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Watch Online Sekai kara kibo ga kietanara

(171) 6.7 118 min 2019

Sekai kara kibo ga kietanara is a movie starring Hisaaki Takeuchi, Fumika Shimizu, and Tamao Satô. A man's near death experience inspires him to choose life - and change the lives of millions.

Kei Kinoshita, Fumika Shimizu, Tamao Satô, Hisaaki Takeuchi
Hiroshi Akabane

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Drama
Director Hiroshi Akabane
Writer Sayaka Okawa, Ryuho Okawa
Stars Kei Kinoshita, Fumika Shimizu, Tamao Satô, Hisaaki Takeuchi
Country Japan
Also Known As Immortal Hero, 世界から希望が消えたなら。
Runtime 1H 58M
Description Makoto Mioya, a highly successful Japanese author and publisher, has a life-threatening, near-death experience. Powerful spiritual beings with whom he has communicated most of his adult life visit Makoto to remind him he has the power within to heal himself. Reborn, Makoto commits his life to sharing the almighty wisdom he receives from the spiritual realm. As doubters, including some of his own family, challenge and question his new-found ardor, Makoto must find a way to connect with his family and the 'family of man' to inspire a better world.

Top reviews

Thursday, 15 Oct 2020 00:55

The world of Mirai is a gloomy, a little dull, sometimes flat, and sometimes hallucinatory. Two sisters, an ordinary girl and a scared child, have been placed in a "private" school for the deaf. However, the teacher at the school is a man named Hikari, who tells them that they are handicapped by their inability to communicate with other people. He is convinced that their disability is the result of an experiment performed on them years ago, during which they were isolated from the outside world. Hikari maintains his lies by telling the girls' parents that they are deaf and mute, and their parents accuse him of brainwashing their children. Years later, Hikari is convinced that he's right, and he now must justify his actions. The girls resent their handicapped brother and their parents. Hikari's profession is a matter of great contention between them and their parents. The only bright spot of this movie is that it is very poignant and very well-made. The two main characters are very well-developed. I was surprised to see an autobiographical background for Hikari, and his meeting with Takafumi. The story is told with great force, and I was interested in what happened to Hikari after the school. The slow pacing makes the movie a little dry at times. The director would have done better with a faster pace. There are some good things that this movie has that aren't common to many other Japanese movies. The direction of the action scenes was well done. In fact, I think the director wanted to make the movie a little slower, because the story is just so beautiful. The special effects were great. There was a great deal of realistic action, a bit too many of the "fluffy" scenes. There were also a lot of things that could have been more realistic, such as Hikari's efforts to act as a normal child and his attempts to give them a normal life. Another thing that could have been better is that Hikari's lie about his abilities. The good part of the movie is that he tells the girls' parents and their parents. He was able to just tell the girls' parents his lies and they would believe him. Instead, he manipulates his parents, and once again makes them believe him. In the end, I think the movie would have been better if it had a faster pace. The movie has its good points. It has two good parts. One is that it is a very well-made movie, and the other is that it is very sentimental. The girls can only learn a little from Hikari. When Hikari tells them he's a master-of-the-dance, the girls can only agree with him. However, when Hikari tells the parents he's a famous master-of-the-dance, they're convinced that he is very important. The ending is also sad and beautiful.
Wednesday, 23 Sep 2020 07:35

In Japan, the elderly live in fear of premature burial. When an elderly woman appears to be dead, her neighbors, believing she is dead, begin to feel uneasy and begin to pray to their deceased in secret. However, one of the elderly woman's neighbours begins to taunt the old woman in order to gain her trust. Eventually, this man begins to dig up the graves of his deceased friends, praying for them to come back to life. While many different aspects of this film were impressive, it was the performances and craft that brought this film to life. Takashi Kitamura's confident and somber portrayal of a man who is determined to do the right thing is a joy to watch. The fact that he is a minor character who is still able to inspire people is something to be admired and appreciated. When people get rid of their fear, this is what they are supposed to do. Hiroshi Kaneshiro's sad but effective portrayal of a man who is convinced he has no more to give to the world because of his advanced age is a visual treat to behold. It is a sad thing to watch the world begin to pass him by. Now that he is dying, it is a great moment to have that thought of his friends and family finally reuniting with him. A theme that will pop up throughout the film is that everyone should be more concerned about the end than about the journey. While this film does not focus too much on the journey, it does have the story and the concept of the journey as a central focus. This is what makes this film different from other films in this category. It is a film about an old man who realizes that there is still good left in his life, and in a way, is looking for a renewal in the world.
Tuesday, 25 Aug 2020 00:14

