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Watch Online Verdi: Aida

(175) 7.5 225 min 2018
Aleksandrs Antonenko, Isabel Leonard, Dmitri Belosselsky, Nicola Luisotti
Gary Halvorson

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Thursday, 17 Sep 2020 16:09

This film is the greatest cinematic achievement of a lifetime, every aspect of it is magnificently conceived. The cinematography is outstanding. The photography, the music, the music, the costumes and the set decoration is a feast for the senses. To look at all the different facets of the film is an experience. In the making of the film there were 2 weeks where the entire cast and crew did nothing but sit around eating ice cream and watching some of the world's greatest composers perform their masterpiece scores to a dance music video. (see the difference in quality between the composer who did a score for the film and the composers who wrote the music for the film and the video.) The filmmaking style and focus on one scene over another is simply marvelous. The editing is wonderful, to the point where it seems as if there is no need for any cutting. The musical score is brilliantly interwoven with the visuals. The imagery is often beautiful and sometimes even moving. The score is sung in a Scottish accent and has a haunting quality. The film has a very direct and straightforward style and can be enjoyed by a wide audience. There are many things to learn about the film, and there are many things that the film can be appreciated for. But what it is about is the beauty of a visual experience which allows us to contemplate, think, and feel, and see the beauty in the world, in the human body, and in the world of music. It is not a film that a large number of people can enjoy, it requires an extraordinary amount of commitment and dedication to experience it. It requires a viewer to really understand the film's "art form". I know, because I did so myself and I can say that I have, and will, do so again in a future viewing.

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