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(7020) 4.4 93 min 2018

Patient Zero is a movie starring Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci, and Clive Standen. After an unprecedented global pandemic turns the majority of humankind into violent "Infected," a man gifted with the ability to speak the Infected's...

Natalie Dormer, Clive Standen, Matt Smith, Stanley Tucci
Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Stefan Ruzowitzky

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Director Stefan Ruzowitzky
Writer Mike Le
Stars Natalie Dormer, Clive Standen, Matt Smith, Stanley Tucci
Country UK
Also Known As インフェクテッドZ, Zéró páciens, Paciente Zero: A Origem do Virus, Patient zéro, Patient Z, Paziente Zero, Paciente Cero, Paciente cero
Runtime 1H 33M
Description In the pandemic thriller, Patient Zero, humanity is battling intelligent, adrenaline-fueled creatures born from a viral super-strain. After being bitten, human survivor Morgan (Matt Smith) realizes he is asymptomatic and can communicate with the infected, leading the last survivors on a hunt for Patient Zero and a cure.

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Friday, 15 Jan 2021 22:30

After having seen the original "A.I." a couple of years ago, and reading some of the reviews, I have to admit I expected much more. I was very happy to hear that this film was different enough to be considered "A.I." for movie purposes. "A.I." was a boring movie. A fairly good, though often boring, movie. I didn't like the "Kaiju" creatures or the plot. I liked the way the creatures themselves looked. They were scary, and I found it hard to stop watching the film. That, of course, did not last long. The pace of this film is great. It moves along at a steady pace and never gets slow. The music is appropriate. At the end, the film has only a couple of angry movie stars. You'll see the exception. The ending is rather unusual, and some of the special effects are quite impressive. The cast is good. The film, after all, has quite a lot of laughs. This film was directed by Ang Lee, who is known for the Godzilla films, The Incredible Hulk and The Hulk. I have seen other Lee films, and they are not nearly as good as this film. The "Reefer Madness" of "The Hulk" was replaced by a more mature script, and there are some parts that have been replaced with even more violent sequences. I think that Lee's films have been a little too violent. The film has more character development than any of Lee's films. There is more motivation to the characters. Some of the action scenes are quite well done, and the special effects are quite impressive. I really liked this film. There are some differences in the plot. This film has a greater story. The film is much darker, and is not as violent as Lee's other films. I would say that this film is for those who like science fiction and action. I would say this film is better than The Hulk, but is not quite as good as the first "A.I." film.
Thursday, 12 Nov 2020 13:20

Hollywood's movie industry is a fairground ride that takes no prisoners. Its profits are tied to their highest grossing film, and that always means a remake of a classic movie. So its no wonder that the remake of this movie made a lot of money and a lot of people were excited. An attractive young actress stars as a space scientist who has a secret identity. She goes into space to get a sample of a dark material that gives the astronauts extra strength and courage. At first, there are some problems along the way. We see several space ships flying by, but no one knows what they are. So we can't tell them apart. It is when our heroine crashes on a planet with a big cube full of this mysterious dark material. This cube contains a message from a deity that seems to be about the use of dark matter and energy. This film has all the elements to be a great classic sci-fi film. One of the greatest parts is that this movie isn't afraid to let the characters have their own personality. The story is very compelling. The action is exciting and there are some nice twists. The special effects are very nice. The actors all do a great job, but the actress who stars in this film is the best. Not only does she have the best face, but she is also one of the best actresses out there. She has great eyes, and some beautiful lips. She even has a beautiful ass. If you like beautiful women, this is a film for you. There is also a lot of humor in this movie. A lot of the humor is a little weird and is aimed more at the boys. There is a lot of talking in this movie, but not a lot of listening. The dialogue is very good. The movies is very exciting and has a good story. The special effects are also very good. Overall, the movie is great and highly recommended.
Sunday, 08 Nov 2020 08:55

