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(1619) 5.6 92 min 2018

The Dead Center is a movie starring Shane Carruth, Poorna Jagannathan, and Jeremy Childs. A hospital psychiatrist's own sanity is pushed to the edge when a frightened amnesiac patient insists that he has died and brought something...

Jeremy Childs, Poorna Jagannathan, Shane Carruth, Bill Feehely
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Billy Senese

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director Billy Senese
Writer Billy Senese
Stars Jeremy Childs, Poorna Jagannathan, Shane Carruth, Bill Feehely
Country USA
Runtime 1H 32M
Description A hospital psychiatrist's own sanity is pushed to the edge when a frightened amnesiac patient insists that he has died and brought something terrible back from the other side.

Top reviews

Tuesday, 04 Aug 2020 01:04

This film tells the story of a young woman named Rufus Fletcher (Emma Roberts) who goes to an amusement park and sees a group of people getting murdered. Noticing a baby in one of the abandoned cars, she calls the police and reports the murders. The police initially believe her but soon find the body and bring it back to the park. The police and the park's staff think that the baby is dead and the park was shut down for a malfunction that caused the deaths. When she tells the park's staff about the death, they are perplexed at her story. This is where the story really takes off. The park's staff is suffering from paranoia and everything they do seems to be under suspicion. The park's manager, Terry (Patrick Fugit) seems to have a mental breakdown and decides to take a job working at the hospital. The staff and management in the hospital start to suspect that someone is at the park. The park's manager, Janice (Jennifer Jason Leigh) does not realize that her mother is using the baby to kill people and that she is the murderer. Although Rufus goes to the police, she is soon found by the hospital's owner, David Matheson (Robert Patrick). She is taken to the mental hospital and kept there for an unknown amount of time. Eventually, the mentally ill Rufus is freed by the police. In jail, she is offered a deal by the police and is sent back to the amusement park. She is told that one of the park's staff is a serial killer but does not know who he is. She does not have much choice but to continue going to the park. She gets to know the staff and realizes that they are not what she expected them to be. In the end, Rufus is reunited with her baby and they both escape from the park. Rufus decides to stay in the park and figure out who is the killer. As you can imagine, the ending is a little more grim than the rest of the film. I think the ending is better because I did not see the killer and the movie seems a lot darker than I expected it to be. Overall, this was an interesting film that not everyone will like. I liked the film but I do not think the ending was as good as it could have been.
Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 09:47

It has been 15 years since the good old days when horror movies was made for the masses. That is, if we have to judge it at all. This film is a fantasy. The brainchild of an old-time horror filmmaker, John Carpenter, to re-boot the wheel. In a post-1980's world where the majority of horror flicks are teen vampire-crazed blood-drinking monsters on the prowl, the thought of that sort of crap piques the curiosity of any viewer. But wait, isn't that exactly what we've been subjected to over the past fifteen years, and also more? A few years back, a couple of years ago, there was the overall banked idea of a 1980's style monster/horror movie, so the question was obvious. Why can't we get another one like that? Well, we do have the same developer, and he doesn't disappoint in either the story or the concepts he put forward. The idea is simple. The dead center is the ideal place to visit, an area filled with mystery, where the past and the ghosts of the past dwell. No one is really sure who is who in the place, except for a lone survivor, a teenage girl who was thrown off the road by a car, and her boyfriend, a junkie, who is held captive by the ghosts. From then on, it is a chase that will leave the director with a real headache. The premise does not start off well. Who is who, and why is that important? But when the drama of the film begins, it gets better. The pace of the film is rapid and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The thing that keeps you from becoming overly serious is the beauty of it, the innocence of the dead center. The mood is bleak, but at the same time, it is, of course, charming, because of the art direction. It may be the whole atmosphere of the place, and how it is edited and how the time lines are cut. The soundtrack and the acting are a great help, and the way that the movie flows, and how it ends, and how it turns out, is what is most enjoyable to watch. The most fun is when the girl is running through the hallways looking for her boyfriend, and the music in the background is almost hitting the car horn. The suspense and the horror is constant, and the climax of the movie, in the movie, and in the long shadow that is the dead center, is what makes the film feel so special. The final shot of the movie is perhaps the most realistic I've ever seen, it's a total eye opener. And all this in the span of an hour and a half. So, if you are a fan of horror movies, or you just want to see a fast paced, gripping, moody, cheesy, cheesy horror movie, you are in for a treat. Do yourself a favor and go rent this one, you won't be disappointed.
Saturday, 13 Jun 2020 05:22

