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Watch Online Un peuple et son roi

(1023) 5.9 121 min 2018

Un peuple et son roi is a movie starring Gaspard Ulliel, Adèle Haenel, and Olivier Gourmet. The intertwining fates of the historical figures, the men and the women of the 1789 French revolution, as they meet at the newly established...

Olivier Gourmet, Louis Garrel, Adèle Haenel, Gaspard Ulliel
History, Drama
Pierre Schoeller

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres History, Drama
Director Pierre Schoeller
Writer Pierre Schoeller
Stars Olivier Gourmet, Louis Garrel, Adèle Haenel, Gaspard Ulliel
Country Belgium, France
Also Known As One Nation, One King, One Nation, One King (Un peuple et son roi), Egy ország, egy király, A Revolução em Paris, Üks rahvas, üks kuningas, Uma Nação, Um Rei, Un pueblo y su rey
Runtime 2H 1M
Description The intertwining fates of the historical figures, the men and the women of the 1789 French revolution, as they meet at the newly established Assemblée Nationale.

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Thursday, 26 Nov 2020 22:07

The historical account of the Spanish conquest of the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries has been carefully researched and usually handled with care and tact by historians. Once the Spanish, with the help of French and Dutch explorers, colonized the American continent, they systematically exterminated the indigenous population, created colonies that were largely devoid of native people, and the natives were largely resented for their misery and degradation. This historical account was seen by many as divisive and insensitive, even with Americans who opposed the conquest. This film, however, asks a more challenging question: Did the conquest of the Americas have any impact on indigenous people? Was it a good thing for the natives or a bad thing? How did the Europeans feel about it? Well, what is important in this film is to know that "The Conquest" is not a history lesson. The film is actually about a romance between a native woman and a Spaniard. It begins with the Spaniard saving the native's life during an attack by the natives in search of gold and pearls. This set of events would then lead to the first contact between the two cultures that most people know. In fact, this very "romance" was a central element of the history being presented by the film. To think that, at the very beginning, this woman is rescued by a Spanish explorer is something that should be able to set the standard for other films in the same genre. But, this is how this film presents it: It is a romance between a native woman and a Spanish man. It is not an historical document. In fact, this film, while questioning the appropriateness of the conquest, does not question the "methods" of the conquest itself. It asks if the conquest was good or bad? What happened after the conquest? And, why is this film so important? The fact that this film was made does not mean that it is objective. The filmmaker, based on his personal experiences of the colonization, does not tell the story of the conquest from the point of view of the natives. This man, like all the men in history, was not free to make up his own history. This film does not question the reasons for the conquest. All that is in the film is the portrayal of the struggle between the natives and the colonizers. The film presents this struggle with its own story and its own perspective. The film asks us to evaluate it from a particular point of view. The film is "the story" and "the story" is the director's personal view of the story. That's what I like about this film. It is not an objective historical document. It is a way of talking about history and culture. I liked that the film made a clear distinction between the Spanish and native cultures. I like that the film was not an "anti-Spanish film". It is a story about the conquest of the Americas and how the indigenous people were treated by the colonizers. And it is an important film to make. So, to me, it is not an "anti-Spanish film" at all. And, like most films of this genre, it is "truly" worth seeing.
Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 20:23

The movie centers around the recollections of a French narrator, who becomes the host to the camera to tell his own story about the French Revolution. She is played by Lucien Carr, who's quickly becoming one of my favorite movie characters, so I did not expect to enjoy the movie that much. But I did! It was a pretty good movie, but the fact that the movie was so good at making you feel for the characters didn't do the movie a lot of good, since there was just not a lot of character development. There were only 3 characters in the movie who you really cared about and each one of them was quite important, but I guess they really only got 10 minutes on screen. The movie seemed like it had a few slow points in it. For example, there was a part where she went to her aunt's house and stayed there for a while. Then she went back to her home and was also staying there for a while. However, once she had made contact with her aunt, she went back to her home, and she did not stay there for long. It seemed like a very slow point to me. The other slow point I found to be was when she was at her aunt's house and she sat in the room for awhile and tried to fall asleep. But then she just made some really bad jokes and just ended up trying to sleep. Overall, I found the movie to be very good. I was actually very happy that I saw it, because there were some very good scenes, like when she saw her aunt in her house. There was also a scene where she told her aunt that she would be in a hurry to go and tell her mother that she was going to be traveling to England for a year. There were also some good scenes like when she was going to speak to her aunt about the revolution and was waiting for her to reply to the statement that it was wrong for people to kill people. This was the best scene in the movie. Overall, I thought the movie was good. There were some good scenes, but there were some slow points, so I rated it 8/10.
Thursday, 27 Aug 2020 02:56

First I want to say that I like to judge movies for themselves, and so I can't compare this movie to other movies. As it's the first time I have watched this movie I can't say how much I liked it. The story was different and the acting was not so great, but I didn't care. I have never seen a movie like this before. I have seen good movies like "4 brights" or "Wimbledon" and I liked them, but this one is different. This movie has everything that a movie should have. Romance, action, comedy and also suspense. It's also worth mentioning that there is a little violence, and some scenes in the movie are a bit graphic. This movie also has great music, in fact I think that it is one of the best music I've heard in a movie. The story itself is fantastic. It is a love story between two young people who have been through the same problems. It is a story that has been told a lot and in the end it has been told so much better than in the beginning. This is a very unique movie. There is a lot of things that are a bit difficult to explain in words. The acting is also very good. I think the actors played very well their characters. The actors who played the main characters, Ewan McGregor and Willem Dafoe, were very good. Willem Dafoe is a very good actor, he's a great actor, he has done many movies, he is very famous and it is a good thing that he has a very big fan base. Ewan McGregor is also very good, but the main character has played more of a supporting role. Overall I like this movie, it's a very good movie that can be enjoyed by all, but not everyone will like it.
Thursday, 20 Aug 2020 10:41

