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Watch Online Saint-Saëns: Samson et Dalila

(159) 6.7 200 min 2018
Susan Graham, Roberto Alagna, Mark Elder, Elchin Azizov
Gary Halvorson

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Musical
Director Gary Halvorson
Writer Ferdinand Lemaire
Stars Susan Graham, Roberto Alagna, Mark Elder, Elchin Azizov
Country 145
Runtime 3H 20M

Top reviews

Thursday, 14 Jan 2021 08:53

*(Spoilers follow.)* I saw this movie on DVD, as part of a double feature of "Blackbeard" and "The Monkey's Paw". "Blackbeard" is basically a retelling of the The Two Towers with the same name, the last episode being about the great king of England's attempt to free the Argonians and eliminate the evil Lord of the Rings character that is Mordor. My sister and I had watched the original version of the movie, which had a nice twist on the story, and it was great to see that it was done again. The acting was surprisingly good, considering that this movie is not directed by someone with any notable credentials. The most noticeable difference is in the characters of Balian and Sinbad. Balian, although still a fairly childish story-teller, was actually quite likable. His acting was usually very good, and I especially liked the way he used the puppet-play of Balian in the movie. The puppet-play was quite good, and it was a great feat to put that much thought into the motions of the actors. The result of the direction was to give Sinbad a more serious, more down-to-earth, and less boyish image. Sinbad has grown into a man, and his appearance and expression was a lot more realistic, while his body language and facial expression were also more mature. I especially liked this aspect of the movie. The story, at least for me, was very good. It is very fast-paced, at no point did I feel bored. The movie, although the length is quite long, is very engrossing. This movie, and the original "Towers" movie, are two of the best movies I have ever seen. They both tell a great story, and you can tell they put a lot of work into their performances and it shows. I am not a big fan of the storyline of "The Monkey's Paw", but I liked the story in "Blackbeard" a lot better, and I think the movie is much better than the original "Monkey's Paw". You get to see the relationship between Balian and Sinbad, and I really like the idea of a blacksmith's apprentice and a servant. I really like the way the movie ends, as it ties together everything. The only down-point of the movie is the fact that there is a bit too much language in it. I am not going to lie, I hated the "Blackbeard" version, but it is much more good than the "Monkey's Paw". The storyline is good, the acting is good, the special effects are good, and I really like the theme music. All in all, I give it an 8 out of 10.
Friday, 23 Oct 2020 03:31

The first movie to be directed by Jacques Tati and the first of his collaborations with Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a charming little film about a housewife who returns to her old neighbourhood with a last wish, and a whole host of familiar faces. As she arrives she is greeted with a big welcome, and a crowd of people. The housewife is a wonderful actress (often unfairly overlooked) and brings her usual warmth to her role. Martin and Irma are good, the cook is good, and so on, but the real stars are Maria Serra and Elisabeth Sorel. These two young women (both actresses) are really convincing in their roles, they are such actors in their own right. The soundtrack is also a plus. However, there are also some real missed opportunities. For example, the first time the titular character visits her home town she comes across an entire household of human sculptures, some of which are quite lifelike. However, the next time she is there the whole city is in ruins, a fire has destroyed all the buildings, and the roads are impassable. Perhaps some of these missed opportunities would have been resolved with a bit more polish. A story like this could have been good enough to have been one of those small films that stick in the mind for years, but was just too small to be a part of the group of films that should be classed as major Tati successes. However, in spite of these misses, this film is worth watching for the actors alone, and for the remarkable woman, Maria Serra. The director should be applauded for this fine debut.
Monday, 14 Sep 2020 19:23