So I just finished watching this on cable and i will say that I found it a very well done film and i am surprised to see that its not an Academy Award winner but i do feel that it was a very well done film. To begin with i think that this is a good example of a movie that had a very good script and not a lot of CGI but was still good. The film starts out where we are introduced to Peter Weller played by Mark Wahlberg who is a New York city prosecutor who is married and has two young children. One day a scientist who came to New York City from West Virginia is involved in a plane crash and is found after three days. After some investigation he discovers that the plane belonged to a plane company and was carrying food to sick children in Africa. Now the company is calling Peter "the hero" and offering him a multimillion dollar reward for saving the people from starvation. I will say this first of all that this film is directed very well. It is fast paced, it has a very intense and moving story, it is a real one of a kind thriller, it has interesting characters, it has a brilliant plot, and it is extremely well written and directed. Now, i am not a big fan of movies in general but i am a big fan of action thrillers and I just love these kinds of films. So for me this is an excellent example of that genre and it is probably the best one I have ever seen in my life. Mark Wahlberg does a great job in this film and I think that he does a great job with the kind of role he is playing. There is a very good story in this film and it keeps you watching and the film is not boring at all. This is probably the best example of a movie that i have ever seen and it is one of the best ones of the year.
Sunday, 01 Nov 2020 16:41

Spoilers A friend of mine told me how much he hated this movie. It's not because he didn't enjoy it, but because he found it 'weird'. He explained it as 'basically the same movie but it was way more interesting.' The way this movie plays out, I would argue, is absolutely typical of what horror movies are supposed to be. Most horror movies follow a basic rule. There's a bad guy, he's evil, the good guys have to foil him or kill him. The problem with this rule is that the good guys never succeed, there's always a heroic sacrifice made. This movie actually follows the rule of the film 'Do Not Be Evil' (referring to the problem of evil being like that, not really evil at all). The only characters that try to do anything heroic are the people in the tank. One of them, Edward James Olmos, is a professor who spends the majority of the movie trying to figure out the mystery of the virus. For those of you unfamiliar with the virus, it is a deadly disease that can only be cured by finding a cure for it. Olmos was killed by the virus before his career had a chance to reach its full potential. The movie follows the same basic plot as the 'The Shining' film (and yes, there is a connection, although not a very strong one). It's very unusual to have the main character so far removed from the rest of the group, being the only one who survived. The reason this movie doesn't seem to follow a rule is that the good guys don't succeed, so they just feel like they're on their own. This creates a feeling of helplessness in the film. The plot is complex, but we all know that it's going to be that way. The problem is, you can see what's going to happen before it does. This is something you don't get with most other films. If a writer would follow a basic rule in writing a good movie, this would be a very good film. If he would follow a rule, this would be a great movie. There is no real connection between the film and the movie 'Scream', but that is because the movie just doesn't exist. All that does exist is the movie itself. Another thing that is unique is that this movie is kind of a supernatural thriller. The movie is set in the future, where people are afraid of death, so people can't die. But when someone dies, they can't just turn into a zombie like they do in the future, they need to get a new soul in order to continue living. This is how the virus is created, and the reason why the virus is so deadly. The 'conventional' horror movie would never explain this in a decent way, and for this reason this movie works. The story and the acting is very good, especially from Edward James Olmos. He plays this professor really well, and is a huge reason this movie is so good. I recommend this movie to everyone, but if you like the horror genre, you'll most
Monday, 14 Sep 2020 00:48

A mysterious plague has decimated the population of New York City. The dead and survivors are raised into the maw of a fanged, razor-clawed monster that is faster, more intelligent, and more vicious than any creature in the movie. The infected are hunted down by a ragtag team of soldiers, the nuclear scientist who is the leader of the evacuation team, and his teenage daughter who has been forced into the apocalypse by her boyfriend who doesn't want her to grow up. This movie could easily have been one of the worst entries in the series. It had terrible acting, a weak script, and a plot that was so terrible it made it feel like a video game. And that's not to say it was terrible, it's just, well, not good. Still, it's a solid entry in the series, and the movie features some good acting and some good effects. Of course, you can't take it too seriously, and that's what makes it so entertaining. Of course, the creatures in this film look great. They look like they were modeled on the comic book Fantastic Four. I mean, really, there are no CGI in this movie, and I'd argue that's what's made it so great. They look so realistic that you can really feel their fear. This film is also a great example of a first-person movie, and that's the one thing that made this film so great. The movie is very much like a video game in that it has these neat "puzzles" that allow you to experience different characters' backstories. The film also has a nice plot and some good acting, and the gore factor is quite high for a horror film. And that's what makes it so good. The movie is still bad, but it's a great low-budget entry in the series. There is no blood, no human body parts, no nudity, and there is no real story. But it's still a fun movie. It's very much like a video game, and it makes the movie enjoyable, even if it's a bad video game in and of itself. 8/10

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