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(6406) 6.9 156 min 2018

Manmarziyaan is a movie starring Taapsee Pannu, Abhishek Bachchan, and Vicky Kaushal. A love triangle between a spirited young woman, her outgoing boyfriend and a fiance who's husband material.

Jasmin Bajwa, Vicky Kaushal, Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu
Anurag Kashyap

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Romance
Director Anurag Kashyap
Writer Kanika Dhillon
Stars Jasmin Bajwa, Vicky Kaushal, Abhishek Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu
Country India
Also Known As Husband Material, Herzenswünsche
Runtime 2H 36M
Description A love triangle between a spirited young woman, her outgoing boyfriend and a fiance who's husband material.

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Monday, 15 Jun 2020 14:13

Mysterious Shah Rukh Khan and a mysterious boy named Humayun are trying to infiltrate the notorious gang of a murderous madman named Nesher Khan. Nesher Khan is a member of a vicious gang of violent rapists and murders, who treat the women like objects, and keep a number of them as sexual slaves. Some people are seeing Nesher as a hero, but others have a different opinion. Nesher Khan's sister Darsheel Shah is a successful TV actress, and Nesher Khan's mother, Abhay, is a successful actress, and Nesher Khan is a successful police inspector. So now that the girls have been sexually abused, what would Nesher Khan do? He would ask for a blood test, and torture his victims with his strange prosthetic arm. The inspector finds the blood, and decides to investigate Nesher Khan. The inspector is taken away from the school by the madman's brother, Naseer Khan, who's intent is to teach Abhay a lesson, for killing Nesher Khan's mother. The police inspector goes along with the madman's plan, and discovers a blood-stained diary, in which Abhay says she killed her brother in order to get a better life. Abhay seems sincere, but is also very corrupt, and uses Abhay to get what she wants. So the inspector has to figure out who Abhay really is, and what the motives are behind all this. My favorite part of the movie is that Naseer Khan is both the antagonist and protagonist. He acts a lot like Nesher Khan, and is a scumbag. But the key to the movie is that he also has his own motives, and fights for them. I love the whole movie, and I especially liked Abhay's character, because she doesn't really have a choice in the matter, and does what she has to in order to survive. Some of the best scenes involve Abhay getting the blood of her victims on her face, for feeling "bad". This is one of the most successful movies of the year. I hope that Rani Mukerjee gets a lot of good opportunities after this movie, because it's one of her best movies. The movie has an excellent music, as well. I hope she gets more roles like this. My score: 9 (out of 10)

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