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(1066) 6.2 115 min 2017

Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami is a movie starring Grace Jones, Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar, and Jean-Paul Goude. Larger than life, wild, scary and androgynous - Grace Jones plays all these parts. Yet here we also discover her as a lover,...

Jean-Paul Goude, Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar, Marjorie Jones, Grace Jones
Documentary, Biography, Music
Sophie Fiennes

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary, Biography, Music
Director Sophie Fiennes
Stars Jean-Paul Goude, Lowell 'Sly' Dunbar, Marjorie Jones, Grace Jones
Country UK, Ireland
Also Known As La vie en Grace Jones, Grace Jones, Ikonet Grace Jones, Grejs Džons, Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami - Das Leben einer Ikone, Grace Jones. La pantera del Pop, Grace Jones, zyciodajne swiatlo, Amazing Grace
Runtime 1H 55M
Description Larger than life, wild, scary and androgynous - Grace Jones plays all these parts. Yet here we also discover her as a lover, daughter, mother, sister and even grandmother, as she submits herself to our gaze and allows us to understand what constitutes her mask. The stage is where her most extreme embodiments are realised and her theatrical imagination lets loose: This is where the musical of her life is played out. The film includes Grace's unique performances singing iconic hits such as Slave To The Rhythm, Pull Up To The Bumper, as well as the more recent autobiographical tracks Williams' Blood and Hurricane. These personal songs also link to Grace's family life, as the film takes us on a holiday road trip across Jamaica, where her family roots and the story of her traumatic childhood are uncovered. In Jamaican patois, 'Bloodlight' is the red light that illuminates when an artist is recording and 'Bami' means bread, the substance of daily life. Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami weaves together the layers of Grace Jones' public and private life, as she moves effortlessly between different facets: she is bohemian traveller, artist and partying hedonist, warm and funny but also a fierce and tenacious businesswoman. The performance continues to move thematically though the film, with Love Is The Drug acting like an aria, bringing the film to its final and most touching scenes. This is a Grace we have not seen before, someone who reminds us of what it is to dare to be truly alive.

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Saturday, 15 Aug 2020 07:36

For the first time I watched a documentary on a legendary film star. I was expecting a few films that made me yawn and I was wrong. This documentary had a lot of great ideas and the main idea was about the corruptions of power and the reason why we are not getting real answers to why they do that. The main character of the film is one of the most famous singer of the 1970s and in this documentary he talks about how she has been treated in the last two decades and what she thinks about it. The main reason that she was treated in the last two decades is because of the fact that she was in a band that was in a band and she went through a divorce. The main reason that she has been treated is because of the fact that she is famous and not because of her family. The first half of the documentary is very entertaining and the second half is very boring. I don't know what the directors of the documentary are trying to say but I think that they are trying to say that the government are not following the law and are treating celebrities in a different way. This documentary will make you think about things like why is it that the government is not following the law. In the second half of the documentary the documentary shows a lot of the actual songs of the singers and how they are getting treated by the government and if you think that it is not fair how it is, then you should watch this documentary. I am not a fan of Mr. Cameron but this documentary makes me love him even more.
Monday, 29 Jun 2020 01:49

This documentary really hits home for me. This is how a lot of people feel. You can almost feel their pain. The sad reality is that so many artists are given the chance to make a living, while everyone around them is in a struggle. It's too easy to write off people and not take their situation seriously. It's a pity that it is like that. Even if you don't like pop music, I don't think you will be shocked or insulted by this documentary. I don't know if it's a documentary for the general public, but I do think that this is the only way to explain it. If you think about it, it's pretty much the same as all the others. It's sad that people think that you can just do anything to be successful. They think that you can just go into a bar, open a record store, get rich, and even make it big if you really put your mind to it. What a shame. A lot of people think that being rich or famous is a gift, but what the hell does it matter? It's just another "shoe" to step into. You can do it or you can't, and it doesn't matter. I'm not saying that it's not easy, I'm saying that it's a lot easier for some people than for others. A lot of people don't have that much talent or they don't have the money or the success to give up and go out to work for themselves. I think that's the truth. I think that people are a lot more lucky than what people think. People just can't appreciate what they have. I think that it's pretty much the same thing. There is no big prize for success. People don't think that because they have a record, they are really a good musician or a good actor. I think that we should all be grateful that we have the opportunity to work and get out there and make a living. People say, "That's not good enough". But I really think that it is good enough for us. When you see the many people in this documentary, you can't help but feel that you're watching a collection of people that are in the same situation. They work hard, they're willing to put in all the hard work. But, as I said before, they're in a situation that is impossible to change. They can't just stop listening to the music they love. It's not a choice. It's just a fact. And it's also a sad fact. It's a hard reality. But it's also a really nice reality. I think that this documentary really hits home for everybody. It's the kind of documentary that you watch with your mom or your brother or your grandmother. It's really sad that this is the way it is. I think that this documentary really really shows the true face of the situation. It's sad and sad. It's really sad. But it's also a really nice story that you can really relate to. I think that this is a really good documentary, and I think that it should be a part of everybody's life.
Saturday, 06 Jun 2020 01:12

Just got back from seeing "Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami" at the M.I.T. International Film Festival, and while I was a little apprehensive about the screening, the film was definitely a riveting experience. The film opens with Grace Jones playing in a punk band and then briefly dancing at a nightclub. She's doing this because she has a lot of money and doesn't have a lot of money. She's just trying to get out of a bad situation and find a way out. She meets a guy who does a great job at being a photographer and they get together and form a band, not realizing it's all a trap. But they get more desperate and try to get a record deal and they decide to take it. Grace is the most prominent person in this movie and the most visible and the person we are going to focus on the most. And the person who most people will see on the screen is the one who we see in the story. It's a slow moving story, and we see her suffer, see her run, see her struggle, but in the end she doesn't stop trying to get back to what she loves and wants. The movie was really about her struggle and the love she has for her mother, but she also had a big struggle with her relationship with her father. He was a drug dealer and she would have never gone to school if she had known he was a drug dealer. She really doesn't show her emotions throughout the film and it's interesting to see her trying to deal with her issues. Overall, it's a very moving film about a woman who had a lot of money and a lot of money that she was trying to get rid of. And the best part is that the movie was actually able to tell her story. And that's the best part of the film.

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