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(874) 5.1 106 min 2018

In Like Flynn is a movie starring Thomas Cocquerel, Corey Large, and William Moseley. The adventurous life of young Errol Flynn in Australia before he became a famous Hollywood actor.

William Moseley, Thomas Cocquerel, Corey Large, Clive Standen
Adventure, Action
Russell Mulcahy

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Audio English  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  Français  Gaeilge  Svenska  Nederlands
Subtitles 日本語  Čeština  Português  Australia  한국어  Filipino  Tiếng Việt  हिन्दी 
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Genres Adventure, Action
Director Russell Mulcahy
Writer Errol Flynn, Marc Furmie, Luke Flynn, Steve M. Albert, Corey Large
Stars William Moseley, Thomas Cocquerel, Corey Large, Clive Standen
Country Canada, Australia
Also Known As As Aventuras de Errol Flynn, Las aventuras de Errol Flynn, Errol Flynn'in Serüvenleri
Runtime 1H 46M
Description The adventurous life of young Errol Flynn in Australia before he became a famous Hollywood actor.

Top reviews

Sunday, 06 Sep 2020 23:17

Like Flynn was set in modern day, and this movie is set in ancient times. The plot is as follows. George has recently lost his wife in a plane crash. He feels responsible for her death. To compensate, he returns to the old life, and stays at a rundown estate in London where he meets up with his grumpy brother Dick. When George discovers that his brother is about to become a widower, he decides to pay a visit to his former estate and bring Dick with him. However, when he returns to the old house, he finds his sister in a compromising position and needs to decide what he can do to help. Like Flynn is definitely a film that could be more widely appreciated in America, but it was one that we all love to watch and we should all respect the original's legacy. We all know the story and we know what happened and so we do not mind the fact that the storyline is set in modern times. Like Flynn is a thrilling action adventure. This is the only reason why we should watch this movie. It has the most action scenes in the whole movie. We have amazing explosions and incredible stunts. It has beautiful women, and also amazing landscapes. The film was beautifully shot in England, and the film itself is a remake of a Korean film. The cinematography and the use of the camera was amazing. It looks beautiful, the action scenes look amazing, and the story is exciting. The story is good, but there are some plot holes. You do not really know who is behind all the conspiracy against George. Even though he finds out who, it could have been better if we knew more about the conspiracy. There were some other plot holes. Like the main character of Dick, his history and his relationship with his sister. The older brother is much more mature and intelligent than the younger brother. Even though George and his sister have a friendship, it does not feel that close. His sister is more mature than him. I don't mind if the film is rated R. It's not necessary, and I do not think it is necessary for an R rating. The film is not super violent and there is no sex in the movie. But it is not a movie that we will get the urge to watch. The only reason that we would watch this movie is to see a lot of explosions. I do not think that it is a film for everyone, but if you like action and you have a great sense of adventure, then you should definitely watch this movie.
Wednesday, 02 Sep 2020 09:22

First off, I'm not a big fan of Kevin Smith. In fact, I don't think he was ever as good as a filmmaker as he was in the early days of 'Chasing Amy' or 'Clerks' or 'Mallrats'. Now, after watching Smith's first feature film since 'Frequency', 'Like Flynn', I'm very glad I stuck with it. As a modern-day Kevin Smith, this film is pretty much what you would expect, but at least he didn't take the easy route of making his own film, like so many others have done. In fact, like some of the other Smith movies, there are a few things which were blatantly ripped from other movies. But I really thought this was an enjoyable film. The film is a slice of life in Southern California. Every time I think about 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' or 'Shallow Hal', I still can't help but compare the two. But, I think 'Like Flynn' gets the most out of the fact that these characters are from the 80's. It seems like they know about the scene. It was a little disappointing that Jason Lee was not in the film, but at least he brought some humor to the film. I liked the way he was portrayed in the film, as I thought he was one of the more intelligent parts of the film. Smith also uses his typical kind of dialogue in the film, but he still made it more enjoyable. I thought he delivered a very compelling, unpredictable and fun performance. Jason Lee's performance is definitely the weak point in the film. He was like a complete cocky, dumb, nerd. I guess he was trying to be like Vin Diesel, who's performance was also one of the better performances in the film. I also liked his character in the film. I really felt he did a very interesting, and believable job. The villain, which was played by the legendary Denzel Washington, was awesome. He brought some cool comedy and a certain dark edge to the film. The ending was definitely one of the coolest and unexpected things in a Smith film. Overall, this movie is worth your time and money.
Friday, 24 Jul 2020 05:21

After our newest fire & rescue crew, Andress & Vokse, unearth some bodies from the burning train, they discover that there's another victim whose body has been frozen. But Ashes is still living. A new fire crew, led by a rookie fireman, Richie Caldwell, must find the victim before his body is destroyed. After some procedural procedure, and a little talking, they find the victim. After some more talking, they find the body. To figure out how to rescue the victim before his body is destroyed. They find out that the victim's body is frozen. They go into a canteen to eat a dinner of steak and porterhouse. Later, they find a frozen corpse on the frozen train, and the engine gives a death blow. Richie tries to break in, and also finds the body, and discovers that his partner was shot, when he first went in. Richie falls for the hot blonde, who wants to help him get away from the train. But he keeps going, the train's fire can reach him and there's no way of getting away. Richie finds out that the train is owned by the albino arsonist, who's been freezing bodies. They discover that the train is powered by the power of Satan. They discover that the train is closed and abandoned, and they are trapped with no way out. Richie makes a bet with his friend, the inexperienced fireman, who wants to rescue him from the trapped train. Richie has a psychic ability, which can freeze his body. Richie tries to break the ice, and also manages to break the ice, which gives Richie the advantage to walk up the train. When Richie arrives at the train's end, he finds the icy body, and rescues the girl. Richie finds the other wounded passenger, a beautiful blonde, and has a sexual assault on her. After Richie discovers the frozen corpse, he tells her he loved her. He also kills Richie's partner, and he tries to escape the train. Richie finally dies, but dies with his friend. Richie's friend goes to his parents' grave. Richie's partner survives, and tries to save the girl, and he does. But he dies himself, from a bullet from the shooter. Richie, the young firefighter, dies, and the girl survives. Richie's partner, the other fireman, survives, and tries to get the girl. They all die, in the end. Richie's partner, the older firefighter, dies, and Richie's partner is frozen in a freezer, where he can't get out. Richie, the younger firefighter, survives, and also dies in the end, from a gunshot from the shooter. The girl survives, and also dies, from a gunshot from the shooter. The train goes to burn, and the machine starts, causing it to roll. Richie falls off the train, to a stop in the middle of the station, which he makes it to before it explodes. The camera pans up to the train, and fires a shot, which blows up the train, and all the passengers, with a few survivors

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