I will try to keep this short.The film begins in the 1940's in Paris with a handsome young man named Gaston who is a fighter for the French Resistance. He is admired by the French royal family. Gaston is now widowed and his young son Louis is still a baby. Louis is a budding writer and is also involved in the Resistance. Gaston's good friend Jean and his friend Bruno arrive in Paris to help Louis in his writing. They take Louis to a cafe that Gaston is about to take him to. They later take Louis to a piano bar where Jean invites Gaston to sit at the piano. They enjoy a romantic scene in the cafe, Gaston falling in love with Louis and becoming very close. Then the Germans invade France and Gaston and Jean go to an underground bunker where Jean has a painting of the symbols of the French Resistance. They have a conversation about the symbolic meaning of the painting and then Gaston returns to Paris. He meets with the French resistance leader Louis, who is also a writer. Louis is fascinated with Gaston and he becomes his mentor. Louis is a poet and he joins Gaston's Resistance group. They find a printing press and give it to the Resistance. They also create propaganda and write articles about the Resistance. This all leads to the creation of the Paris Commune in May, 1936. Gaston and Jean get arrested and imprisoned. Louis gets hurt in the fight and he is sent to the psychiatric ward. When Gaston and Jean return to Paris, they are arrested again and they are sent to the Prison of the Ardennes. Louis and Gaston and a French Resistance group become so frustrated that they want to blow up the prison. Louis and Gaston find a cache of documents and they find out that they can use the documents to create propaganda for the Resistance. They eventually work with Jean and the French Resistance and are able to fight the Germans. The film ends in 1945. Louis is arrested again and he is sent to the hospital. The film ends with Louis having a beautiful meeting with his brother Gaston in the hospital. Louis is dying. Gaston's girlfriend Jean is taken to the hospital to see him. Louis' brother Gaston, who was arrested earlier, is brought to see him and they tell him that he can not see him. Gaston tells him that he is dying. Louis finally dies and he is surrounded by his two brothers. The film ends with the French people cheering for the Commune. I recommend this film for anyone who wants to see a film about the French Resistance. I think that this film is excellent because it tells a story about a
Thursday, 02 Jul 2020 02:35

I'm a huge fan of the French films in which Jeanne (Patrice Leconte) is played by French actress Marie-France Coquillette (Gaston de Beauville). Jean Pierre, Jean Richard, Jean-Louis Karschot, Philippe Braudy and Philippe Noiret, just to name a few. The other characters are all terrific. Yes, they are all wonderful, but Jeanne is, without a doubt, the best in my book. No matter how much she gets beaten up and teased, she keeps her dignity and grace in a very slow, almost beautiful way. Watching her, you can feel the love and passion she has for the Count, who loves her so much that he can't stand to lose her. She even beats him up when he tries to deny her what he thinks is his love for her. The story itself is a tragic one, but Jeanne is strong and takes it all with grace and poise. But the heart of the film is in Jeanne's actions, and not just her actions. She says "no" when her boyfriend kisses her, she goes to court to prove her innocence and she is desperate to find someone to show her love, and for him to tell him that she loves him. She walks in the rain. She rides in the rain. She has no fear. She walks through a tunnel and then walks out. She drinks with a stranger and he drinks with her. She makes love to a stranger and then she sleeps with him. She eats raw meat and makes love to her lover and she has to clean up her lover's mess. She accepts her fate. She faces it. I won't go on about the plot. You've already seen it. This film is about her. And as it progresses, the way she goes about it, I realized that she is not some all-knowing monster. She is a woman with very strong will, and that is what makes her so perfect, because she has a strong will, and she has very strong morals. Jeanne is a warrior. She knows the meaning of courage, and she can do things that other people can't even dream of doing. Her life is not a dream, it's a nightmare. But what I really liked about the film was the way Jeanne uses her own actions to protect herself, and protect the man she loves. Her actions are so brave, and her words are so poetic. They are almost poetic in their simplicity. And because of this, she is so strong and so much more than the sum of her actions. I liked the way Jeanne shows her love for her lover, and
Wednesday, 17 Jun 2020 10:48

Many of the books we read as kids were written by very successful authors. And it's easy to believe in the world of these authors. All of their stories are all different. But they're all just very different stories, so that they can work very well. The first few films I have seen of this trilogy are in a way, really good films. The story of these books are essentially told through the lives of various characters in the book, and the images the films create are so rich and vivid and drawn from the world that the story has created. The second book in this trilogy is about a man who died, and he is alive again. It has been described as a supernatural book, and I can't see why. If a man is able to come back from the dead, and live a very long time, why would he be afraid of being dead? But I can see how a man could feel lonely and very alone. So this third book was really interesting. There are several things going on in this book that are not in the first two books. Some of the books that came out of this trilogy are really good, some are great, but not this one. I could not help but notice the book and film industry's obsession with making every movie the same, and I did not find that at all in this movie. In the film, we see all of these things, but not in the book. It's different, but not the same. It's not the same, because we see things that we don't see in the book. In the book, we see all the things that we don't see in the movie, but this is a good thing. There's a lot of beautiful images that you wouldn't see in the movie, because they were not in the book, and they're much better in the movie than they would be in the book. So for me, this trilogy was more interesting and more of a good movie than the first two books, but I've seen some critics say it's the worst movie ever made, and I'm afraid that is not true.

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