By the end of "Battle Royale", a junior high school is experiencing a grisly massacre. The school is divided into the worst and best boys. With a new teacher and new behavior standards, school life is not as fun as before. However, one of the best friends from the first year is being taken out by the teacher for a reason that we can't guess. There's a lot to tell about this movie: the setting, the characters, the plot twists, the themes, the most important thing: the acting. This film is highly underrated and extremely underrated! I'm not giving any spoilers here, so just watch the movie yourself and find out what I mean. There's nothing really like this in Japanese cinema, and I'm not referring to "Spirited Away" or "Hausu" or "Gokudo no shiro", but "Battle Royale" is an extreme example of an extreme Japanese movie! This movie is so important for Japanese culture, because "Battle Royale" is a special film that we can't ever forget. It's not just a school film, but a whole film. This film is a masterpiece of Japanese cinema. This movie is so fascinating because of the actual settings of the film. The first-year boys are very happy with their school life, so much that they become violent, like in "Princess Mononoke", even though they are boys! It seems like they are the only ones who are like that. There's a weird atmosphere with this film. The camera moves very carefully. The camera is very close to the actors. We can see the eyes of the actors through their face. The actors are very concentrated on their lines, which is very important. The actors are also very close to the actors. One of them is really angry and a lot of hate towards the other. This film is also about a social environment. It's not a social film about friendship and so-called "loving kindness", but about a strong society. It's about being a social animal. The school is a very idealist place. The kids say, "there's nothing more important than winning!" or "we're going to win!". The school says, "men are above women". The school says, "we're going to win!". It's really powerful. This film is the symbol of a very evil society. This film is about revenge. The films is about killing people. This film is a movie about high school. It's about the end of a school, and this film is the end of a very dangerous life. The students are very sad and lost. They just want to win the next match, and nothing else. The only thing that keeps them going is the belief in their society. The school is a very idealist and very loving place, and the students have no idea of this. They are all having a tough time. This film is also a very aggressive film. There are a lot of violent things, and the movies is also about revenge. One of the best
Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020 15:41

If you want to catch up on your Kei Takahashi's works, you have to watch this! The story is about two teenage girls who break up after the mother dies in an automobile accident, and who become very much apart, each living on their own and with their own relationship issues. The protagonist is Miki, a shy girl who has been bullied all her life, who now lives alone with her sister. The sister is not very popular with the others, so Miki's relationship with her gets strained from the first. There is no doubt that the film is about much more than just the two girls. In the beginning, it's about Miki, but after that it's about the two sisters, and it's about both girls' growth through life. The characters also interact with each other, the mother, the younger sister, the younger sister's family, and the older sister's family. What's really interesting is that Takahashi's direction is really good, and she does well in showing you the characters' growth and emotions through a simple, straight forward narrative, unlike some other directors, who tend to make up for it with a very weird, and unrealistic, mood. Her cinematography, on the other hand, is also quite good, showing you the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the film, and also its mood swings, which is really worth mentioning. What also makes this film really interesting, and the reason why it is such a good film, is that Takahashi doesn't make the characters' happiness the center of the film. She gives it a feeling of realism, and realism is always good. She also adds a very interesting plot twist in the middle of the film, which makes the viewer think that the final segment is pretty much meaningless. The acting is also very good, with Takahashi's protagonist Miki really giving a good performance, as well as the other characters. Both the sound and the music of the film are also really good, with a really beautiful and really beautiful theme song, which is great. The story is also pretty good, and the ending is really good, in addition to its perfect climatic emotional climax. If you're looking for something to watch, this is definitely the film to watch.

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