understand what 3D brings to a movie, but I get it. The visuals are not just a gimmick. The visuals can bring emotion, and sometimes even a feeling of wonder. The visuals of this movie are breathtaking. Not only the 3D visuals, the image is completely unblinking. I never found this part of the 3D so outstanding in any movie, but this movie is one of the most outstanding examples. People may be upset about how the camera pans the shots to follow the 3D images, but the overall camera movements are so effective that we don't even notice it. The actions of the ship is incredibly realistic. The use of 3D to create 3D visuals is impressive. Some people may criticize the 3D effects. I am a film buff, so I don't care about that. What I do care about is that we as viewers are exposed to something we may have never seen before. It is amazing how much you can take in this movie without realizing you are doing it. I don't know what the film critic was complaining about. I thought the movie was so much better than any of the 3D movies I have seen so far, I was anticipating for months. It is a great movie to watch when you feel tired and like a nice movie to watch alone. When I tell people to go see this movie, they usually say they want to see it with a large group. I would say this is one of the most appropriate movies for a large group, because there is nothing really to talk about with your group members. You are there to see this movie and it will give you great entertainment, and it will be a great movie to tell your friends about. If you go to see a movie with your friends, you may be excited, but I assure you you will not forget what it was like in the theater.
Monday, 07 Sep 2020 00:32

Hollywood film scholars are simply not up to the task of evaluating this new film. I have never seen an animated film so well done. It made me wonder why Disney is taking such a big chance and actually trying to remake another film. I was extremely impressed by all aspects of this film, and am thrilled that the Disney team is able to get away from the wacky Pixar silly humor that always seems to overshadow the actual story. I'm all for truly clever, thought provoking films. The really good movies, like WALL-E, had no great plot or even memorable characters. They were just fun to watch and the animators had a lot of fun with that. This movie actually has a plot. It has an original story, even though some of the characters, even if they are purely for comic relief, actually have some real life meaning behind them. And it is a story of being truly loved. Even if they don't make you love them, you know you would like them in their own right. You just want them to succeed because you know that they will. All the characters are named after a mythical creatures that were famous for traveling to new lands. They were wonderful characters. I believe the only character that isn't an appropriate name is that of Don Quixote. He has no magical powers. The characters all have life and emotion. The film is also really unique. The stories of the magical creatures are all new and original. You feel like you are truly diving into a different world. You want to go and meet them and then maybe someday they'll talk to you. I would love to see a film that is just as good as this one.
Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020 01:33

I've been a geek, a critic, and an IT specialist for about 10 years now. Now, with the growing interest in the history and present-day practice of IT, I felt I had to make a review of the 3D universe, so here I am. What makes 3D a good choice for movies? It takes a lot of action. It adds a whole new dimension to 3D technology, and it helps to work on the design of a movie with 3D. The reason why 3D movies were made in the first place was for the potential of getting a new dimension of 3D. Now, the 3D movie is awesome. The movies that are made, as good as these, are just great. So, I recommend you to watch those. BUT, I'm a geek. I enjoy movies. I enjoy to see what others do with movies. So, if you can understand me, you will find that a lot of people do. The movie I really enjoyed was "Pearl Harbor" (1992). That is the BEST movie that 3D could give you. I'm a huge movie geek, but I love 3D. Now, the reason why I love 3D is because it does NOT add the "uncanny valley" to the 3D. 3D is the same way as any other image in the screen. It's just a picture of a particular scene. It doesn't add the magical "uncanny valley" to that image. The 3D is the same way as 2D. A picture that you watch a movie, might contain scenes that do not look real. I'm not saying that a movie can't have some that do not look realistic. I'm saying that a movie that is made by a 3D studio that is trying to add the magical "uncanny valley" to the 3D image, is not a movie I'd recommend to my friends. But that's a point of view, and that is OK with me. I'm a geek. This movie made me geek. The 3D was a good choice for "Pearl Harbor."

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