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(1104) 6.6 90 min 2018

Water and ice are shown around the world, in all of their many powerful forms.

Viktor Kosakovskiy

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Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020 06:28

This documentary about New York City's unique art scene is very informative and well put together. The film really focuses on the contemporary artists, rather than the older, more traditional artists of the era. The older artists are all in the forefront of a new generation of artists. The older artists are not represented by the older artists. They are represented by the new generation. Many of the older artists were the creators of the original Art Deco style and were in the forefront of its innovation. The new generation artists were all drawn from the other eras of the city, from the Industrial Era, to the New Romanticism and modernism. The new generation artists were the stars of their generation. They were the new generation artists and, by extension, were the new generation of art world. The older artists, the ones who made the Deco style, were only as important to the city as the current generation of artists is. And, by extension, the older artists are not represented by the newer generation artists, who are the stars of their generation. So, it is a double whammy to make an interesting documentary about the city's artists. The documentary focuses on the people, not the art. There are no big personalities, no big fights, no large protests or major events. There are no huge commercial actors in the film. The interviews are made by the artists themselves. And, they are all very entertaining, inspiring, and funny. The film makes you want to go to New York and meet the artists in person. In fact, I feel that the documentary really hits home with people who live in New York. So, it is a great documentary to take your family to see. I have seen this film at least three times and will likely see it again.

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