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Watch Online The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

(851) 6.3 112 min 2019

The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story is a movie starring Sharman Joshi, Stephen Baldwin, and Shari Rigby. In India, a journalist investigates whether or not an Australian missionary is performing illegal conversions on the...

Sharman Joshi, Stephen Baldwin, Shari Rigby, Manoj Mishra
Aneesh Daniel

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Aneesh Daniel
Writer Andrew E. Matthews
Stars Sharman Joshi, Stephen Baldwin, Shari Rigby, Manoj Mishra
Country USA
Runtime 1H 52M
Description In India, a journalist investigates whether or not an Australian missionary is performing illegal conversions on the local townspeople.

Top reviews

Friday, 31 Jul 2020 06:56

I'm a fan of the science fiction/horror genre, and I loved the work of Edward D. Wood Jr. so when I heard about a sequel to "The Least of These" I was thrilled. I finally had my chance to see this movie a couple weeks ago, and I must say, I was a little let down. It's hard to say much without giving away the ending, but I think the thing that made me the most disappointed was the way that the original ended. It was so powerful, it really made the audience cry and cry and cry. In my opinion the ending of this film, is somewhat like what happened with "The Others", that I feel the writers/producers/producers of this film could have done something different. They could have made the audience root for the hero, instead of the villain. Instead, we all know that he was going to win, and it makes the audience really hate the villain, and I think it would have made the ending of this film much more powerful. I thought that the ending was a little bit rushed. I think that the audience would have been much more affected if they saw the film a week before. The one thing I do like about this film, is the characters. I thought that the performances of Emily Blunt and Luke Goss had some great performances. Blunt is a good actress, and Goss is a good actor, and they both did a good job. Also I thought that their friendship was pretty good. They both seem to be friends from the beginning of the film, and I think they have great chemistry. Also I thought that the chemistry between Blunt and Goss was pretty good. They both seem to have a very good chemistry. The relationship between them seemed pretty good. I think that it would have been a little more powerful if they had a more strong, more intense relationship, and it would have made the movie even better. The only thing I didn't like about this film, was the action scenes. I thought that they were pretty dull. The action scenes were pretty interesting, but there was not enough of it. I felt like they should have added more of the action scenes to the film. In conclusion, I thought that the original "The Least of These" was a great film, and I think that this film, will be a great film, but I do think that it could have been better, because it could have used a little more action scenes, and I don't think that it was as powerful as the original, but I still give it a solid 8 out of 10.
Tuesday, 16 Jun 2020 12:19

I found this film to be very moving, but hard to watch for the first hour. Then the second half of the film really started to grab hold of me and pull me back into the story. The main character, Graham Staines, is a very believable and powerful individual. He is a little bit naive, but he's likeable enough to make you feel sorry for him. He's an outcast at school, and has no one to turn to. That's pretty much what the film is about: a person who wants nothing more than to fit in, but isn't able to because of his many disabilities and his damaged relationships. He's a mess, but he's not a very good person. He has a very close relationship with his brother, but doesn't show any true feelings towards him. In the film, he also has a relationship with his mother, but doesn't show any true feelings towards her. He's the least likable character in the film, but also the most convincing. He is likeable in that he shows genuine feelings for Graham, and through Graham's eyes, we see his frustration and feelings for his brother. Also, his mother is really really messed up. She's a horrible mother, but also a very good mother. We feel sorry for her, and we also see that she really wants Graham, even though she doesn't know why. I also really liked the relationship between Graham and his sister. Both of them are damaged, but they're both on the same page. They're also both human. They both have hopes and fears. Their relationships are believable and very well done. The acting is also great, and the chemistry between them is good. They share a lot of emotions, which makes for a good story. The film is really well made, and the story is done very well. It is very real, and really worth watching. It is very realistic and well done. I really liked the ending, and I really liked how the film ended. Overall, the film is really good, and it is really good. I recommend this film to everyone. I think everyone should watch this film, it's definitely worth watching.
Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020 22:51

Michael Wilson, the director of "The Least of These" has given us some of the finest dramatic performances of his career. Although his story may not be as engaging as Russell Crowe's, the two men have shown remarkable skill in creating a believable and believable life. Michael Wilson has found an unusual way of telling his story and doing it in such a very personal and intimate way. It's a very different style from what we've seen in other movies. The story is slow moving, but with Wilson's direction, we are able to witness the life of a family from the perspective of one of the youngest members of the family. The story is told from the point of view of the eldest son. The actor portraying Benjamin and the actor playing Michael play the roles very well and it is a pleasure to watch them both take their roles to a very good level. I found this movie very moving. Although the story may not be the best we've seen, I think it is very moving and I think it will make us ask a lot of questions about life, death and how to move forward in our lives. If you want to watch a movie that you'll want to talk about with your friends for days, you should definitely see "The Least of These". You may not like this movie, but you will definitely feel the pressure the first time you watch it. This is a movie you'll want to share with your friends. You'll want to talk about it with your friends for days and years to come. This is a movie that's going to touch you in a way you haven't been touched before. It's a great movie that you should see in theaters, but don't wait for the DVD to see it in a theater. It's a movie that's going to be shared with people and it's going to be the talk of the town. I highly recommend "The Least of These".

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