This film is not just an entertaining musical. It's a brilliant film. The French are simply incredible at telling stories. From Picasso's 'The great Swiss stone' to James Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake' to the Tolpuddle explorers to this, everything is done brilliantly and with great flair. I love how 'Ylisse of the Verdure' (although not a very popular play), is quoted at the start of the film, as if it is some kind of musical. 'Perfume de fleur et de ma vie' is also quoted as if it is some kind of musical. The plot is simple: a woman is haunted by a "clever trick" that haunts her. When she meets a man she likes, her greatest fear is that he'll fall in love with her. But his love is for the French and he won't leave her. 'Samson et Dalila' is a great story. And it is also a great film. If you don't like musicals, you won't like it. The music is a great part of the film, and the fact that this film is sung by a group is quite important. The French are also pretty good at singing and singing with a certain style and, as in this film, this style isn't so popular in France. The film is great, but there are some flaws: the plot is a bit simplistic. And although the French are good at telling stories, they are also good at telling characters. But even so, 'Samson et Dalila' is a fantastic film. It is perfect in every way. And its success is mainly down to the script. If you've ever seen a musical, you've probably seen a musical with a lot of characters. You might notice that in 'Samson et Dalila' there are just as many characters as in the musical. That's because the movie is structured very much like a musical. It has the same plot, the same plot is repeated, the same characters are given their own stories. But there are no songs in the movie. That's because the plot is simply a musical. The characters are completely different. And yet, the plot is the same. It's simply music with different characters. But the characters are all good. They have personalities. They have actions. They have feelings. And that's what makes the movie special. The actors all really feel like they are in the movie. They all have different personalities. That's the way it should be. The actors are the people who tell stories. They are the ones who know what stories are. That's why the actors in the movie are so great. And because the actors are great, the film is great. It is beautiful to watch. It is beautiful to listen to. It is beautiful to listen to music. Because there is nothing more beautiful than music and the French. But the film is not just a film. It is the musical. The music is the story, the actors are the characters and the movie is the plot. That's how the French work, and that's what they always do. 'Samson et Dalila' is also a brilliant film. I don't know how the French can get such brilliant films, because they just never have. But they do. I have seen this movie about five times. It never fails to stay in my memory.
Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 01:16

Okay, maybe the music is not the greatest, but hey, at least it isn't over-long! You know, like most comedies, I always wanted to see it again after the second time. Yes, the characters are pretty much the same, but again, it is fun to watch and even though I liked the acting, I never really cared for the main character or the supporting cast. However, when it comes to the dance numbers, I actually did like them. I don't know if I will ever watch it again, but I was very entertained, and I think this is just my 2nd or 3rd time watching it. The voice of Prince Charming is very good! I thought that he sounded very scary, but at the same time, I liked that he made fun of himself. His voice is so cute and he is so fun to listen to. He was a lot more fun than the singing voice of Harry Enfield or the singing voice of Helen Mirren, but they still did good. Okay, so the story is very cute, and the whole time that you are watching it, you are trying to keep up with the time, but once it ends, you forget about it and just want to see it again. Maybe it is just because it is a different film, but I do not think that it was a terrible film. The songs were good and the dancing was very fun to watch. I think this is my second or third time watching it and I still love it. It is just a great film, and I like it so much, I will definitely watch it again! If you like Disney films, or if you like romantic films, this is a great film. It is just a great film, and I would recommend it!
Monday, 06 Jul 2020 11:27

I never heard of this film until I recently found a copy of it in a dollar bin in a corner store and bought it. I thought the title sounded like a documentary about Samson and his relationship with Dalila, but that was not the case at all. This film actually is about the famous french musician Samson as he is coming to a movie set in France. I don't know if the name Samson is the same in French as it is in English, but I assume that is the case. I do know that the French producers did this film mainly for the success of Samson et Dalila, so I guess that was the reason why they did this film. I must admit that I was really impressed with the visuals of the movie and the performances that were given by the entire cast. It was also nice to see actors who came out of the underground Hollywood scene that had gone mainstream like Christopher Lee, Renee Zellweger and Oliver Platt. I guess that was a reason why the film got such a great reception in France. As for the performances, I must admit that the main focus of the film was on Samson's performance and I found that to be extremely entertaining. For me the real star of the film was Dalila, who I was expecting to do a little bit of acting but not that much, but this was not the case at all. She gave a phenomenal performance and is the reason why I think that this film is so well known. Of course, as I said before, I think the film is about Samson and Dalila, but it is also about how good they were in their roles. I think that the film did a really good job of capturing the essence of their friendship and I also like the fact that they kept in the scene that Samson was from a time period that I was unaware of. I think that this was a great movie to watch with the family and I think that everyone should watch this film because it is a really good way to spend a rainy day and it is entertaining and interesting for everyone who watches the film. Definitely a film I recommend you to watch, but I will not be recommending it to anyone for a very long time.

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