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(241) 5.0 92 min 2019

After Parkland is a movie starring David Hogg, Dillon McCooty, and Manuel Oliver. An intimate chronicle of families as they navigate their way through the unthinkable, reckoning with unexpected loss, journeying through grief, and...

Dillon McCooty, Manuel Oliver, Andrew Pollack, David Hogg
Emily Taguchi, Jake Lefferman

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Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Documentary
Director Emily Taguchi, Jake Lefferman
Stars Dillon McCooty, Manuel Oliver, Andrew Pollack, David Hogg
Country USA
Runtime 1H 32M
Description In the aftermath of the February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 dead, filmmakers Emily Taguchi and Jake Lefferman traveled to Parkland and began filming with students who endured gunfire and the parents who lost their children in the crosshairs. "After Parkland" is an intimate chronicle of families as they navigate their way through the unthinkable; reckoning with unexpected loss, journeying through grief, and searching for new meaning.

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Sunday, 13 Sep 2020 22:17

Robert Owen, a decorated US Army Sergeant, is sent to combat in Bosnia in the late 1980's. During his first day in the war zone, Robert Owen is struck down by a small-arms attack that kills both his legs. Despite this, he is sent to a military hospital for a more extensive medical evaluation. In the hospital, Robert Owen suffers from insomnia, and a shortage of sleep. Robert Owen is given a second opinion from Dr. Chester White, who has developed an experimental procedure that makes it possible for a man to live for years without sleep. However, Robert Owen's new lease on life will be short-lived. The only way Robert Owen will be able to sleep is to have a 10-hour-a-day nightmare and the ability to hear and see the visions of his nightmares, which are images that come from his nightmares. To him, dreams are a part of his life. However, the doctor and the psychologist who have given Robert Owen the procedure are determined to try and stop Robert Owen from going to sleep. Robert Owen must continue his treatment at the hospital, which is expensive and dangerous, or he will never be able to sleep. The film covers Robert Owen's life, and how he deals with insomnia and the nightmares that are going through his head. However, it is not only Robert Owen's nightmares that are a part of his life. There is also his family life, and how his mother is struggling with cancer. The film also goes into some of Robert Owen's dreams, and what he imagines while he is awake. It also goes into how he deals with nightmares. The movie is extremely well-made. The cinematography is excellent, the music is good, and the actors are very good. Robert Owen does a fantastic job in the film. I give this film a 10/10. It's a very good movie. This is a must-see movie.
Friday, 14 Aug 2020 19:55

I saw this documentary in the last week of January, and I was struck by the importance of this story. It shows how a young man, desperately trying to survive after his father's murder, turned to one of the worst causes of death, being the victim of mass shootings. He meets a girl, a survivor of a shooting in a church, who lives with her mother, and he falls in love with her. Then, after a tragic event, his mother takes him to see a psychiatrist who tries to help him recover, while simultaneously trying to get him to understand his feelings. So much is going on in this movie that you can't be totally sure where the story is going to go, but it all ends up being quite gripping and important. It shows the true nature of mass shootings, and how they are different from other mass shootings, which is in a sense a good thing, because mass shootings tend to be more rational. This is a good documentary, but I would have given it a ten, because I found it hard to follow at times, and a little confusing at times. Also, there are some things in this movie that just didn't seem to make sense. I would have liked to have seen more of the actual shooting, since that's what most of the public know and fear, and it just seems like the movie doesn't have much to go on there. Still, the movie is an important one, and it's a good one, but I think it could have been a little more interesting, and a little more thorough. All in all, it was a good documentary, and it was worth seeing, but I think it could have been better. I would recommend it, but not to everyone.
Friday, 24 Apr 2020 10:35

The essence of this movie is how a young doctor, a good hearted man, but still a dilettante, that he can not control his way in life. He goes to the Parkland Hospital in Philadelphia. He meets a man who is also in deep trouble. His name is Michael Merritt. And the medical story begins. They do not tell how Merritt was saved in the emergency room and what a great medical doctor he was. The movie is a tale of one doctor's fight against his profession to understand that the medical system he works in is not for his betterment, but for his own inhumane treatment. The movie is a real eye opener. It shows us what a medical system is, and what is the medical culture. Merritt's story is very close to the truth. His struggle, the fight he had to fight for him and his son, the sadness and fear that he felt when he saw the big story of the wrongdoings in the hospital, the tragedy that the American public felt about him. This was the beginning of Merritt's profession. This story should have been the first movie that was ever made about his life. But the movie was directed by Jimmy Kimmel. And Jimmy Kimmel is not a very good director. The movie is very slow and the pacing is not great. Sometimes it feels like the movie is a movie for adults. It does not show any emotions. This is not a movie for people who love history, and it is not a movie for people who love medical science. It is a movie for those who just want to know something, something that is not made clear in the movie. The movie is not a documentary. It is not a documentary on a lot of medical issues. It is a movie for those who know the medical system in America and know that the system does not work for the betterment of the people. But for people who are just curious about the medical system and who want to know about the medical culture in America, it is a good movie. It is very strange that a movie that has a very interesting subject, does not have a good director and does not have a good story. And what is the use of a good story for a movie if it is not good. But it is an interesting movie. And I have watched it several times. And it was an eye opener for me.

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