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A fest of the internet's favorite create: the cat video.


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Sunday, 28 Jun 2020 00:16

The only thing you have to look forward to in a film festival is to see who's next to make it big. And one of the things you can count on is getting something new to look at. In this year's BAY AREA FILM FESTIVAL, we're going to be treated to the end of the line: what happens to the director of "The Trip to Russia" and "The Boy Who Wasn't There"? What's next for the original creators of "The Virus" and "Tin Cup"? Who are the next stars to emerge from the ashes of the late 90's? "Willow" isn't a spoiler: it's a logical conclusion to the "Trip to Russia" trilogy. The script is full of strong writing and a great focus on the development of characters, instead of adding all the elements of each of the films to create a super-movie. The film is written by the creators of the trilogy, and by this, the fans can expect a solid script, with the same level of storytelling and immersion. From the opening scenes, we're taken to the brand new POV of a creature that's more like a rabbit, a ghost in the machine, a zombie and the top of a skyscraper. Then the narrative shifts into the future, and we're given a look at a new vision of Russia, and a new film. This is something new, fresh and special. The third film of the trilogy, "The Virus", is the most interesting one of them all. Its a deeper story, with more depth, in comparison to the second and third films. It's a well written film, with interesting characters and a great visual. The visuals are one of the highlights of the film, and one of the main reasons why I loved the film. The thing I loved about "The Virus" is the great use of CGI, and it's the reason why I love this trilogy. I love the way that the film is filmed and the way that the story is told, and its because of this that I truly appreciate this trilogy, and this film. With "The Trip to Russia", it's something completely different, and I enjoyed it because of that. The third film, "The Boy Who Wasn't There", is a great movie, and a step beyond the third film, "The Virus". It's an emotionally strong film, that's something that hasn't been done before, in the genre. It has it's own style, and it's an emotional journey for the film. I will be honest, I didn't expect much from this film. I wasn't expecting to like it, I was expecting to hate it. But I really loved it,
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 06:57

As someone who's been an avid fan of The Shining for more than a decade, I can say that, by far, the most enjoyable film I've seen in the theater in the last few years was The Shining. The way it shows the vengeful thoughts of the young boy and how the situation with the family is portrayed is so chilling and very well-handled. The acting is fine, the direction is great, and it really was the right thing to do to try to make a film out of the book, which in turn, had a great deal of really great, entertaining film to it. This film is one of the few that I've seen that actually had me in tears. The film was more about the journey of the boy than the main story of the father and son, so I was happy to see that it didn't try to push too hard on the story. The kids were perfectly cast, and the performances were spot-on. I was very sad to see the ending of the film, and I think the thing that ruined it for me was that the ending was so unbelievable. I mean, it was so predictable. The way that it was set up was very good, and it had that tension that the book was so good at developing. But. there's that ending. I was very disappointed to have it end so abruptly and to have it not even have a very good impact on me, but I guess it's better than the ending of the book. The DVD contains a number of extras, including several interviews with the director, cinematographer, and actors. I was a little disappointed to have the audio commentary that came with the DVD be very short and without much context, but it was a pleasant surprise to get the directors comments on how he shot the film and what the director thought of it. Overall, it's a great film. It's a great experience, and it really does bring me back to the time I spent on the floor of the theater watching it. I hope that all the fans of the book, whether they are fans of the film or not, will consider buying the DVD and giving the director some credit for making such a wonderful film.
Monday, 27 Apr 2020 15:03

I didn't know what to expect when I first heard about this festival. I guess I had a little idea what it would be like, but I was really disappointed to learn that it was going to be a 4 day festival, where no one from my area would be there, or maybe just one or two local people. Well, the festival started at midnight, and then it continued until 10am, but it seemed like it was going to end in a few hours. Then I heard there would be people from Connecticut, but I didn't expect to see actors from Connecticut. My husband and I drove up from Rhode Island to see the festival. We came out with lots of excitement, but I was also impressed with the actors. There were actors from "Lost in Space", "St. Elsewhere", "Seinfeld", "Good Will Hunting", "The World's Greatest Dad", "The Wire", and of course, "The Sopranos". All of these actors have an amazing range. They did a great job in their roles. My favorite was Sylvester McCoy, who played the role of Tommy. Tommy had great chemistry with Joanne Whalley. I also loved the roles of Michael Jeter, and Angelica Huston, who played the roles of Dr. Kevin McCullough and Dr. Carla Foster. They were great! The highlight of the festival was the "Out of the Black" film, which was pretty amazing. I was really impressed with this film, because it was so well done. The camera work was great, and the special effects were great. There were also a couple of great musical numbers. Also, I loved the story of the African-American detective, John Malkovich. The story was interesting and well told. The movie itself, however, was kind of slow in the beginning. Some scenes seemed to drag on, but I did find the movie interesting at the end. I had some problems with the songs, but I think that was a problem with the movie. Overall, I think this was a great festival, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a great film festival.

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