We all know that if a movie turns out to be good, we won't really be expecting it to end. This is probably what we expect in films like The Blair Witch Project and Insidious, but in the world of big budget horror films, the bottom line is that most people are expecting the film to end and their hopes, their (possible) expectations and fears, etc. will guide how they'll actually evaluate the quality of the film. Sometimes, a film just manages to throw us all for a loop, and just manages to be the strangest, most creepy movie we've seen. In the case of the Blair Witch Project, I was pretty much expecting it to be creepy from the beginning, but I had no idea what it was going to be. This is very much like the film, except I have no idea what it was going to be until the final scene. The Blair Witch Project is a film about a young couple's trip to New Hampshire. It starts out with the couple taking a camping trip in the woods. They happen upon the old Witch Hut and then the two couples attempt to investigate it as they went in, only to find it to be inhabited. We then see the couple walking through the woods of New Hampshire. The husband then decides to take a short cut through the woods, only to run into a group of people and even as they ask the husband if they should continue on, he tells them that he has a friend he could talk to and eventually they get to the house of the witch and begin to investigate. This is where the Blair Witch Project starts to get a bit random. There are a few slow points as we walk through the woods and the camera slowly pans and zooms in on a lot of what we're seeing. There are also many points where the camera goes in on the camera rather than a character. The film even manages to switch out the traditional shaky-cam approach and use a regular camcorder with a regular camera. I thought the shaky-cam was too much at times, especially in the beginning. I was also a little confused on how the man who killed his wife knew what to do when he found her body. It seems like he was able to see exactly what he was doing and just did it. In the end, I really enjoyed the film and I think that it's better than the book. Some people were looking for a sequel or a continuation of the film, but I think they should have just made a prequel. This film was made by the team that made Insidious and it's clear that the film has a lot of similarity with the other films. I think that people just wanted something a little different. I like how the movie takes a lot of different approaches and styles in the woods of New Hampshire. I also like how the film didn't feel like it was over the top. The film was still very frightening, but it wasn't just going through the motions. I also liked the way that the film didn't seem to have a cheesy or over the top feel to it. I think that it could have really worked to do more than just show the night time scenes in the woods, but instead it did a little more of the night time scenes. I also liked the fact that it was a good book that people could look at and see that it has some similarities. The film is just another step in that direction. I liked the way that the film felt like it was trying to be a great film while still leaving room for the people who will enjoy the film. The film
Friday, 29 May 2020 04:04

This is a rare British-made film that does an excellent job at getting the 'horror' right, at least at first. The guy responsible for the film - both behind the camera and behind the action - is veteran writer and director Richard Lea. He also directed the acclaimed British horror hit Black Book, and has a big hand in the excellent American horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer (also featuring the great Dennis Hopper). The latter is what this film was meant to be, a dark, gory, and unpredictable British giallo - but the political correctness of the genre in Britain was not necessarily as strong in the 70's as it was here - and the leading man in this film (Colin O'Donnell) is a total bimbo. So what's the big idea here? Colin O'Donnell is being framed for a murder. He is, of course, a great guy with a troubled family, and has a girlfriend who is out of his league, so he takes things in his own hands, going off on one hell of a rampage. It isn't until the police are pulling him in a chain and cajoling him into giving himself up that the real horror begins to hit home. It's only by the time the bad guys are caught, and the film is clearly over, that it really hits you. Colin O'Donnell and Sinead Cusack in particular are really great, but the action is very good as well. It is bloody, but the violence is not gratuitous. I do think this is a film you will enjoy if you like the genre of giallo, and if you like the American movie it was based on, I recommend both of them as well.

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