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(1735) 6.7 138 min 2017

Les gardiennes is a movie starring Nathalie Baye, Laura Smet, and Iris Bry. Women are left behind to work a family farm during the Great War.

Laura Smet, Nathalie Baye, Iris Bry, Cyril Descours
War, Drama
Xavier Beauvois

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres War, Drama
Director Xavier Beauvois
Writer Ernest Pérochon, Frédérique Moreau, Xavier Beauvois, Marie-Julie Maille
Stars Laura Smet, Nathalie Baye, Iris Bry, Cyril Descours
Country Belgium, Switzerland, France
Also Known As Den'en no mamoribito-tachi, Beskyddarna, Vogterne, Las guardianas, Los guardianes, Čuvarke, As Guardiãs, Vokterskene, 田園の守り人たち, The Guardians, Suojelijat
Runtime 2H 18M
Description An affecting human drama of love, loss, and resilience unfolds against the backdrop of World War I. The women of the Paridier farm, under the deft hand of Hortense, the family's matriarch (Nathalie Baye,) must grapple with the workload while the men, including two sons, are off at the front. Hortense reluctantly brings on an outsider, the hard-scrabble teenage orphan, Francine (Iris Bry), to help her daughter Solange (Laura Smet). New tools allow the women to triumph over the land, newfound independence is acquired, yet emotions are stirred especially when the men return from the front on short leaves. Acclaimed filmmaker Xavier Beauvois (Of Gods and Men) revels in the mysteries and beauties of the French countryside, here unravaged by war, with painterly images bathed in natural light, yet keeps his focus on the intricate drama that plays out against the upheaval of the Great War.

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Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 22:18

One cannot help but notice the long, drawn-out shots of the ubiquitous, wooden machine guns. There's nothing particularly original about these shots - they were taken from the era in which the film is set and in which the film was made - but they serve the purpose of keeping the viewer in the frame and able to see everything. It's like a silent film, one long, drawn-out shot with no dialogue, only a strange silent image that has to be heard, and this allows the viewer to be involved with the story and with the characters. Of course, the gun shots serve a different purpose. They are intended to show the violence of war, and in this sense, they are good. But they are also meant to be a visual representation of the strength and devastation of the war, and in this sense they are equally effective. And as a result, the film serves its purpose as a visual statement about the brutality of war. Even when the movie is narrated, the pictures show a kind of beauty. There are moments when the camera works wonders with this kind of shots, such as when the soldiers walk along the beach at the beginning of the film. In addition to its visuals, one could also mention the narrative, in which the soldiers talk about their war experiences and some of them tell stories about their time in the war. This is a very interesting element to take into account when you view this film, because the actors are able to convey a lot of emotions through their words, particularly when it comes to their emotional experiences during the war. It is because of this that this film works so well. Despite its short running time, it has the intensity of a great war film, and it works so well because of this. Overall, it is one of the best war films I've ever seen. It is a story about soldiers, about war, and about humanity. The film also manages to show the cruelty of war in a realistic way, and this is important for many reasons. Because the film is about soldiers, it is able to show the cruelty and violence that war can bring to people and to the countries that are involved in the conflict. It is also able to show the humanity of those who live in the surrounding countries and to those who do not live in those countries. The soldiers are unable to communicate with the rest of the world, but by making contact with the people who live in those countries, they are able to understand the horrors of war and to make peace with their country. And as for humanity, this film shows that humanity, even though it is unknown to us, is often able to survive and work through the horrors of war, as is shown in the ending, where they deal with the loss of their family. Despite its many strengths, I think that this film is not without its flaws. While it is an effective film, there are a couple of moments that are jarring. For example, in the beginning, one can

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