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(448) 6.6 91 min 2017

Svanurinn is a movie starring Ingvar Sigurdsson, Laufey Elíasdóttir, and Thor Kristjansson. A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can...

Laufey Elíasdóttir, Thor Kristjansson, Ingvar Sigurdsson, Hilmir Snær Guðnason
Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir
Writer Guðbergur Bergsson, Ása Helga Hjörleifsdóttir
Stars Laufey Elíasdóttir, Thor Kristjansson, Ingvar Sigurdsson, Hilmir Snær Guðnason
Country Iceland, Germany, Estonia
Also Known As El cisne, Svanen, A hattyú, The Swan, Der Schwan
Runtime 1H 31M
Description A wayward nine-year-old girl is sent to the countryside to work and mature, but finds herself instead deeply entangled in a drama she can hardly grasp.

Top reviews

Sunday, 19 Jul 2020 05:33

The movie was directed by M. P. Petri, an Englishman, who was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, studied under Fred von Lettow-Vorbeck (famous for his difficult scenes in "Swinging home"), and directed by several of the other members of the Gang of Four (only 'Mac' has one movie credit on his resume). The cast is fine, as are the scenes. They're certainly not shallow, but are also not exactly 'chick-flick', either. I was impressed by the performances, by the dialog, and by the atmosphere. Not only did I understand what was being said, but I also became interested in the characters and their lives. The ending is a bit abrupt, but I understand that it is a bit rushed, and also that the ending was written in haste. I also understand that the director wants to portray the characters and the way the people behave in an informal, raw way. I had a hard time figuring out how to interpret this. It's really a down-to-earth movie, but not necessarily 'humorous'. I think there is a particular area in which the director's instincts are especially visible. There is a scene in the beginning of the movie in which three persons stand in a circle, all carrying on conversations in a monotone voice. There is no music, just the voice, as if the person in the circle was listening to what was being said by other people in the circle, and not expressing any response. This is exactly what one would expect if someone was trying to capture the 'feel' of that particular scene. But I don't think it is meant to be taken as a parody of English people. I think it is a comment on the way people behave, even in informal situations, and I think that the director did not take this as a joke. I think the director wanted to express the essence of people in Denmark. I don't know if this is the intention, but it seems to me that the director was also trying to express a sense of the people, their emotions, their work, their outlook, their lives. The idea that everything is so simple, as simple as it seems, is a theme that I'm not familiar with, but it seems to be a useful one. The movie seems to me to be very realistic. The four characters are so realistic, as though we are watching them in real life. I think the director was very careful in depicting how the four people behaved, so that we can have a sense of the way the characters were. But I think that this is not the director's strong point. I think he was more concerned with showing how people act, how they interact with each other. The movie is certainly not a 'love story', as we are used to see movies about these days. It is not a story about how two people get together, nor is it a story about two people falling in love. This is a movie about people in an informal, informal, informal way, with a style that is too informal to be considered a romantic movie
Saturday, 25 Apr 2020 23:49

This movie is not for everyone. There is a lot of language and the plot is not easy to follow. But if you want to see a movie that is simple and straight forward, this is a great movie. It is based on the novel of the same name by Jaroslav Trifun. The movie is about a girl from a poor family who is forced to come to a big city to get a college scholarship and she doesn't know how to deal with it. She finds that she has a talent and she starts to do things to win the scholarship. The main characters are Lina Roos (Svankmajer) and Øystein Fjellstad (Tjarni Virtanen). Lina Roos is a single mother with an abusive husband and her son who is a child psychologist. She is trying to find a job in her father's company and makes mistakes which makes her suspicious. Øystein Fjellstad is an orphan who is trying to find his place in society. He wants to do more with his life but he has a lot of problems with his father. Both of them are well acted and you can see a lot of emotions in their eyes. They are a lot like real people. You can see them with a lot of frustration and fear, but also with a lot of courage and courage. They make you feel like they are struggling and it's a story you have to see to believe. The characters are really interesting and you can see the emotion they are going through and see the changes they are going through. The movie is quite dark, the language used is a little hard for people to understand, the story isn't easy to follow, but the acting is great and it's worth seeing.
Saturday, 25 Apr 2020 20:18

Svanurinn is a film that is reminiscent of an early film in the Don't Look Back Trilogy, Ode to a Nightingale. It is also similar in structure to a short film by Lucile Connelly that I reviewed earlier in the year. Both films are about love, loss, and grief, but in this film Svanurinn is about a young girl who is forced into the world of prostitution. While this film is also inspired by the Don't Look Back Trilogy, the different elements in this film are so powerful and powerful that it will keep you engaged throughout the duration of the film. I don't think I have ever seen a film that really managed to capture the emotions of the viewer for so long, and the actors did an amazing job in portraying the emotions and emotions of the characters. Even the directing was excellent, with strong camera work and clear cuts. There are many times in the film where the camera is pointed in a different direction and you could be lost in the story. This film has a strong rhythm to it, and I feel that is the main reason it has been praised so highly. The main character in this film is a girl named Svanurinn, who is a victim of sexual abuse and the aftermath of that. She is forced into the world of prostitution to survive. She becomes strong and is able to face the tragedy of losing her family. In my opinion, this film is more about human suffering than about an attempt to capture a tragedy, and I believe this is what makes this film so powerful. I feel that this film will be successful because of the strong message and the strong story. I will also say that I was very impressed by the performances of all the actors in this film. I was impressed with their ability to play their characters and their emotions. There were some scenes in this film that I found to be very powerful, and I also think that this film has one of the strongest stories ever to be told. I can't wait for Svanurinn to be released on DVD.

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