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(171) 6.7 110 min 2018

A portrait of hard rocking band Deer Tick, known for their substance-fueled live performances, on their evolutionary journey to become one of the greatest cult rock bands of our time.

Biography, Music, Documentary
William Miller

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Wednesday, 19 Aug 2020 18:01

The news that Gary O'Brien (a film maker and a filmmaker) died in a tragic car accident, just like Paul Weller (a film maker and a filmmaker) had just been announced, is one of the most tragic events that we have seen in the history of film. But this was not the only tragedy to hit the film industry in the past few years. Gary O'Brien was only 32 years old, and his work was an essential part of the making of the last two glorious films of the 1970's - films that have been referred to as the most influential films of the decade, and the most important films of the 20th Century. In the short time since his death, I have watched all of Gary's films, and have been completely blown away by their brilliance. If I was asked to list my favourite films of all time, I would surely do so. But I would not name them as a tribute to the film industry, but as a tribute to the human spirit. I have seen Gary's films in the cinema, and I have seen them at home. And I have been blown away by each and every one of them. In many ways, his films are films that could be produced by a young child in a nursery. They are not only pictures that would have the opportunity to be played at school assemblies. They are an expression of a human spirit, a spirit that is unique, unique, unique. The beauty of Gary's films is that they are so uniquely human, they are so uniquely unique. The passion that the filmmaker, the writer, the producer, the director has for his work, the passionate love that he has for the people who made his films, the beautiful experience of being in the cinema with the audience, the incredible scope and scope of the scope of the shots and the amount of detail in the shots that he was able to put into each and every shot, is nothing short of magic. And it is because of that that I have felt that the film industry has been suffering a great loss. We have lost a great director, a great writer, a great producer, a great director, a great writer, a great producer, and a great director. And in that sense, the film industry has lost a great director. It is not only the death of a film maker, but the death of a great film maker. I can not thank Gary enough for what he has been able to achieve. And I can not thank Gary enough for what he has been able to achieve in the last six
Friday, 12 Jun 2020 20:17

Some of the best stories ever told are told through a single, solitary photograph. Whether it's a photograph of the moon or a photograph of a child dying of a drug overdose, a single shot of the world is enough to evoke emotion, raise a tear or inspire a word of praise. For many, that single picture will be their only shot of the world, and they'll capture that shot as the best of their lives. This is the story of a single photograph, and the entire world of photography that captured the moment. We, as a society, still have not quite recovered from the cost of that photograph. There are still so many great photographs of the world out there, but so few of them have made it to the screen. For that reason alone, this documentary is absolutely essential viewing for anyone interested in the art of photography, and for anyone who cares about the impact that photography can have on society. What follows are the interviews of some of the biggest names in the business, from the early days of professional photography, through the mid-1960s and the early 1990s to the late 1990s and the present. They cover the many different aspects of the photographic industry and the career of the photographer that was so central to it's rise in popularity. You can see the story of the rise and fall of the "X-Fifty" and the evolution of photojournalism. You can see the impact of photography on people's lives. You can see how it changed the way we see and make sense of the world. The photography, the amazing shots and the film-making are all equally important to the story. This is a good documentary. It is worth seeing. It is a great film.

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