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Watch Online The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2019: Documentary

(159) 7.2 2019

The 2019 Oscar nominated documentary shorts are Black Sheep, End Game, Lifeboat, A Night at the Garden, and Period. End of Sentence.


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Friday, 04 Sep 2020 07:25

As a former White House intern in the early 2000's, I thought I would be excited to see this film, given the positive reviews and buzz surrounding the White House's new President, Donald J. Trump. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I heard the studio was making it, because I knew the most positive thing I could say about this film would be "very cool." I was wrong. The way they describe this film in the introduction is one of the best pieces of filmmaking I've ever seen. This film is one of the most personal and poignant documentaries I've ever seen. It's like a true story of a young man who was so unprepared to be President, that he was not even able to secure a federal job because he was in the final stages of a drug addiction. But then, he finds himself in the middle of a political scandal, a President that has been lying his way through his first year in office, and he does what any person would do, and he is prepared to take the fall. He is not only prepared to admit he was wrong about the Russia conspiracy, but he is prepared to take the blame. He's ready to be the President of the United States. He is prepared to lead the country. He is ready to protect it. And he is ready to do it the right way. He's ready to get the job done. The story is so powerful, and I will never be the same. It is also one of the best documentaries I've ever seen. The documentary style is very interesting. They show clips from previous Presidents of the United States, President Obama, President George W. Bush, President Clinton, President Reagan, President Bush, and President George H. W. Bush. They also show clips from the Presidential debates and campaign trail speeches. It's very interesting to see clips from each President talking about the issues that were important to him or her. I think the most powerful part of the film is the interview with the President of Iran, who is the subject of the film. He was very candid, and the power and importance of his words were incredibly powerful. The power of the footage is so powerful, and it was my favorite part of the film. I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who wants to see a truly powerful, personal, and powerful documentary. It is a very powerful film, and I would highly recommend it.

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